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1 - Electricals BassBoomz bluetooth speakers have been designed with maximum compatibility. They can be used with all Bluetooth® enabled devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets as well as non-Bluetooth® devices like MP3 players via AUX input (cable included). The wide level of compatibility makes BassBoomz bluetooth speakers attractive to all customers. Once connected, BassBoomz provide listeners with an explosive sound experience. I have recommended this to everyone and showed everyone too. I absolutely love this little speaker. I have demonstrated it to everyone that has come to my home and they all think it’s a great product too. 

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On-Music BRIO Speaker

1 - Electricals On-Music Brio Loudspeaker - Mini Portable Music Speaker Portable Deluxe Bluetooth Version
Model Number :  DS08 - Bluetooth Connection with your Music DevicesMusic In  - from Music Devices e.g. iPhone, iPad, iPod, Smart Phones, MP3 Players etc. with 3.5mm Audio Plug Input 40 mm Speaker
Speaker Skin : Union Jack (Hand Painting)Other Speaker Skin & Colour available
I have to admit I was worried about the whole idea of connecting it up via Bluetooth as sometimes it can be a nightmare, I turned the speaker switch to the Bluetooth setting then searched for the device on my phone and hey presto it connected straight away I had the control of the music like skipping songs etc. using just the speaker. This will make a great companion when we go away camping soon. 

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On-Music PRESTO Speaker

1 - Electricals On-Music Mini Portable Music Speaker - Sport Deluxe Version Speaker 
Presto Model Number :  DS02MP3 - Player Function - FM Music RadioMusic In  - from Music Devices
 e.g. iPhone, iPad, iPod & Smart Phones etc. with 3.5mm Audio Plug Input 40 mm SpeakerSpeaker Skin / Colour  Orange & Sliver. Good for jogging, cycling & hiking etc.
We just loved this and have taken to the beach, park and used in the car and the garden. Great speaker.

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