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3M Nexcare™ Maternity / Pregnancy Support

1 - Pregnancy

3M Nexcare Materninty/Pregnancy Support Available in Size 10 - 18. Ease the strain of pregnancy; be pregnant and comfortable too. tex free, whisper-soft elastic provides gentle, yet firm support. fts the abdomen to achieve relief from sagging weight and leg pain. Expands to accommodate baby's growth. Helps relieve discomfort in your back, abdomen and legs. Suits pre-pregnancy dress size 10-18. Nexcare™ Products from 3M - the makers of 3M Steri-Strip™ First Aid Skin Closures, Micropore™ First Aid Tape, Littmann™ Stethoscopes and many other leading healthcare brands.   If you have any concerns regarding the use or suitability of this product, please consult your doctor.

This was easily worn and very discreet under clothing.  It was more beneficial for my back.

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1 - Pregnancy

Bumpband lifts and supports your growing bump due to its unique upward stretch in the fabric. Bumpband disguises unbuttoned trousers and holds them up.
Bumpband allows you to continue to wear your own clothes rather than having to spend lots of money on maternity wear as it just looks like a t shirt or vest underneath any top. Bumpband grows with you - no need to buy a bigger size. Bumpband gives you discretion whilst breastfeeding.  Bumpband gives lift and support to plus sizes 20/22.

You simply cannot go without this product, it’s a necessity whilst pregnant, and it gives you total confidence and comfort.

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Cantaloop Support Belt

1 - Pregnancy
Support and warmth for your belly and backThe support is integrated into the productExpands as the belly growsOptimum comfort

Available in White, tan or BlackSizes: Sizes available: 1/S, 2/M, 3/L, 4/XL
Winner of the Bizziebaby Silver Award 2009 & Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2012/13

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product. It offers excellent value for money. I am very happy with this product; it's comfortable, supportive and as a bonus gives your bump a good shape.              

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Clippasafe Advanced Bump Belt

1 - Pregnancy If a pregnant mother is involved in a car crash, there's a 40 to 50 per cent chance of having a miscarriage if she suffers from serious injuries. Even if the crash or injuries are minor, there's still up to a five per cent risk, (according to which is why we have developed the innovative Bump Belt to help protect unborn babies and mothers-to-be whilst travelling by car.Mum-to-be sits on the Bump Belt's seat pad and fastens the vehicle seatbelt as normal, ensuring that the lap portion is positioned below her pregnancy bump. The Bump Belt's two elasticated flaps are then simply secured over the lap portion of the seatbelt. This secures the lap belt underneath the pregnancy bump, and ensures that it doesn't ride up over the abdomen. If a minor accident occurs or the driver has to suddenly brake, you can be assured that the lap belt is in the right position to transfer the pressure through the hips and pelvis, which are better able to absorb any impact than the abdomen and womb. Designed for mothers-to-be from two months pregnant, right up to birth. 

There is no way that this can be improved in any way either. I would consider buying this now and recommend it to others if they drive a lot and find that their seatbelt is uncomfortable for them whilst pregnant.

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The PiXie Deluxe Pregnancy Seat Belt Harness

1 - Pregnancy
piXie™ Car Seatbelt Harnesses are suitable for fitting to existing car seat belt mechanism. Each piXie™ Pregnancy Seatbelt Harness comes complete with a handy rope-top carry bag, step-by-step user instructions and "Baby on Board” sticker. 
All piXie™ Car Harnesses are fitted with the patented Willans multi-point, single finger release buckle to comply with European EC R16 regulations and UK Construction & Use Regulations.De-luxe piXie™ Pregnancy Seatbelt Harnesses (shown opposite); are constructed from EC compliant Polyester webbing, utilising high specification components, which are also used in high speed motor sports!Elite piXie™ Pregnancy Seatbelt Harnesses are built to the same exacting standards as the De-luxe model, but also feature additional padded linings on the shoulder & chest straps, for that luxury feel!piXie™ Medical Harness: COMING SOON!
Designed to offer patients with Stoma and other abdominal patients, the fullest protection, without irritation or embarrassment.piXie™ Children’s Harness: COMING SOON!
Designed to keep children restrained, even if they fall asleep!Sizing:
The piXie™ Pregnancy Seatbelt Harness has been designed to fit a wide range of persons of different shapes and sizes. Typically, it will fit wearers with a chest size, (measured under the bust), of 32” to 50”, (82cm to 127cm), or UK ladies sizes, 8 to 26. 

I love the idea of how safe and comfortable I felt using this product. If I was driving or a passenger in my car I felt very secure. The belt was easy to put-on when it was set up. I felt more secure wearing it and it did not impact on my bump.

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The Pretty Company Belly Band

1 - Pregnancy

Award Winning BabyBeMine Maternity Belly Bands from the USA, available exculsively in the UK from The Pretty Company These are superb quality 95% cotton, 5% elasthane, great length, thickness and in 4 sizes for a great fit, fantastic range of colours, keep their shape. You just know you'll wear your belly band non-stop through pregnancy and afterwards for breastfeeding, Thats why we make these built to last. BabyBeMine Belly Bands hold their shape, extend your wardrobe, since you can have your trousers unbuttoned under one of these. Cotton next to your expanding skin wont irritate. The cream of the belly band crop!

Fantastic product that was not only comfortable to wear but multi purpose enough to see me through my pregnancy and beyond.

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