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Haberman anywayup® cow cup

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The Haberman anywayup® cow cup is a training cup (also known as a sippy cup) with a snap-on lid and a spout that lets your child drink without spilling.Full of character (they’re asked for by name) and designed with a purpose, the anywayup® cow cup aids development allowing baby to have great fun learning to feed independently.  They are strong, easy to clean, are tooled and manufactured in the EU using the best materials, and tested to the highest standards. They are BPA (Bisphenol A) free.Designed for babies age six months+ who are starting to drink independently, the easy-to-grip handles make the anywayup® cow cup manageable for little hands.   Perfect for babies who are at weaning stage and making the transition from nursing or bottle-feeding to a regular cup as they improve hand-to-mouth co-ordination.anywayup® cow cups encourage sipping, not guzzling. The rigid and shaped spout helps deliver liquid past the teeth so helping to reduce dental caries.Haberman anywayup® cow cups help a child develop so they can enjoy learning to drink independently. When a baby has the motor skills to handle a cup but not the skills to keep a drink from spilling, anywayup® cow cups will provide independence while keeping down the cleaning up!

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£4,.99 Available to purchase online http://www.clickhealthandbeauty.com

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Product Tested By Katie Binsteed – Albie 11 Months

Katie Awarded The Haberman anywayup® Cow Cup 5/5

This looked playful, exciting, bright and simple to use.Basic packaging yet capturing and easy to open. Instructions very easy to understand and follow. My little boy loves animals and was lovely to have the black and white cow print pattern. He found it very easy to hold as the shape of the Handles are easy to use and he is normally very fussy. This is very robust and very child friendly. The plastic was smooth and lightweight yet very resistant to being dropped and dashed across the floor. At first the drinking spout seamed hard for my little one to drink out off due to the flow and having to suck harder but he was soon used to it and loves it now. The lid was solid and holds firm when attached yet was easy enough for a parent to remove to fill or clean. There’s no way my little one could take it off alone. I washed this cup up just as I do my general washing yet soak the tip in boiling water for a while each time. I feel this cup was very robust and child proof I haven’t noticed and leaking from this cup when left unattended or laying down. This cup came out everywhere with us. I wouldn’t live without it now. We now use this cup every day. As stated previously I feel this is perfect material for this product and is literally life proof in our house. I would happy purchase another one when needed and would recommend to other mum's. The simple thing I loved is the fact my little boy loves this cup and will never refuse to drink out of it he can also feed himself as it’s so easy for him to hold. I would buy this as ewe would not be without one now. I would highly recommend for all the reasons above. Best sippy cup we have used by far and my little boy loves it!! Katie Binsteed – Albie 11 Months

Product Tested By Joanne Holdaway – Thomas 8 Months

Joanne Awarded The Haberman anywayup® Cow Cup 4.3/5

Good quality appeared well made with good materials. Minimal packaging but functional package. Easy to open and start using the product. Instructions easy to read and understand. Very easy for my 8 month old to hold and manipulate he was able to use it the first time. The materials have withstood my 8 month old who is currently going through a growing/dropping phase. It is regularly dropped on our kitchen floor and does not show any signs of wear. The spout is a good size and shape for a young child. There were times when he looked like he was sucking very hard and on testing myself I found it very difficult to get water out. However this was rectified by taking off and replacing the lid. I think a vacuum had been formed went the lid was placed.Very easy to assemble with only 2 pieces. The lid clicked easily in place. Having only 2 pieces the product is very easy to wash and keep clean. The cup was leak proof also the handles being on the main part of the cup meant we could practice using a normal cup with the easy to hold handles. This was great to take out with us. The cup was leak proof and we had no issues with leaking, this was great as I could put it in the bag with no worries that we would have issues. We used this cup every day for about 3 weeks.The quality is very good the only issue was the intermittent problem with the level of suction needed. Very good value for money. It withstood some hard testing and showed no signs of wear and tear. I loved the leak proof nature was probably the most beneficial part of the product. I would buy this as it does what it is designed to do and is a quality product. I would recommend as a good quality product. Our experience with the cup has been positive. It is well built and shows no signs of wear yet. The only issue has been an intermittent problem with how much suction is needed to get water out. But I now test after I've put the lid on. The leak proof element is excellent and the handles being on the main cup allow it to be used to practice drinking from a normal cup. I plan on continuing using this once he is using a normal cup for travel as I can put the lid on to prevent leaking and then take it off when he is using it. Joanne Holdaway – Thomas 8 Months

Product Tested By Dhara Desai – Arvan 8 Months

Dhara Awarded The Haberman anywayup® Cow Cup 4.2/5

Cup looked very attractive. Arrived safely and packaged well. Instructions were very clear. I liked the style of this cup and was very easy for my child to hold the cup. The quality of this product is really very good. It says leak proof and it does the job. The design of the spout is good but I would prefer the spout with 3 holes rather than one.It was very hard for my child to suck from the cup and he was struggling to drink from the cup. It’s very easy and simple to assemble and disassemble the cup. It’s very easy to clean the cup as all the parts removable. This item states it is non-spill and leak proof which works well with this product. It’s very easy to take out as its non-spill and leak proof. I used it for few weeks but then gave up on the cup as it was too hard for my son to suck on it. It’s very good value for money I think. The most I liked about the product is the design of the cup. I personally would not purchase this as my son found it too hard to drink from this cup. I would recommend but would also warn them that it’s little bit hard to suck on. I liked the look, packaging and material of the product but the only problem for my son was sucking from the cup but it might be just him so I won’t say it’s a bad product I would say it’s really good product if your child has practice if sucking hard. It’s a very strong dishwasher and microwave safe cup. Dhara Desai – Arvan 8 Months



BizzieBaby 2018 BRONZE Award

Katie Awarded The Haberman anywayup® Cow Cup 5/5

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