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The Mysterious Apples Book

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Yasmin and Yo-Yo are two naughty squirrels. One day in late summer they see a beautiful apple tree that’s laden with juicy apples, just perfect for their winter food store. They set out with their basket to pick them all then something rather mysterious happens...
Suitable 0-4 Years

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2016 - Children's Book Category 

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Product Tested By Rachel Duxbury – Eva 4 Years

Rachel Awarded The Mysterious Apples Book 4.6/5

Good size, sturdy book which won't easily break, nice and colourful. It is a board book so it is built to be long wearing; it is sturdy in little hands and won't easily be ruined. She wanted to read it straight away as the colours and illustration on the cover are very inviting. I really liked the illustrations; they were not too babyish and were lifelike enough without being 'boring'. My daughter liked the 'cheeky squirrels' too and we both thought it was nice and bright and colourful. She did enjoy this book and she wanted me to read it to her again as soon as we finished. She enjoyed it, the end made her laugh and she was interested to know what the squirrels would do. It kept her interested and she asked questions about what the squirrels were doing. I like it a lot. It is a great size to carry around and the colours and illustrations make it really nice to look at. The story is quite humorous and is a great length to keep my child's attention. My one year old daughter also enjoyed this book as although she doesn't understand the story, she enjoyed looking at the pretty pictures. My only criticism is some of the language used, especially the end of the first sentence. My daughter had to ask what it meant and to be honest I initially didn't know myself! It could have been written a little more clearly so children automatically understand what is being told to them. I would consider purchasing other titles in the series as my daughter enjoyed the book and I enjoyed reading it to her! It is probably a little more than I would usually pay for a similar type of book but it is well-written and illustrated so I wouldn'tmind paying it. I would recommend this book. Hard wearinglittle book with great illustrations and a lovely story. Rachel Duxbury – Eva 4 Years

Product Tested By Vanessa Trainer – Martine 3 Years

Vanessa Awarded The Mysterious Apples Book 4.7/5

Looked a good quality book, sturdy, bright and colourful. Front cover would catch my attention in a book store. This is a good quality board book, well-made, and will last so can pass down to next child. Martine wanted to find out more about this book as soon as it arrived. The illustrations were superb, so captivating and my daughter loved looking at all the illustrations. I would read this book to my daughter and she really enjoyed the story. We now have to read to her a few times a week as one of her favourite bedtime story books. She was engrossed with the story and could not wait to find out what happened next. It is a well-written book and my daughter would ask lots of questions so certainly stimulated her imagination. My daughter really enjoyed this book and I thought it was well presented and well written. I would definitely purchase more in the series. Good value as lovely illustrations, really nice story and this book is very durable so will last a long time without getting damaged. I have already recommended. A lovely book that captivated my daughter and she loved the story.Vanessa Trainer – Martine 3 Years

Product Tested By Carly Anne Ralph – Georgia 20 Months

Carly Awarded The Mysterious Apples Book 4.2/5

The product looked very colourful and attractive to the eye. It was very striking so would appeal to a young inquisitive child. When my Daughter first saw it her reaction was "oooooh wow, read it please mummy” so as you can see a huge hit. The product was very sturdy and durable. I really liked the high gloss finish of the front and back of the book. This finish also made it easy to wipe the book down after it had been mauled by mucky toddler fingers. My Daughter really liked the illustrations of the squirrels and the bright colours enticed her to flick through the book independently. I thought that the illustrations were drawn well. My Daughter loved pointing out and identify different items throughout the book i.e. the different animals, the tree and the apples. Myself and my Daughter enjoyed cuddling up together to read this book. We particularly liked the rhyming element of it as it gave the story a nice rhythm to read it to. The story was a nice simple one to follow. It was a perfect for my 20 month old as it wasn’t too complex. I thought it was a great book for my Daughter to interact with both independently and with me reading it to her. She enjoyed looking at the pictures and it was a great tool for teaching her new words, she was able to point out and tell me that there was a tree, apples and birdies in the book along with other items that I cannot remember of the top of my head. A lovely little book that entices young ones to look at both independently and to enjoy reading it with an adult. I think £3.99 is a little over priced for the length of the story and the fact that it doesn’t have any interactive features i.e. toys or activities within the book to complete (puzzles or tasks). If the product was slightly cheaper I would purchase as it encouraged my child to learn some new words. I would recommend this book to anyone whose child is a book worm. My Daughter really likes sitting listening to stories but she also loves looking at them independently so this book was perfect as it was made out of cardboard meaning she couldn’t rip it. I thought the book was very well thought out. It has excellent features for its target audience. It has the perfect mix of story, illustrations and overall quality. Overall we found the book enjoyable as well as educational and we would love to read more of the books in the series. Carly Anne Ralph – Georgia 20 Months


Rachel Awarded The Mysterious Apples Book 4.6/5


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