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MYdrap Cotton Lunch Napkins on a roll

1 - Table Accessories How many times do you wish you had something better than paper, but not as expensive as your fine linen napkins?
Well now there is. MYdrap cotton napkins come on a tearable roll, easily transportable and handily disposable. A much classier alternative to the humble kitchen roll! If you are thinking of hosting a dinner party, barbecue, picnic, or cocktail party – or if friends turn up unexpectedly – MYdrap napkins will elegantly and quickly transform your place settings. Of course MYdrap’s smart napkins are just as handy when entertaining youngsters – catching juice spillages and cake crumbs at even the most chaotic children’s parties. Just pop them in the washing machine when you’re done and they’ll soon be as good as new for next time. There is a range of bright and fun colours to choose from. Just visit our stockists page to order your napkins.
I would purchase for parties or special lunches such as Christmas Day. I have already recommended. Overall good quality product, colour didn’t fade too much and perfect for picnics especially with the little ones!

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