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Acupressure for Natural Pain Relief in Labour DVD

1 - Pregnancy

Debra Betts & Tom Kennedy

Debra Betts has taught acupressure to promote a better birth experience to midwives, practitioners and pregnant women for many years. Now - at last - this professionally produced DVD offers a detailed explanation, fully demonstrated, of the techniques involved. Ideal for practitioners of acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu and massage, doulas, birth helpers and pregnant women, the DVD includes testimonials from women and their partners who have used the techniques during labour and a 16-page printed booklet that sits in the DVD pack with illustrated reminders of the points and their application.

Please note that the contents of this DVD and a printable booklet may also be purchased from the JCM Digital download shop
A good quality DVD, informative, helpful and teaches you something new. 

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baby2body DVD

1 - Pregnancy

The only fitness DVD with 2 separate workouts, 1 for your pregnancy and another for getting your
body back!
The baby2body workout DVD has 2 workouts -
A 45 minute workout for during pregnancy and
A 45 minute workout for getting your body back post pregnancy!
Each workout is divided into 7 sections which allows you to do as much or as little as you want
Easy to navigate and simple to do
All you need is a mat and weights (or 2 large bottles of water)
The workout will take you through your entire pregnancy with variations for exercises in all 3 trimesters
It is effective and fun, and great when you can't make it to a class or stroller club
American edition now available!
Also available in Dutch

I really enjoyed the baby2body DVD.  It made me feel that I was not becoming a fat frumpy mum whilst being pregnant!!!  Looking forward to continuing to use this now baby has been born.

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Nadia Narain’s ‘Pregnancy Yoga’ DVD

1 - Pregnancy Nadia Narian is the UK’s foremost expert on yoga in pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery. She developed the pregnancy teacher-training programme at Triyoga and works as a certified pregnancy yoga teacher and assistant midwife.  Nadia has created this DVD, Pregnancy Yoga, based on her unique teachings to help women have a joyful and safe pregnancy.  I felt relaxed and at one with my baby by the end of the DVD. 

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Natal Hypnotherapy - Pregnancy Relaxation CD

1 - Pregnancy

The Natal Hypnotherapy Pregnancy Relaxation CD provides mums with a gentle way to develop their own relaxation skills to learn effective breathing techniques and to become more focussed on having a positive healthy pregnancy. This Pregnancy Relaxation CD is also part of the Natal Hypnotherapy Programme which won the "Pregnancy Product of the Year" and also voted for Practical Parenting's editor's award. Benefits of listening to the Pregnancy Relaxation CD· Maintain a feeling of calm and relaxation · Increase your energy and feelings of well being · Improved sleep · Maintain a healthy blood pressure · Reduce, even eliminate aches and pains · Increase communication with your baby · Learn techniques that will help with giving birth· Deal effectively with stressful situationsThe Natal Hypnotherapy CD comes in an attractive box making it an ideal, thoughtful gift. Click here for or a sample of the CD. Please note this file is .mp3 and over 2MB so it may take some time to load on a dial-up connection.

I was very pleased with the product and bought other products from the same company for the birth of my child.

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