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Mirabel doesn’t want much, just a never-ending sleepover and zoo animals for pets, but everyone always says ‘no’ to her! When a rufty-tufty cat shows up with magic wish-granting whiskers, things start looking up for Mirabel… or do they?A magical tale with plenty of humour and important lessons on the word ‘please’. Written by Strictly No Crocs author Heather Pindar with colourful illustrations by Sarah Jennings, Wishkeris perfect for cat lovers.

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Product Tested By Caroline Duncan – Lily 3 Years

Caroline Awarded The Wishker Book 5/5

The type of book (size and length) my daughter likes at her age. Nice and colourful with a fun illustration on the front. Excellent quality. The printing is sharp with no smudges or blurring. It is also well bound and the colours are very bright. My daughter was excited to read the book and was drawn in by the cat picture on the front. She was excited for me to read it to her. The illustrations were fun and colourful and they gave us lots to talk about in addition to the story. In particular the page with everyone in the house causing lots of chaos and accidents happening. She enjoyed having the story read to her and asked for it to be read again straight away. She enjoyed the story and before reading the story a few nights later she started talking about everyone saying no, so that had obviously resonated with her. This book is stimulating as it leads to lots of discussion and she enjoyed counting the animals and spotting objects and pigeons etc. in the pictures. A fun, colourful book with great illustrations. The perfect length of story and personally I liked the font it is written in. It also helps to explain to the child why they can‘t get their own way all of time, as sometimes there are repercussions if they did. I would say that £6.99 is a reasonable price for a book of this quality. This is the style of book (size and length) and type of story that my daughter has enjoyed since the age of 2. It is also a book that I would buy as a gift for another child’s birthday/Christmas. A fun story to show the consequences of always getting your own way, with entertaining and bright colourful illustrations. Caroline Duncan – Lily 3 Years

Product Tested By Charlene Wightman – Eloise 2 Years 9 Months

Charlene Awarded The Wishker Book 5/5

Good size and easy to turn the pages. She loves animals and the cover was very inviting. Great illustrations and lots going on the talk about on each page. She absolutely loved it and asked us to read it to her every night for a few days as well as anyone that came to visit. Very engaging and exciting story. Very stimulating as good story and flow of words. We both loved the book. Good value for money. I would buy this book and I would recommend. Great book and loved by my daughter, would definitely buy a few more as potential gifts for other children. Charlene Wightman – Eloise 2 Years 9 Months

Product Tested By Angela Willis – Brooke 3 years

Angela Awarded The Wishker Book 5/5

We loved the front cover especially as we have our own very special cat so Brooke was drawn to this immediately. The quality is really good. My daughter could not wait for us to read this book. The illustrations were delightful, engaging and colourful. These certainly inspired Brooked to discuss the story in more details. My daughter loved the story which is well written and well-illustrated. This is definitely a firm favourite with Brooke now. A very stimulating story as she loved to talk about all the animals and Wishker the cat. This is just the right length to hold Brooke’s attention. Nice morale to the story too. This is well priced and good value. I would buy this book as a gift and a lovely story for any child. Well written, engaging and illustrations are delightful. Angela Willis – Brooke 3 years


Caroline Awarded The Wishker Book 5/5

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