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Life’s Little Bugs Book Set

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Life's Little Bug Book Collection by Tina Stubbs author and illustrator
Life’s Little Bugs Books offer a fun and unique way to encourage young children into good habits in health, hygiene and positive social behaviour.
Hand-washing, respect, litter control, positive thinking, preventing germ spreading and health and fitness are just some of the subjects covered. Written in rhyme, the books are also ideal for bedtime reading and literacy and can be used in support of SMSC and Home Education studies.You can purchase the books below, they come in two sizes. Small Book – 16.5cm x 15.0cm or Big Book – 31cm x 28.5cm

Presently the complete box set of 7 books available online
 for £33.99 while the offer lasts.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2017 Children's Book Category 

Each Book £5.99 Each Amazon and Waterstones online. The collection of all seven books are available online only at

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Product Tested By Laura Corrigan – Tiana 5 Years

Laura Awarded The Life’s Little Bugs book Set of 7 5/5

I just love these books. My little girl hates bugs but now cannot stop talking about them. The illustrations are amazing. My daughter is a little OCD but she has also been showing her friends and they love these books. She has not put these down and loves to draw the characters. She enjoyed reading these books and said they are funny and cool. She would read these books over and over again. A great message in these books and my daughter understood and enjoyed all of these books. These books stimulate and educate in a fun way and she is continually asking what to do with tummy bug. A great idea and would most definitely recommend. My daughter loved the tummy bug book. I do think the £5.99 each book is a bit steep. I would buy these as a gift. Already recommended. Just love these books. Fun, educational and a great learning tool for children. Laura Corrigan – Tiana 5 Years

Product Tested By Emma Wilcock – Eva 3 years

Emma Awarded The Life’s Little Bugs book Set of 7 – 4.5/5

First impressions, great size, Bright colours, I was intrigued to get reading. Initially great quality but upon reading one several times the pages are starting to become unstuck. I think the concept of the books is great and have had my daughter hooked on them without realising she is learning at the same time. My daughter was intrigued straight away and couldn’t wait to get reading them. She was fascinated by the pictures and colours. She loved the pictures on each page. She can’t read herself yet but enjoyed having them read to her. She liked all of the stories – Gum Bug has been an absolute god send as it has made brushing her teeth (which has recently been a struggle) a lot easier – she insists every night that the gum bugs are brushed away. She asks me to check to see if there are any there. Doodle bug has helped her to understand that drawing on things she isn’t allowed to is bad. Litter bug has also helped her to understand that you must put rubbish in the bin. These are very stimulating books and my daughter has learnt a lot from reading them whilst also enjoying them. She has been laughing at a lot of the pictures too. A lovely set of books. These books are very educational in a great way. Gum Bug has been an overall favourite as mentioned above it has helped her understand why she must brush her teeth. I also enjoyed Gum Bug as this has helped me massively. I personally wouldn’t pay £5.99 per book in comparison to some others you can get at a cheaper price. I would consider buying these for friends if they were cheaper. I would recommend as good set of fun and educational books. A pleasure to read, educational fun! Emma Wilcock – Eva 3 years

Product Tested By Thomas Marsh – Jamie & Louisa 4 Years

Thomas Awarded The Life’s Little Bugs book set of 7 – 4.7/5

These looked a very interesting set of books for twins to read. The concept of the books is brilliant. A fun way to teach children about being positive, dealing with the environment, bugs and much more. A lovely story and great way to educate children with humour. A strong message in each book. The twins loved these books and the illustrations were excellent. The can read some words but we both enjoyed reading these books together. Favourite, hard to select Gum bug helped them realise why so important to clean teeth, Fitness bug also popular as wife on a health kick at the moment so the twins wanted to join in. Hum Bug another favourite as shows children you can be positive even in not so good situations. Actually we loved all of these books. We have had fun reading all of these, the twins have not even realised just how much they have learnt and just a great concept. Fun, colourful books which are highly stimulating and a great set for all parents. Price is high but what these books deliver the message, story and illustrations worth every penny. I will be buying these as gift and highly recommend. We have also recommended to our nursery and also the local infants school. These should be a must in schools. A joy to read with our children and they have enjoyed every moment.Thomas Marsh – Jamie & Louisa 4 Years



BizzieBaby 2017 SILVER Award Laura Awarded The Life’s Little Bugs book Set of 7 5/5

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