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Kiddylicious Crunchy Peas And Sweetcorn 6G

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Discover new Crunchy Pea and Sweetcorn, developed by Sally Preston and the team at Kiddylicious, and inspired to help mums encourage children to learn to love veg.The team at Kiddylicious love finding new and interesting yummy snacks.  Crunchy Pea and Sweetcorn make veg fun – they select tasty colourful peas and sweetcorn and simply take out the water to give a light, melty texture that dissolves easily in the mouth.  100% veg with absolutely nothing else added.Each little bag is a single portion.  Ideal if you are baby led weaning and perfect as a scrummy snack at any time.  RRP: £0.60 each.  Available at Tesco, Asda and Boots, or click online at

RRP £0.60 each Available Tesco, Asda and Boots of click online to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Cabriera Grace – Prudence 14 Months

Cabriera Awarded The Kiddylicious Crunchy Peas & Sweetcorn 4/5

Great packaging, good quality packaging. I think the packaging is good quality, it is straight to the point and you can clearly see what the product is. Yes myself and prudence have used this brand for a long time; she has tried most of the lines in the range. I love the ingredients used as its all natural and healthy. My daughter did not like the peas and sweet corn but I think it's because she hasn't got many teeth so found it difficult to eat them. I've tried most of the different packers this brand has to offer and I'm not keen, but I'm not as adventurous as prudence with my food. I think they offer great value for money as its Nutritious and it's a quick to eat and is a great alternative to some of the unhealthy snacks on the market that are more expensive. We are a fan of the brand but did not really like these so would not purchase this specific snack. I have been asked about the products and as the brand offers such variety I have been recommending to everyone that will listen! A fun and engaging way to get your babies 5-a-day! Cabriera Grace – Prudence 14 Months

Product Tested By Katie Broadbent – Ruby 2 years

Katie Awarded The Kiddylicious Crunchy Crunchy Peas & Sweetcorn 3.7/5

The packets appeared to be quite empty despite the size of the packaging. Appealing to young children and explains clearly what is in the packaging. I am aware of this brand and I buy the puffs for my child which she really enjoys. I thought they would be low in sugar and salt but was quite concerned as they are higher in salt than a packet of crisps. My daughter loved the texture, she said yummy nice. She is quite a picky eater so she enjoyed these. Although this flavour was not a favourite. I really enjoyed the peas and sweetcorn. They were lovely and crunchy and a great snack for an adult. I think at 60p a packet they are not competively priced and do not offer value for money for the amount in the pack. I would buy these if they were on a promotion but would not purchase these weekly as I feel they are overpriced compare to other child snacks on the market and are high in sugar and salt. I would recommend in the fact that they are a different snack for young children that I hadn’t seen before. Lovely tasty product but disappointed with size of packaging. Lovely tasting product but not suffice for a snack. If packet was double the size I would definitely purchase or perhaps if the RRP was under 50p. Katie Broadbent – Ruby 2 years

Product Tested ByEmma Ockelford – Theodore 16 Months

Emma Awarded The Kiddylicious Crunchy Peas & Sweetcorn 3/5

The packaging looks nice – we use other products from this brand so they seemed familiar which was nice. I really like the packaging as it was simple but colourful. The packaging clearly described the product. We are familiar with this brand. We have often brought other products from them – I have a 5 year old girl as well and have used them when she was little. I didn’t check all the ingredients but don’t think anything else was added. Unfortunately my son was not a fan of the Crunchy peas and sweetcorn and would not finish the pack. I tried the crunch peas and sweetcorn but did not enjoy the taste of these ones. I believe they are a good price but there are other snacks that could be better value for money such as a portion of fruit. I would not purchase these again as none of us enjoyed the taste of this snack. The products were child friendly and a good snack for on the go. Emma Ockelford – Theodore 16 Months



Cabriera Awarded The Kiddylicious Crunchy Peas & Sweetcorn 4/5

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