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My first word book: On the farm

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There are over 250 farm-related words for children to discover and learn in this delightfully illustrated word book.Words are arranged in themes such as farm animals, in the farmhouse, food from the farm and things that go.Each word is brought to life with a colourful illustration.With sturdy board pages designed to withstand being read and talked about time and time again.

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Product Tested By Lynsey Rogers – Ava-Mae 2 Years

Lynsey Awarded The Usborne My First Word Book On the Farm 5/5

We have quite a few books from this author so we knew it would be ideal and a good product. Excellent quality as are tall the books by this author. As my daughter loves animals she was very excited about the book. At first she seemed overwhelmed as to all the animals that had been put into the boom as most books contain a few standard animals but this one will provide longer learning as she gets to know each animal from a baby to an adult for starters.Pictures were clear and easy to recognise in a fun childlike way. My daughter seemed to understand what each picture was for most animals even if it meant calling all of them baby and mummy pigs for example. My daughter is still enjoying the book. For me it is like we are reading a story book even though it isn't as it all flows together each page you turn too. As it not an actual story book I like that it has the feel of a story book because of the way it goes through the animal and then the foods, housing, machinery etc. it all flowed and made sense there wasn't anything shown that was out of place and didn't belong in the book. This is a stimulating book as it doesn't just show standard animals like most books. There is so much to learn and she can grow with the book it not just for now. As she grows she will understand that even baby animals have actual names and it teaches where certain foods come from etc. Very pleased with the book. As previously mentioned we have quite a few books by this author but this one in particular expands the learning of a particular subject and am now looking for others as the previous ones we have by this author are smaller and she has now out grown as she has learned from them so these feel like a new stage for her learning. Definitely great value, I paid a few ponds less for his previous smaller basic books when she was younger so for a few pounds more and knowing these will last longer I think is great value for money. Would definitely purchase this and awaiting delivery of more books we have ordered. Have already donated some of the author’s younger books to friends and recommended this book. Had some enjoyable, funny moments to share with my daughter while reading this together. Lynsey Rogers – Ava-Mae 2 Years

Product Tested By Emma Lyes – Abigail 2 Years

Emma Awarded The Usborne My First Word Book On the Farm 4.5/5

Looked a good quality book and loved the front cover. Quality is very good. This was very well presented and showed so many animals and linked the words with lovely illustrations and you have a wide variety of themes like in the farmhouse and food on the farm etc. Lot’s to see and learn and very stimulating book. The illustrations clearly showed the animal, product well and were a great way for my daughter to learn. My daughter loved the illustrations and we have enjoyed reading and we learn more each week. This book takes you through the whole farm and all linked perfectly and wonderful way to find out all about farm animals, names and all the other things that are linked to a farm. This is a book I can see us using for a long while yet and lovely to look at and great fun to help my daughter learn about animals and the farm. We loved this book. This is a bit expensive but the content and quality make it worth it. I would purchase this and will be getting this book for my nephew’s birthday soon. I have already recommended it to my mummy group. A lovely book fun to read, educational and we will be enjoying this book for a long while to come. Emma Lyes – Abigail 2 Years

Product Tested By Michelle Hallsor – Louise 2 Years

Michelle Awarded The Usborne My First Word Book On the Farm 4.7/5

What a lovely book and cover is bright, vibrant and clearly shows what this book is all about. Excellent quality. Loved the fact this followed a theme and told you about what a farm is including information on the animals, farmer family, tractors, vegetables and so much more. Was a lovely illustrated book and told a bit of a story too. The illustrations linked with the words so well and Louise really enjoyed looking at all the pictures and learning more about a farm. We loved this book and a firm favourite with Louise. It is stimulating, fun to read and makes learning so much fun too. This will be used for a while yet. This is a bit high in price but now read it would pay the asking price. I would purchase this book as a great fun educational book. I have also recommended it to a local nursery too and many of my friends. A great book brilliantly illustrated and makes learning words so much fun. Michelle Hallsor – Louise 2 Years


BizzieBaby 2014-15 SILVER Award Lynsey Awarded The Usborne My First Word Book On the Farm 5/5

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