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Sapling Child Dove Grey Kimono from Burble Baby

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Sapling Child is a teeny weeny Australian company specialising in 100% organic cotton baby wear. Their designs are fun, whimsical and in some small way, will remind you of your own childhoods. All of their garments and trimmings are made with 100% certified organic cotton. They have been printed with organic vegetable dyes that are free from toxic chemicals and heavy metals, a safer choice for babies. Buying organic cotton is a better choice for the environment, for farmers, and a softer and safer choice for baby’s sensitive skin. Sapling Child garments are all GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and have been proudly made in India under fair trade terms and conditions. Made from super soft, high quality, double jersey organic cotton, this kimono in dove grey starburst print is perfect for snuggly babies everywhere. It buttons down the front, and is easy and practical to dress baby. It provides a double layer across the chest for a little extra warmth Available in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6- 12 months

£16.50 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Nicola Livesey – Iris-Belle – 8 Months

Nicola Awarded The Burble Baby Sapling Child Dove Grey Kimono 4.8/5

The vest is of excellent quality and a unique design. The vest came beautifully wrapped in a gift box and the box can later be used as a keepsake box. I loved the gift box concept and this is well worth an extra £5.00 especially when sending as a gift. The design is unique but more practical for young children. This is a very practical design as it allows the vest to easily be removed if needed. The vest is very soft which is lovely against a baby's skin. My daughter was very comfortable in this. The material was lovely and soft and never caused any irritation. We were able to wash the vest with our other laundry and it came out good as new. No need to iron. It is a lot of money for a vest but it would make a lovely gift when you're looking to spend that bit extra. I would purchase this product. I would definitely recommend this with gift box as a special gift. A lovely, unique product that eases changing due to leaking nappies or illness. Nicola Livesey – Iris-Belle – 8 Months

Product Tested By Lauren Pearson – Noah 7 Months

Lauren Awarded The Burble Baby Sapling Child Dove Grey Kimono 4.6/5

The product was well packaged and looked expensive. It was presented in a box with straw in the box. It also had ribbon round the box. The box is one that could be used to store keepsakes. I thought the gift box was excellent for the money as it could be used over again. The design was very nice although I didn’t find it very unisex; it was more leaned towards girls. The design was really practical; it was easy to open and didn’t have to undress the baby to change his nappy. The fabric was nice and soft and such good quality, even after a few washes it stayed soft and didn’t lose shape. The baby had room to move about and didn’t look restricted. This is a very high quality garment and never caused any irritation. Was very easy to launder I stuck it in with other baby clothes and it washed like a dream. Although this garment is very nice I don’t think I would have spent the full amount on this, I would have probably spent a bit less. If the price was lower I would purchase this. However, I would consider purchasing this for a special occasion. I would be happy to send this as a gift with the gift box. I would highly recommend this product. Everything about the product is amazing except the price. Very much enjoyed testing this product and it was lovely on my baby. Lauren Pearson – Noah 7 Months

Product Tested By Louise Stringer – Annabelle 8 Months

Louise Awarded The Burble Baby Sapling Child Dove Grey Kimono 3.6/5

I was impressed with the quality of the material and liked the colour. The gift box this arrived in was very simple and classy. I personally feel paying £5.00 extra for this to be delivered in a gift box is too expensive. I did not feel this was a practical design for my baby. This is an extremely impractical garment for a 7 month old baby who wriggles when getting dressed. There are too many different elements to fastening the garment. The quality of the fabric was very good and was obviously high quality. Once this was on my daughter looked very comfortable. This is made of a high quality material and never caused any irritation. Very easy to wash, put it in the laundry with other baby items at 40 degrees and it washed perfectly. I think this garment is expensive for what I would use as an under garment. I would not purchase this as I feel price is too high for an under garment. The look and feel of the product was great; however, it was expensive for an undergarment and impractical to put on a wriggling baby! Louise Stringer – Annabelle 8 Months


BizzieBaby 2014-15 BRONZE Award Nicola Awarded The Burble Baby Sapling Child Dove Grey Kimono 4.8/5

Sapling Child Dove Grey Kimono from Burble Baby Stockist Information

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