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The Ultimate Digital TENS using the latest Opti-Max technology. This easy-to-use, TENS offers maximum pain relief during labour and beyond. All the settings are pre-set so there is no fuss in setting up. The Elle TENS features dual intensity controls for total flexibility, a 'booster button' for a surge of pain combating power at the onset of a contraction, plus Opti-Max technology gives an extra reserve of power when you really need it.

Using the Elle tens was a help during labour

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Elle TENS+

1 - Pregnancy

An Introduction to the Elle TENS+The NEW 3-in-1 Elle TENS+ with contraction timer is undoubtedly the ultimate obstetric TENS machine. Built with the same cutting-edge technology as the original award winning Elle TENS, the Elle TENS+ boasts 3 fully functional units in one - for all your labour and post labour needs.

Features and Benefits3 units in 1 : treats birth pain,general pain and pelvic floor toningBuilt-in contraction timer. Pre set modes for ease of use. Integrated boost button. Optimax technology for extra power. Uses 4 large pads. Easy to read user display. Neck cord for mobility

What's Included - Pack of 4 electrode pads. Instructions 2 leadwires plus 1 spare2 x AA batteries plus 2 spareVaginal probe Neck cord Soft carrying pouch Women's Guide to Drug Free Pain ReliefPad placement chart

The quality of this machine is excellent. It is slightly more expensive than some of the other Tens on the market, but I think with the added useful features, this is well worth it. I would buy this one and recommend it to friends. This is definitely a must have product. A fantastic must have purchase for any women in labour! 

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1 - Pregnancy The Obi TENS Plus is the best of both worlds. ‘Super simple’ meets ‘Fully functional’. This dual channel maternity TENS machine is also a contraction timer, recording your last 5 in-between contraction times. The Obi TENS Plus can also be used for post labour pain, such as shoulder, back, period pain and much more. Features and Benefits
FREE UK DeliveryContraction TimerPre-set Modes For Easy UseBoost Button For Contractions Recommended By MidwivesWhat's Included
4 Large Maternity Electrode Pads1 Leadwire Plus 1 Spare2 AAA batteries Plus 2 SpareNeck Cord And Carrying PouchInstructions
I wish I had one before for my previous 4 births, it made the labour more bearable and the after pains, which in my opinion was a lot worse than the labour. The added boost button is amazing. This definitely contributed to an all natural birth and although the pads were a bit of a pain due to it being a very hot night and me being covered in sweat I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone due to give birth.                                                                                           

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Perfect MamaTENS

1 - Pregnancy

Perfect mamaTENS uses the latest technology in TENS to offer drug-free, more natural pain relief during labour. Perfect mamaTENS maternity TENS is designed to be portable and simple to use, and provide an alternative to more intrusive methods of pain relief during childbirth.Please note: Rental options not available for this product.

Perfect mamaTENS uses TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) to relieve pain by a) helping the body to release natural painkillers (called endorphins) and b) by blocking pain signals to the brain.Maternity TENS machines have an excellent reputation as one of the safest, most effective forms of modern pain control available to women during childbirth. Midwives recommend Perfect Mama TENS as the machines are safe to use and enable mothers to remain mobile and upright during labour; aiding the descent and dilatation to provide a more natural, drug-free form of pain relief.Key features of perfect mama TENS include: Simple and easy-to-use controls, allowing the Mother to remain in control of her own pain relief Large electrode pads for maximum nerve coverage 3 preset programs specifically designed to help counter labour pain at every stage Integral boost button to provide additional pain relief during contractions 60 steps of intensity for gentle increases in stimulation Safety feature which returns intensity to '0' if there is a break in the circuit connection Active Power Ramp Drug-free and safe to use for both Mother and baby Back lit Screen 

I would recommend the MamaTENS to any expectant mother, and TENS products in general to anyone who experiences pain. Effective product, high quality. I enjoyed using and testing this product, it was really helpful during my labour and effectively relieved pain. I would recommend this product to others and will use in the future if I have more children. Thank you for the opportunity to test such a high quality brand and product!

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