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Haberman's anywayup® cow cup is ideal for milk; expressed and formula are fine at any age but cow's milk shouldn’t be given to children under 12 months. The cow cup features the original inbuilt leak-proof  Haberman valve.  Available in black/white, pink/white, blue/white, green/white.
RRP: £4.95  6 months +250ml capacity BPA free Leak proof Dishwasher safe 65⁰ top rack Microwave safe (without lid)

£4.95 Available to purchase Sainsburys, Mothercare, Boots, Amazon, John Lewis or click online www.habermanbaby.com to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Joanna Rattray – Harry 11 Months

Joanna Awarded The Haberman Cow Cup 4.5/5

Striking design, instantly thought ‘milk cup’ due to the cow print colours. The packaging has all the relevant info regarding recommended age of use. Although not overly obvious as the packaging is clear, a closer look shows the recommended age at the bottom on the front. The cup feels very sturdy and well made. The colours are clear and vibrant. The lid fits very securely. It has a handy lip at the back to help prise the lid off. I would struggle to get the lid off without using this lip, which leads me to think what if it broke off if my child dropped/threw the cup on a hard surface? It also has an arrow on each side to ensure the lid is positioned correctly which is helpful. The spout is made of a hard material, which my son initially was not keen on as he preferred a softer more rubbery texture… However, after perseverance he now drinks well from the spout. It is a good size and doesn’t leak or drip which is fantastic. The cup is an average sized baby cup with handles. I find that these type of cups do not stack well on one another due to the handles being in the way, however it does not take up much space and it’s not breakable so can easily be stored away on top of something else without worrying it’s going to fall and smash. Its non-leak spout make it brilliant for taking out and about as I can throw it in a bag with no problem. The cup comes fully assembled. I took apart to wash before use and its extremely simple being in 2 parts with no fiddly interior valves etc. I found this cup very easy to clean. The spout is easy to reach with a dishcloth, its smooth design means it doesn’t seem to trap dirt anywhere, the handles are simple to wash round or run a baby wipe over if mucky fingers have been on it! And it is dishwasher safe which is always a bonus. The cup is non-spill and leak-proof and I have found this to be true. My son has thrown, shaken and spun this cup all over the place with no accidents! I would say that this cup is good value for money. For under £5, I think it’s great that you can get a stylish yet practical cup for your child. My son uses this cup every day and will continue to do so until he grows out of it. So far, it has handled the vigour’s of an 11 month old boy and his older brothers well due to its sturdy and robust design as well as the fact that it doesn’t leak. Non-leak with no fiddly valve inside to take apart and clean. Stylish design. A cleverly designed cup which fits into mother and child’s daily routine with ease. Joanna Rattray – Harry 11 Months

Product Tested By Stephanie Lewis – Isla 9 Months

Stephanie Awarded The Haberman Cow Cup 3.5/5

Looks nice, funky design. Very informative and attractive packaging. Good quality, nice feel. I was initially concerned that the lid may come off when the cup was dropped as it is just pushed on and does not twist to screw in place. However this never happened and the lid always stayed on when dropped on the hard floor, with no leaks. It is quite hard to push on though, as it obviously needs to be tight to stay on. Unfortunately my daughter actually couldn’t drink from the spout as it needed a very strong suck to allow the water to come through. She has been used to tippy cups but is able to drink from other valve cups that don’t require such hard suction! I wouldn’t say the cup was any harder or easier to store than another beaker cup, it doesn’t stack but most other beakers wouldn’t either. I did find the lid quite hard to push on and also get off. If the beaker is quite full when you want to wash it, it does require a lot of care as some strength/force is needed to remove the lid but too much would result in the liquid from flying out of the cup. Quite tricky to clean the spout, but everything else was easy to wash. The cup was non-spill which worked effectively. The price of this cup is probably on a par with most other beaker cups. Unfortunately I am unable to use it as my daughter cannot drink from it! Also as the cup is not see-through it is not possible to see if the level of the liquid is going down so impossible to tell how much the child is drinking. Hard for young toddlers to drink from. I wouldn’t recommend for a child under 1 year due to how hard the child needs to suck to get the drink out. Stephanie Lewis – Isla 9 Months

Product Tested By Martha Cowles – Harriett 9 Months

Martha Awarded The Haberman Cow Cup 4.7/5

Looked a really fun cup, great colour, loved the design. Packaging is striking, and you can clearly see item and good information on the pack. Really good quality will certainly last. Cup lid is effective, when secure this is leak free and stays on well. Took my daughter a little while to get used to the drinking spout but once she had mastered this she enjoyed drinking from this cup. Not a problem to store would not stack but so many feeder cups are the same. Very simple to put together and also easy enough to clean, no worries at all. This is ideal cup for home and to pop in bag when off out as does not leak. No spills of leaks which is a bonus. This is well made, easy to hold and use and certainly value for money. I will be purchasing some of the other colours and have already recommended. Good quality cup, easy for child to drink from and Spill Free. Martha Cowles – Harriett 9 Months



Joanna Awarded The Haberman Cow Cup 4.5/5

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