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KiddyUP is a location-based app for parents that allows them to easily, cheaply and quickly share and find places to FEED, CHANGE, PLAY, and BUY baby and child products and services.

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Product Tested By Fiona Turgul – Elanur 10 Months

Fiona Awarded The KiddyUP iPhone App 4.2/5

This App seemed like a good idea and was easy to install and use. I liked the concept of it and thought it could be quite useful if visiting other places. It was very easy to download from the App store. There weren’t really obvious instructions; I think you had to try things to figure it out. I found it easy to use, it used your location and the different colours helped you know what you were looking at. It was also easy to add locations if you wanted to. I think it is a good quality App; it had quite a few things to do on it and worked well. Maybe a few more colours would help distinguish between categories within the different sections.  I would recommend it to others though; it is a helpful App for visiting different areas if you want to find out where a baby change or child friendly eating place is. It is a useful product and as it is an App for your phone you can always have it with you. It is an easy to download and use App that can help you find those child friendly locations you need. Fiona Turgul – Elanur 10 Months

Product Tested By Kimberley Bradshaw - Viola 6 Months and Matilda 3 Years 10 Months

Kimberley Awarded The KiddyUP iPhone App 4.3/5

This is an attractive and easy to use App, downloaded quickly and is very self-explanatory. I think it's a really good idea for an app. I think I'd have got more use out of it had I being a first time mum, by the time you have your second child you know where baby changes are and where you feel comfortable breast feeding etc. It is very simple and easy to download from the App Store. No instructions really needed to start up and have a look although it could do with some instructions for when you want to add a place to the app as this is a little more complex and I ended up having to ask for some point to be deleted. I think this App would be ideal for first time parents. The product looks well written and developed and is very attractive. It would be a good product for people who need that kind of info. Adding more guidance for adding points to the map would be a great improvement. I would not buy this for me but I would recommend it to first time parents, especially those breast feeding. It is a good quality App; that would be of use to first time parents needing baby info. Kimberley Bradshaw - Viola 6 Months and Matilda 3 Years 10 Months

Product Tested By Corinna Nicol – Daisy 19 Months

Corinna Awarded The KiddyUP iPhone App 5/5

This is a fantastic concept for people who want to make their most of their time with their children. A really great idea for when you’re in a new place or somewhere you’re not very familiar with, e.g. on holiday, maybe visiting friends who don’t have children. It was easy to download; I had no trouble and was very clear and easy to follow. It only took a couple of minutes to get the hang of adding places to the map and reviewing existing places. I enjoyed using the App. It was interesting to see which other places in the locality had been added, although I think it would be better to add a feature to write actual reviews, rather than just giving stars, e.g. this place is more suited to primary age children, or this soft play has a great section for toddlers etc. It’s a great quality App, looks slick and professional. It certainly will be a great App if it continues to be free! I don’t know how much this will be on sale for, but I can imagine people would pay maybe 99p to download it. The only improvement would be just the addition of being able to write your own reviews for places.  I would recommend it to others. This would be useful for everyone with children, I especially like the addition of ‘breastfeeding friendly’ places, this would be really helpful for new mums who have never ventured out and about with their babies and are not sure where they would be able to feed comfortably. I really like the concept, and if it was made to be a bit more interactive, maybe with users being able to communicate with each other, that would be great. It is a fab idea, useful for when you’re out and about, a must for any parent. Corinna Nicol – Daisy 19 Months


BizzieBaby 2013-14 BRONZE Award Fiona Awarded The KiddyUP iPhone App 4.2/5

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