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Anchor Children's Shoe - Navy. What a good idea! Classic deck shoe styling with a simple Velcro closure budding sailors can fasten. Razor cut rubber sole.
Available in Black, Brown or Navy - Sizes Available: UK7 – UK6 (EU 24-39)

£39.00 John Lewis, Debenhams, Jones and purchase online


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Product Tested By Amanda Stone – George 8 years

Amanda Awarded The Anchor children’s Boat Shoe from Chatham 4.6/5

I think the shoes are very nice to look at also very good quality for the price. The shoes were packed very well. The shoes do look very comfortable. I love this style of shoe I think they look very smart. The shoe size is great but my son has wide feet and he did say they pinched a little. Shoes are very easy to put on there were no problems at all. The quality of the shoes is great definitely worth the money. The shoes stayed on perfectly no problems at all. These are definitely good value as my son has worn them for a month now and still look new. I would definitely buy these again and already had compliments and asked where they are from. Have already recommended. Extremely good quality for money and they are really smart. Amanda Stone – George 8 years

Product Tested By Aisling Loch – Archie 4 years

Aisling Awarded The Anchor children’s Boat Shoe from Chatham 4.4/5

Good quality and nice soft leather. I liked that it was clear from packaging that it was made in UK. The leather was soft and looked comfortable. Liked the style and they looked very smart. Size was a perfect fit for him. He has narrow feet and the Velcro strap was wide enough to pull it tight to fit him. Perfect for a child to put on themselves. Good quality however the inner sole was hard on the base of his foot. He complained about it burning him at the end of the school day on a hot day. There is no inner sole cushion which I would have expected. I had to put in an insole in to prevent this happening again. This shoe does stay on. They are a lovely soft shoe which he found comfortable but I’m not sure whether they are value for money due to the issue of no inner sole. Happy with most elements of the product. My son found the shoes comfortable from first wear but the lack of cushioning inside let it down. He is a very active child and the shoes have withstood his antics with little or no wear or tear. Aisling Loch – Archie 4 Years

Product Tested By Riley Smythe – Gareth 8 Years

Riley Awarded The Anchor children’s Boat Shoe from Chatham 4.8/5

Getting shoes to fit Gareth is always a task, and these shoes looked hardwearing and comfortable. A very well designed shoe which is easy to put on. Gareth said they were comfortable and took on the pace of school, football and other sporting activities after school with his friends. These were a good fit and looked good on. Ideal style for my son. He actually liked them. He has been wearing these daily and they still look good so thumbs up in my book. I would purchase these again as been a good fit and comfortable for my son and hardwearing. I have already recommended as the quality is excellent. A good quality, well made shoe ideal for a young boy and they look very smart. Riley Smythe – Gareth 8 Years


BizzieBaby 2013-14 SILVER Men's Award Amanda Awarded The Anchor children’s Boat Shoe from Chatham 4.6/5


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