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Angelsounds Fetal Heart Doppler

1 - Pregnancy

Angelsounds Fetal Heart Doppler / Detector

 - Listen to your unborn baby's heartbeat from the comfort of your own home
 - Can be used from 12 weeks into the pregnancy
 - Record the unborn baby's heartbeat using recording cable
 - Record the Mothers heartbeat and play it back to help comfort the new born baby
 - Conforms to EC Directive 93/42/EEC(MDD) concerning medical devices 

Available to purchase online

Overall a good product which I was happy to have and use and would recommend to anyone looking for a similar product.

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Graco Prenatal Heart Listener

1 - Pregnancy

Our Prenatal Listener® amplifies the natural sounds of your baby so you can hear kicks, hiccups, and the precious sounds of your baby's heartbeat. You should be able to begin hearing your baby's sounds early in your third trimester. And because our Prenatal Heart Listener® comes with two headsets, a family member or friend can listen along with you.

Lovely product, simple to use, nice and compact so doesn't take up too much room to store and is great that it has two headsets so you can both hear the heartbeat together.


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