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Ryan McFarland, Founder: The 12 Sport model offers every feature a child (or parent) could want. It is the perfect balance of performance, options, and value, featuring more than 8 years of design evolution and manufacturing improvements.This steel balance bike model is the best seller and will fit all children from ages 18 months (27cm inside leg) to 5 years plus (48 cm inside leg).
Age Suitability 18 Months - 5 Years 

£80.00 Available to purchase online and Amazon


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Product Tested By Ulya Malik – Raaziya 2 Years

Ulya Awarded The Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike 5/5

This is a sturdy yet lightweight product. Obviously of very high quality. An easy to carry lightweight box. I carried the packaged product back to my car (approx. 2 minute walk) and had no problem carrying it one handed. Clear and concise on one side of A4 as instructions should be. I had no problems assembling it at all. It took a little over 10 minutes, even with a toddler "helping”. As I received the bike in winter and attended a winter session, it was very cold and windy. There was only one other child there, who was the son of an instructor. This is not reflective of the normal sessions, which I was told consist of around 15 children riding together. Raaziya fell off her bike and had a very minor injury to her hand. She refused to get back on for a few minutes but was screaming with delight when she saw the other child riding. She then demanded to get her bike back. This is really very sturdy, which is my chief complaint with other similar products. Despite its quality, it is incredibly lightweight so my 2 year old girl could lift and carry it easily. At almost £80.00, the bike is not cheap. Also once a child has learnt to balance, I can see how they would want to quickly progress to a pedal bike which would render the balance bike obsolete. This is not really a criticism of the product, but balance bikes in general. However, for anyone considering a balance bike, the quality of the build means you would feel confident that your child was safe on this one. If money is tight, I would advise to just buy a regular pedal bike as this would be an added expense. I can see the appeal of a balance bike like this. So light, you could leave it around the house indoors and the child can play with it whenever they want. As far as balance bikes go, this is excellent. If you buy into the whole balance bikes movement (which I am starting to), then there is no question you should buy this one. It really is a high quality, attractive, sturdy and safe piece of equipment. The sessions run at BMX parks are excellent and a great morning out where the kids can watch each other ride and grow in confidence. Ulya Malik – Raaziya 2 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Dobinson – Violet nearly 3 Years

Sarah Awarded The Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike 4.9/5

Smart, well packaged, bicycle which is sturdy and well made. Box was quite compact given that it contained a bike! All parts were well packaged, so that nothing could be easily damaged. Box showed image of the bike and contents were exactly as displayed. Very easy to use and follow instructions, although they were quite brief. Assembly was very quick and it was easy to change the saddle so that my older child could have a go too! Wednesday sessions were not accessible as child attends nursery on Wednesday and partner does not drive, but Saturday sessions were more convenient. Member of staff running the Saturday sessions was off sick for a few weeks, so was unable to book, but will be attending in the New Year. Really good product, which stands up to the rigours of being ridden by a child and thrown around. Bike is sturdy and feels well made. Very good value for money for the RRP of this bike compared to others. Both children enjoyed trying the bike out. Its good value for money is an added bonus. Would definitely be on our list of ‘must-haves’. I have already spoken to family and friends with children of similar ages and have spoken very highly of this bike. A perfect, well-priced, bike that undergoes the challenges and battles of a child learning to ride a bike. The varying colours make it suitable for every taste and the ease of putting it together and adjusting/changing the saddle is helpful! A must-have! Sarah Dobinson – Violet nearly 3 Years

Product Tested By Suzann Mason – Elizabeth 2 Years

Suzann Awarded The Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike 4.9/5

Looks very solid, thick tread on the tyres, great colour and well made. The bike is well packaged and protected. The pictures on the outside peaked my child’s interest and show how the bike can be used. The instructions were very concise and easy to follow. The diagrams were clear and made it easier to assemble. The bulk of the bike was already assembled so there wasn’t too much to do. All of the tools needed were included in the box and I put it together really quickly. Elizabeth attended the lesson and there were about 7 other children in the group. The instructors were friendly and gave the children lots of praise and points to improve. She thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and we are going to go back again as it was noticeable how much she had improved after just one session. I think the other children helped Elizabeth to learn and improve as she was watching them carefully as they had their turn. She really enjoyed seeing some of the more capable children move quickly and pick their feet up as they went round the corners. They were a great example. It is a really well made piece of kit. The tyres are solid and have a thick tread which means; unlike with some other bikes that Elizabeth has been able to go on all different surfaces without difficulty. I know that you can buy other balance bikes for less money but they don’t seem to have the same build quality. I particularly like the section on the frame where the children can put their feet as it enables the children to do turns without dragging their feet on the ground. I think the bike has really helped Elizabeth to quickly learn how to balance on a bike, which is always one of the most difficult parts of learning how to ride. Also, I think the transition when she’s older to a pedal bike will be fairly smooth. I have already recommended the balance bike to a friend. It is well made and is a great bike for toddlers. It enables them to feel like they are riding a ‘big’ bike without having to worry about pedals. Focusing on the balancing in this one helps to build their confidence and their core strength. I am sure that Elizabeth will quickly master it and will have great fun whizzing round the park like the children at the Strider lesson we attended. Initially I was quite sceptical about the benefits of a balance bike but I am a complete convert and would definitely recommend it to others now. It is well built, comes in lots of bright colours and I think overall good value for money as it is robust, which is particularly important when in the hands of a toddler. I look forward to watching Elizabeth mastering the bike and plan to go to more Strider sessions to help her do that. Suzann Mason – Elizabeth 2 Years


BizzieBaby 2015-16 GOLD Award Ulya Awarded The Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike 5/5

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