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Smart Trike T1 Scooter

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Watch as your little one becomes a scooter master with the smarTrike® T1 3 stage scooter.
Features and benefits for Smart Trike T1 Scooter 
TPR rubber surface footplateEVA Foam seatElastomer mechanism designT-lock systemSoft-touch rubber grip handlesEasy-reach back foot brakeTrain and ride in more complex locationsSwiss designRecommended for ages 15m+Meets safety requirementsDimensions: H68 x W 26.5 x D 59.5 cm
Want To Know More?Fitted with a height adjustable seat, rubber foot board and hand grips, the Swiss designed scooter with a spring steel brake offers a smooth and secure riding experience for your little one. Suitable for children 15 months and up, the T1 possesses 3 adaptable stages that allow your child to gradually gain the confidence and skills to become a scooter expert. Stage 1: Sitting mode position Child rides easily while seated. Stage 2: Practising and gaining confidence T-lock function is enabled, preventing the handlebars from tilting allowing your child to feel secure while they learn how to ride, allowing them to gain the confidence they need to become a scooter master! Stage 3: Freestyle Riding Turn the T-lock to engage the tilting mechanism allowing your child to ride freestyle, and show off their new skills!Suitable from 15 months

£69.99 Available Smyths Toys Superstore or click online to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Isobel Roberts – Olivia-Rose 19 Months

Isobel Awarded The Smartrike T1 Scooter 5/5

First impressions I though it looks interesting and was admittedly thinking it wouldn't be any good for such a young child without the best balance but looked amazing for the older children pictured on the box. I never thought of using a scooter for my 17 month old at the time. I thought the seat looked like a good feature and would hopefully help with balance. Really like nothing I've seen before and was super excited to review this.The packaging is bright green and pink, definitely stands out, the photos of the scooter being used at different stages shows you just how much use you can get from it. It also states it can be used from 15 months up to 5 years, amazing for mummies like me who don’t like having to buy new things like this regularly as the child grows. It clearly shows how it changes for the different age ranges which are a great thing to put on the box. Size wise it's a really good easy to carry box, plastic carry handle, very compact for what's inside.The instructions was really well illustrated, showed clearly exactly what to do to put it together, which was genuinely really simple to do anyway. Showed zoomed in illustrations of which way around to clip in the handle bar, even going as far as to show how to make the wheels straight or turn. I feel the instructions could've maybe added a few words underneath the photos to explain rather than just using photos but it was pretty straight forward without them. I also like the fact that there's different sections of the instructions that are labelled with ages for the different 'stages' of the scooter, first with seat, second without seat and third with the handlebars higher and shows to use the breaks. Also the fact that it shows how to dismantle it makes it amazing as I've found lots of other products have fab instructions on how to put it together but when it comes to dismantling they leave you to it to struggle.You can tell just by looking at it how amazing quality it is. After lots and lots of use in the testing period I found that it's still like new bar a few scratches from an overexcited toddler. The seat is covered in a firm but comfortable padding; it feels and so far has been really hard wearing and hasn't worn at all, the bright pink contrasts lovely against the grey and is visually very appealing. From the logo on the seat to the logos on the ends of the handlebars it's all been really well thought out and boasts the SmartTrike name proudly. I find the wheels are so hard wearing and have hardly any wear to them at all. Can definitely see the quality in the product and know that it will last as long as my child will use it, in all the different stages as she grows.Usually I wouldn't spend so much on a scooter, or any single toy for that matter, at £69.99 it is a big chunk of money for myself. But I think the quality and how long it lasts for makes it well worth the money and as a product that will grow with your child I think it's a great toy that your child gets excited to play with time and time again. My little girl still gets excited to go out on it now and can see her enjoying it for years to come.After testing this product I’d definitely buy it. At first I was a bit sceptical about it and how much she'd enjoy it and use it but after reviewing it I’ve found an amazing new favourite toy for my daughter. She's on it every chance she gets and would definitely get the money's worth of it from the amount of play and fun she's had on it.I would definitely recommend this to friends and family, in fact I already have. Children that come to my house for play dates with my daughter are fixed on it and a couple of friends have already purchased one after seeing how much their children enjoyed playing on it at my house.I'd give this product top mark of 5/5. I can't see a single fault with it other than the price is a little higher than I'd have wanted to pay for a scooter, but the quality, looks, fun factor and how hard wearing it is makes up for the price by far and although I wouldn't usually this product is an exception to me being a cheapskate and I'd definitely 100% pay the £69.99 for it. It's an overall amazing product that we will enjoy for years to come that I couldn't recommend enough. Overall I had a great experience with this product; it's nice and compact making it easy to take out on days out. It's hard wearing, attractive looking, easy to use. Really it's everything I would've looked for in a scooter for my child. It's comfortable to ride for hours-literally (it's been hard to get her off it). She never gets bored of it and goes back to it time and time again for so much enjoyment, that's just what you want in a toy. I can't imagine taking her to the park or on a walk without it now. Isobel Roberts – Olivia-Rose 19 Months

Product Tested By Alice Thomson – Isla 20 Months

Alice Awarded The Smartrike T1 Scooter 5/5

Very impressed. Once I opened the box I could see that it has been engineered and put together well. The box is sturdy. It has bright eye catching colours and sells the product well. The instructions are easy to understand and follow step by step, for every stage. The product is made to a very high standard; it is sturdy and has withstood 3 children playing with it. The wheels and bearings are high quality and it is steady, unlike other 3 wheeled scooters I have purchased or my children before. The seat that comes with it attaches well and I feel confident in my daughter using it. Although £69.99 is quite pricey for a scooter it is reflected in the quality of the product as it is the best quality scooter I have had for my children and converts into stages. It would be something I would buy for either a birthday or Christmas present, it wouldn't be something I would just buy for every day. I would definitely recommend the product to friends and family. I brought the Smart Trike around 6 years ago for my then 1 year old and was very impressed with them. They have not disappointed me this time either. The product is fantastic. I first put the seat on the product for my then 19 month old daughter to use; she got the hang of it very easily. My 3 year old son then wanted to have a go, so I took the seat off and put the handles higher with ease. All 3 of my children ranging from ages 1 to 7 have used the product and commented on how fun it was, it was easy to set up and goes away neat in the corner of our living room, and it doesn't take up much room when stored. The overall experience with the product has been an enjoyable one. Alice Thomson – Isla 20 Months

Product Tested By Lily Hoang – Luke 18 Months

Lily Awarded The Smartrike T1 Scooter 4/5

Looks like a really fun scooter! Outer Packaging is fine, but I thought the contents inside could have been more padded. Only a thin clear plastic sleeve was used to cover the pieces to be assembled. Instructions were fine. Clear and pretty easy to understand. Very good quality, sturdy and not too heavy. I think it does offer good value for money as it allows your child to grow with the scooter with the seating option. I would consider buying this product, great fun for the little one. I would recommend to family and friends; a must have for a toddler. Overall this product is sturdy yet not too heavy. Easy to transport around when little one doesn’t want to scoot and easy to pull little one on the seat when they become too tired to scoot! Colour is great and overall feel of the scooter too.Lily Hoang – Luke 18 Months







Isobel Awarded The Smartrike T1 Scooter 5/5

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