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BabyBoomBoom Multi-Lingual CD & Boom Bag

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The Junior band-bag comes with a BabyBoomBoom CD (you choose English plus either French, German, Italian or Spanish), along with a tambourine, a recorder, a castanet & a maraca. The instruments are great for stimulating toddler minds and, of course having great fun. The CD features nursery thymes and songs in English and a second language depending on which you choose. Each verse is sung in English then repeated in the second language. Words in both languages are included with the CD. Songs included cover a wide range of 14 well know nursery rhymes.

£19.99 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Vivienne Frost - Samuel Aged 2 Years

Vivienne Awarded The BabyBoomBoom Multi-lingual CD and Boom Bag 4/5

First impression very good.  quality seems quite robust and well made.  Ideal to use at home and could also take along to playgroup or nursery.  My son liked it but seemed to only want to play it occasionally. A good way to help your children enjoy nursery rhymes and music and at the same time learn a new lauguage.  A great educational product that is fun and useful and can be used over a long period of time.  Good value for money.  Would certainly recommend for children that really love music and action songs.  Fun to use and good for exposing babies to foreign language at an early age.  Vivienne Frost - Samuel Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Farmer - Milly Aged 3 Years

Sarah Awarded The BabyBoomBoom Multi-lingual CD and Boom Bag 4/5

First impression plastic casing!  Little handle but very colourful inside.  We did not have any instructions as came with cd and maraca and tambourine.  Quality is good but would have liked to see wooden maraca as longer lasting.  We would use this everywhere where we had access to a CD player, at home, in the car and when visiting friends and family.  Now we have been using this product I think it is fabulous and the Spanish singer is wonderful- zingy, joyful, colourful and you learn the language (albeit a nursery rhme).  We have already lent the other Spanish CD (as our one came with 2 Spanish CD's) to my best friend who is moving to Tenerife.  The only suggestion for improvement would be in relation to the plastic casing - perhaps a small back pack advertising Babyboomboom (for the child) with a place for the maraca and tambourine.  This way they can carry with them anywhere and also take to playgroup.  This is a great product, colourful, good fun, jolly.  A very interesting product that makes it fun for your child to learn a new language and puts a zing in your day - great for the car too.  Sarah Farmer - Milly Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Jenny Parsons – Lauren Aged 3 Years

Jenny Awarded The BabyBoomBoom Multi-lingual CD And Boom Bag 3.8/5

The pack itself looks very interesting but I do think that the £19.99 price tag would have put me off buying it myself. My daughter loves speaking Spanish with Dora so I knew she was going to enjoy the language aspect of the product. The instruments made the product even more appealing as Sophie could play the instruments whilst singing along to the songs. After a week she knew each song inside out and back to front as we played it when we went out in the car – which is quite often! The music was very jazzy and you couldn’t help but join in. The instruments are perfect for joining in with – perhaps the recorder is a bit on the noisy side! But that got lost under the sofa (I think)! Have had friends asking me where my child learnt her new nursery rhymes as they were impressed by her multi lingual ability. It was fun and entertaining for all of the family and will continue to use this product. Jenny Parsons – Lauren Aged 3 Years


Vivienne Awarded The BabyBoomBoom Multi-Lingual CD & Boom Bag 4/5

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