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FitBumpBall Birthing Ball Kit

1 - Pregnancy Our complete birthing ball kit...
Giving you all you need to use your birthing FitBumpBall safely and effectively throughout pregnancy & labour. What's included...Your high quality 65cm birthing FitBumpBallALL FOR
£35Your beautifully printed 30 page Little Book of Birthing FitBumpBall Exercises written by FitBumpFounder and pregnancy fitness expert, Dr Joanna Helcke Your unique access code giving you SIX MONTHS of online week by week pregnancy & new mum Pilates video workouts (any time from week 14 of pregnancy 'til week 26 of the postnatal period).

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2016 Pregnancy Fitness Category 
 am so glad I was given the opportunity to test this product because I have read a lot about this product on forums but didn’t know much about it and if it wasn’t for this chance I wouldn’t have bought it because it was so unknown! My overall opinion is every woman should have this even if you do a little each day (don’t overdo it) you will feel different within yourself and it’s not a chore so happy times. 

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Joanna Helcke Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness membership

1 - Pregnancy
Joanna Helcké is an award winning pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert, juggling career alongside looking after her three lively boys. In 2009 she founded Zest4lifeUK, her highly successful Leicestershire based pregnancy and postnatal exercise service and has, since then, looked after the fitness of hundreds of women, leaving them fitter and healthier than they have ever been before. She has worked with an entire spectrum of women, from fitness novices to professional athletes.  Joanna is a regular contributor to the national media, providing expert pregnancy and postnatal fitness comment for magazines such as Pregnancy and Birth, Mother and Baby, and Practical Parenting. She is also a writer and gives regular talks on adapting exercise for the pre and postnatal periods. Her love of writing and public speaking date back to her pre-motherhood career as a university lecturer, as does her academic title of Dr.To avoid any possibility of confusion Joanna is an academic doctor, with a PhD, rather than a medical doctor or practitioner.
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 I really enjoyed the workouts and they left me feeling very relaxed. A great product if you are busy as it allows you to fit a bit of ‘me time’ into the day!     

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