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Eat Fussy Range (from 12 months)
Tasty prepared meals for hungry kids & busy mums. The range includes Salmon & Cod Fish Pie, Beef Cottage Pie, Tasty Chicken & Rice & many more.

£2.29 Per Pack Available in Tesco, Sainsbury, The Co-op, Ocado or click online to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Kirstein Clifton - Jasmine and Kyle aged 4 & 2 Years

Kirstein Awarded the Annabel Karmel Eat Fussy Food Range 4/5

Annabel Karmel has a good reputation for healthy, nutritious meals and was looking forward to my 2 year old trying these meals.  Simple design with description and picutre of product on the front.  Lots of info about product and Annabel Karmel.  Added bonus recyclable outer box.  I was familiar with this brand through reading about it in parenting magazines.  Very easy to prepare as just popped into oven and when ready placed on plate.  Ingredients used in these meals are healthy and nutritious.  Must admit Kyle only liked one of the meals as others had either too much potato or looked bland and he would only try a couple of mouthfuls.  I tried these myself and the food was tasty and good pieces of fish and meat in each meal.  Kyle's favourite was the tasty chicken and rice.  One suggestion for improvement would be to have two smaller breakable trays in one pack for smaller appetites as the protions were very large even for my son.  It is good to know you can purchase this online, but it needs to be kept cold so you need to make sure you don't miss the postman.  My preference would be to buy in store.  I do not tend to purchase prepared food as normally try to make meals for the whole family.  This range is a little too expensive for every day but for once in a while it would be worth buying knowing your child is eating good nutritious food, which is quick and easy to serve.  Some recipe suggestions - Using Sweet potato, Fish with rice & veg, Lasagne and garlic finger breads.  I would certainly purchase this product if I was going out.  It would be quick and easy to cook and portions sizes would satisfy my 4 year old.  Not every child likes the same food but you do know these have been made with the best ingredients.  Nutritious and taste great but some recipes look unattractive to the eye.  Kirstein Clifton - Jasmine and kyle Aged 4 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Amanda Raybould - Gemma and Kyle aged 3 & 2 Years

Amanda Awarded The Annabel Karmel Eat Fussy Food Range 4/5

It looked really tasty and fun.  I had heard of Annabel Karmel and seen the food in Sainsburys but had never purchased any of the products due to the price.  The preparation/cooking instructions were easy to follow.  However, I felt they were a bit vague "cook for around 20 mins".  All the ingredients were natural and I was impressed that all the ingredients were fresh and not artificial or hidden e numbers.  Gemma loved the fish pie but was not too sure about the tasty chicken and rice.  Kyle liked the cottage pie once I had removed the mashed potato from the top.  I tried all of the meals and thought they were tasty but there was a lot of mashed potato on all of the pies.  The meat content on each meal was very generous.  Our overall favourite was the Salmon and Cod fish pie.  Suggestions for improvements - reduce the amount of potato on top of the pies, the portion size culd be reduced by doing this.  I feel the portion size was quite big even for a hungry toddler.  If Gemma and Kyle enjoyed the meals more I would consider buying them online.  However, it would be important to make sure you do not miss the post as they are chilled products.  I have seen this range in Sainsburys which is where I shop.  I don't tend to buy ready prepared baby food apart from pasta sauce for emergencies so that I have something in the cupboard in case I haven't had time to make my own.  I do not like buying ready prepared food because the children do not often like them and it is expensive compared to home made food.  I felt these were good size portions and easy to cook but expensive especially when you have more than one child to feed.  Recipe suggestion would be to introduce a cheese pasta carbonara and a mild chilli con carne with wholemeal rice.  I would consider buying this product as a treat for Gemma and Kyle but not as a regular purchase.  I would certainly recommend as great alternative when you have not had time to make your own and nice tasty food.  A tasty, healthy and easy to cook ready meal for kids.  Amanda Raybould - Gemma and Kyle Aged 3 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Farrugia - Luca Aged 2 Years 6 Months

Sarah Awarded The Annabel Karmel Eat Fussy Food Range 4/5

First impression very bright and appealing.  I must admit I was not familiar with this brand so was looking forward to trying the food.  A ready made food for Luca which is extremely easy to prepare and the ingredients are nutritious and natural.  Luca took a while getting used to these ready meals, but after a while he seemed to enjoy eating them.  Gave it a try myself and was not bad at all.  Luca's favourite was the Cottage Pie.  Good to know you can also purchase on line as easy way and delivered to your door.  Would love to see this range in all supermarkets.  Normally I prepare home made food for Lucas as my son is a fussy eater.  It is quite expensive, but when you do not have time to prepare your own this is a good healthy alternative.  Will certainly recommend to friends and family.  It was great to try a new food range and my son enjoyed the meals he tried.  Sarah Farrugia - Luca aged 2 Years 6 Months

Product Tested By Sam Stokes - Charlotte Aged 3 Years

Sam Awarded The Annabel Karmel Eat Fussy Food Range 4/5

Good quality food, nice size portions although quite expensive.  The packaging is the same as adult microwave dinners, which put me off slightly at the beginning, but it was easy to use and open.  Although I have heard of Annable Karmel, I did not know that she had a package food range.  Very easy to prepare just a couple of minutes in the microwave and you are ready to go.  I read the ingredients straight away, and it all seemed very good.  Charlotte really enjoyed these meals.  One of the dishes did have quite large chunks of chicken which I know she would not have been able to chew at the age of 12 Months, but fab for a 3 year old.  Both my partner and myself had a taste - very nice!!!  Charlotte enjoyed all of the meals she tried, and no real favourite.  This product is marketed at 12 months plus, I don't think Charlotte would have been able to eat the whole dinner or chew all the lumps at 12 months of age.  Also I would have been reluctant to spend that amount of money on a baby meal.  It might be worth producing half the amount and slightly more pureed food for 1 year olds.  I know this is available to order online, but would be a little worried just in case I missed the delivery and it went off!!!  Would love to see this product in supermarkets/holiday parks.  It is always nice to have a few 'quick' meals at home for Charlotte if we are running late and do not have time to prepare a meal.  Expensive but would purchase when I knew there would be a chance that we would get home late and would not have time to cook.  Also good to take away on UK holidays, as most restaurant food for kids is deep friend.  Well balanced dinners that did not leave me feeling guilty for not cooking a proper meal for Charlotte.  Sam Stokes - Charlotte Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Toni Adams - Brody and Phoebe Aged 4 & 2 Years

Toni Awarded The Annabel Karmel East Fussy Food Range 4/5

Fun and informative packaging.  Looks like it will be better than the supermarket's own brand 'kids' ranges and has the added bonus of being Annabel Karmel.  I followed her meal plans when weaning both of my children and have read several of her books.  Was familiar with this brand.  Easy to prepare, but the film seals on the food containers are a bit of a pain to get off withouth the food spilling out.  Brody & Phoebe really loved the Fish Pie, Cottage Pie and Pasta, but neither of them liked the Chicken Pie.  I was surprised when I tasted these meals as they tasted like 'proper' food even though it is for children.  So many of the children's meals taste awful but these taste great.  Overall favourite was the Fish Pie.  Really like the fact now available to purchse online as you can order all the varieties and the Fish Pie is not currently stocked in our local supermarket (we shop in Sainsburys).  Sometimes I buy a few pre-packed meals for the children for the occassions where we have been out for the day and get back late so need something to feed the children quickly.  I am very fussy about which meals I will buy though and tend to stick to brands such as Annabel Karmel.  Product is expensive, but that is propably because they contain good ingredients.  Some recipe suggestions - Sausage and Mash, more pasta dishes.  Great product, fantastic taste and endorsed by a respectable baby 'Professional'.  Toni Adams - Brody & Phoebe Aged 4 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Michelle Cole - Benjamin & Eloise - Gage 3 Years 6 Months and 2 Years.

Michelle Awarded The Annabel Karmel Eat Fussy Food Range Top Marks 5/5

Looks good, would pick up and have a read!  packaging good and due to Annable Karmel on the packs drawn to it!  Familiar with Annabel Karmel products as just love the cook books!  So easy to prepare even my husband coped.  Ingredients all made from scratch and no horrid things to worry about as natural.  Benjamin & Eloise tried all the dishes and enjoyed, only one they were not so keen on the rice dish.  Gave it a taste myself and very nice.  Favourite meal was the Shepherds Pie.  Would like to see this available in Waitrose.  Normally I cook my own meals for my children and prepare them the night before.  I would only use these meals once a week - maybe as a time saver and there was plenty for both when served with fresh veg and potato.  Already trust the brand and these products do not let the brand down!  Great - will save me a little time!  Michelle Cole - Benjamin & Eloise Aged 3 Years 6 Months and 2 Years.

Product Tested By Juliette Hansford - Isabel Aged 2 Years 6 months

Juliette Awarded The Annabel Karmel Eat Fussy Food Range 4/5

Good variety of meals.  Looked appealing.  Isabel enjoyed choosing the meal she wanted each day by looking at the pictures on the front of the pack.  Was not aware of this brand previously.  Very easy to prepare with clear instructions on the pack.  Isabel finished each of the meals apart from the chicken and rice meal.  She does enjoy rice normally!  Her favourites were Fish Pie and Chicken Pie.  I also noticed this is available to purchase online, good idea depending on whether they charge for postage and how much.  Product should really be available in all regular supermarkets.  I occasionally buy ready prepared meals for Isabel.  Usually if we are going to have a very busy day and would not have long to prepare a meal.  These meals are good but I do think £2.29 for a children's meal is very expensive.  The portions are okay for Isabel's age however as she gets older she will need a bigger meal.  Recipe suggestions - full range of adult meals especially for children - Indian and Chinese meals would be good.  I would buy this occasionally but £2.29 per meal for Isabel is expensive.  We are on a tight budget.  Would probably stock a few if they were cheaper.  A good variety of tasty meals with the right quantity and ingredients for my little girl.  Juliette Hansford - Isabel Aged 2 Years 6 Months


Kirstein Awarded The Annable Karmel Eat Fussy Food Range 4/5

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