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Car Shades

1 - Car Seats Car Shades are tailored fit vehicle sunblinds designed specifically to fit quickly and easily to your BMW 3 Series E92 05-12..Our shades give 100% window coverage of rear side windows, load area windows (where applicable) and tailgate windows adding both privacy and style to your car as well as protection from bright sunlight and UV rays.Car Shades can be installed within your BMW in a just a few minutes and can be removed just as easily giving you the flexibility that you just don't get with tinted windows. Each set of Car Shades is supplied with an installation instruction, fixing clips and a handy storage bag.As well as acting as a sunshade to make for a more pleasant and comfortable journey for children, pets and other rear seat passengers the tailored nature of the shades makes them a fantastic styling accessory, too. Not only that, but the tinted appearance of Car Shades also increases the security of your vehicle hiding any items you may have left on the rear seats be it any items you are transporting to your place of work such as a laptop or whether is your new purchase from the supermarket!The rear windows on your BMW can still be opened whilst the shades are installed allowing you to get extra ventilation into your vehicle whilst still keeping sunlight out of the eyes of rear seat passengers. With the windows up however, the cabin temperature remains lower than with an unshaded car, allowing the vehicle's cabin ventilation or air-con system to work at a lower rate, saving you fuel and lowering your emissions.Car Shades are proudly manufactured in the UK and are approved by a number of leading vehicle manufacturers.A must have car accessory for you and your family. The best thing about them is that they cover the windows edge to edge and there are no random rays of light shining through to catch her eyes. We used the blinds on a long journey and they kept the back of the car cool and calm which helped immensely with the journey. Thank you – we love them! 

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Lindam White Hot® Safety SunBlock Shade

1 - Car Seats

Vinyl shade helps block the suns glare whilst protecting from UV rays. Patented White Hot® heat alert system indicates when the temperature is too hot. Easy to use 2 step release button – just push and release to adjust. Suction cups attach to car window and cannot be removed from the shade, reducing a potential choking hazard.

 The quality of this product is great and I felt that the price was very good for two shades    

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SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats

1 - Car Seats

This exciting new model does everything that SnoozeShade Original does – but just for Group 0 and Group 0+ infant car seats. SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats is for you, if you are:frustrated when baby can’t switch off in the car or out in your travel systemanxious about maintaining your child’s sleep schedule when you are away from homekeen to encourage good sleeping habits and better napping when baby is outannoyed when the sun or other distractions such as street lights stop baby from sleepingIt’s the simpler, safer, lightweight and secure alternative to draping coats or blankets – and it’s great for holidays, in restaurants or anytime you have to go out during baby’s naptime.SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats:is made from a double layer of soft dark breathable fabric and provides a shady and well-ventilated sleep environmenthas elasticated top and sides with easy-to-attach Velcro straps which ensure SnoozeShade fits easily to most popular Group 0 and 0+ infant car seats with rigid handlesallows you to easily carry the car seat on the crook of your armenables you to check quietly and easily on baby with SnoozeShade’s 'sneak-a-peek' front accessis compact enough to keep with you at all times; it folds into a small drawstring bag to pop into your change bag, handbag, hang off travel system’s handles or store in your travel system’s basketprotects babies from the sun with the highest sun protection – UPF50+tested to all current British, European and US safety standardscan be used to create a UPF50+ hood on the back of the car seat when not in sleep mode
Visit the SnoozeShade YouTube Channel for a short demonstrations on how to use SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats.

Really pleased with it. It's lightweight, easy to fit and really does its job well. A great product.

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Sunshine Kids Seat Shade

1 - Car Seats

Pop-open design blocks the sun from above and behind. Universal design to fit car seats and pushchairs, both with and without hoods. Attaches in seconds with 2 super strong clips. Flips back out of the way when not in use and folds for storage.

Potentially good product at good RRP - any sun protection product for a child has to be a positive.

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Vehicle Socks Window Shades

1 - Car Seats

Vehicle Socks is a solution to the problem of providing shade, safety and comfort to rear seat passengers in all makes and models of vehicles. Vehicle Socks are made to fit over the rear door frame of your vehicle. This approach ensures the whole window is protected and also enables the window to be opened for fresh air ventilation without affecting the comfort required. Furthermore the refined fabric mesh of Vehicle Socks acts as a insect screen to help prevent flying bugs entering your car when the window is down.  Vehicle Socks provides UV protection to rear seat passengers and as we all know the sun's harsh UV rays are one of the main causes of cancer in this day in age. Vehicle Socks fitment is that of ease and can be fitted in no time at all (2min). Vehicle Socks  can be removed at any time and refitted thus making it convenient in any driving situation. Vehicle Socks can not be removed once the door is shut. Vehicle Socks were designed with your child and even your pet's protection and comfort. Our service and quality is that of the highest grade thus allowing us to offer only the best to our valuable customers.

I have no complaints or issues with the Vehicle Socks UV Sun shade at all. Wish I had purchased one of these long ago!!

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