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The Cowboy Who Was Scared of Horses By Michelle Path

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The rodeo is about to arrive in town and all the cowboys want to impress the cowgirls with their riding skills.Cowboy Marty lives on Seven Star Ranch and rides a bicycle to do his chores. He wants to impress the cowgirls too but there is just one problem: he is secretly scared of horses. To stop anybody finding out, he puts an advert in the local newspaper asking for help.To his surprise, a skilled rider named Marjorie shows up on his ranch and is willing to teach him to ride. However, Marty has skills of his own. Can he teach her some valuable lessons in return?With a passion for horses and dressage, Michelle has written this book to show a less serious side of the equine world, which she hopes both horsey and non-horsey people will enjoy. In bringing together two completely different styles of riding and viewpoints, she hopes to emphasise that there is no right or wrong way of riding, and that horses can be enjoyed no matter what they are used for.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2017 Children's Book Category 

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Product Tested By Stacey McGuinness – Ellie-Jae 7 years

Stacey Awarded The Cowboy Who Was Scared of Horses 5/5

Very well written to attract the target audience. The cover page is fun and engaging. I think the book is well written my only criticism is there aren’t any page numbers to use as a reference. Ellie-Jae fully enjoyed it but when she had to put it down she complained that she wouldn’t remember the page number. My daughter enjoyed this book. The illustrations were very good. My daughter really enjoyed this book. I think it’s attracted her imagination very well. Ellie-Jae thought it was brilliant. It made her think of the things she can sometimes be afraid of and see she can overcome them. It was stimulating for her as an avid reader she chose to read this over some of her favourites. I think the book is good for the target audience, I like that it got Ellie-Jae thinking of what she’s afraid of and how she can overcome these personally. Certainly good value. I would purchase more books from this author. I would also recommend this book. A good read for my daughter who is and avid, picky reader, would recommend. Stacey McGuinness – Ellie-Jae 7 years

Product Tested By Kirsty Fulton – Cleo & Hugh – 3 & 7 Years

Kirsty Awarded The Cowboy Who Was Scared of Horses 3.6/5

Wasn't blown away but a nice cover and illustration on the front. The book itself is high gloss and the quality of book is great. Both kids were quite keen to read it as they liked the illustration of the horse and cowboy on the front cover. Both again, enjoyed looking at the pictures, as an adult I didn't think they were hugely exciting but the kids appeared to like them. The story itself kept them interested initially, towards the end they both slightly flagged but we have re- read it a couple of times since but it hasn't been a huge hit I'm afraid. the story itself and its message I think are quite strong, there is some language and words the kids weren't familiar which lead to a bit of discussion which was good. They were keen to find out how Marty got on in the end. This is a stimulating book as they both sat for the duration of the book and were asking questions about its content. I thought the book was a good length with a nice message, I don't think I would have bought it if I'm truly honest but the story itself was fun. Wouldn't say that the price is all that tempting. Nice story but not at the proposed retailers price tag. I would read other stories in the series as I liked the underlying message of the story but would hesitate over the price. I would consider purchasing other books from this author. A nice story with strong messages, illustrations are nice but kids didn't seem hugely engaged, have read it a few times but isn't a story that has had a resounding thumbs up. Kirsty Fulton – Cleo & Hugh – 3 & 7 Years

Product Tested By Kate Nicholson – Kameron 7 Years

Kate Awarded The Cowboy Who Was Scared of Horses 4.8/5

Lovely book, from the front cover it’s very bright and colourful. My son commented on how funny the horse looked. Very suitable to the age range. Good quality front cover. My son was excited to read the book once he saw it. He remarked on how colourful and good the drawings were. My son loved the book and found the wording good for his age bracket. Re-read the book once finished the first time. Never done before so winner. Most certainly a stimulating book, my son choose to re-read the book and loved the horse in it. Overall very good quality. Would recommend. My son loved how inviting the book was and how colourful it was. Defiantly reasonably priced and a good value product. I would purchase other books by this author as we enjoyed this one. My son wanted to buy more books from the same author so yes we will be purchasing more. I would also recommend. Overall very impressed. Good quality, colourful and enjoyable. Kate Nicholson – Kameron 7 Years


BizzieBaby 2017 BRONZE Award Stacey Awarded The Cowboy Who Was Scared of Horses 5/5

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