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Morrck Baby Hoodie All Season

1 - Prams / Strollers

Made from one layer of anti-pil poly spun lambskin breathable fleece and one layer of 100% cotton jersey, the All Season Baby Hoodie travel blanket is universally useful for car seat and push chair/pram travel across all our seasons of unpredictable weather. The All Season is available in size 1 (0 - 6 months), size 2 (5 - 18 months), with a few colourways also available in size 3 (18 months - 4 years).

Easy to use and very warm and snuggly, ideal for the cooler months and holidays.

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Angel Cashmere Reversible Wool Baby Blanket

1 - Prams / Strollers
This is proving to be one of the favourites from the new collection.  This stunning blanket is available in gorgeous dark grey/white or the perfect shade of heather pink/white.  The reversible blanket is two cosy blankets stitched together, one side being white and coloured stars and the other side has a coloured background with the white stars.  It not only provides warmth and comfort to your baby, but also looks fabulous & funky!  Use whichever side suits your mood or your decor.  Baby is cozy and blanket is chic! Cashmere 70% / Wool 30%105cm x 75cm

Fantastic, versatile blanket which will be used time and time again and will clearly last!  

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Atlantic Baby Blankets

1 - Prams / Strollers

Cream Aron Baby Blanket -Rejoice, traditionalists - an Aran baby blanket that doesn't scratch! Made in the proper fashion on the fabulious West coast of Ireland, in glorious Aran knit but from soft, soft merino, this is a gorgeous heirloom blanket that everyone will envy. Thick, soft, drapey and beautiful in cream, chilli red and soft squashed raspberry - what more could you ask for?- Price £45

Pink White Ginham or Blue White Gingham Blanket - A scrumptious gingham blanket in our softest lambswool. Quite the perfect gift and totally snugglesome. Price £25.00

Available to purchase online

We will continue to use this blanket as such good quality.

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Avant Baby Buggy Organiser

1 - Prams / Strollers
Do you need a place to keep all your essentials organised and in easy reach when you’re out with your pram / pushchair?The Buggy Organiser was designed with you in mind!With adjustable Velcro straps to easily attach it to any handlebars, a zipped pocket for valuables, two insulated cup holders and a large centre, it’s the perfect way to carry drinks, snacks and other essentials.It can even be used as a convenient organiser on the back of car seats and is fully washable.
Dimensions : 30x12.5x11cm. Made with Nylon & Polyester, filled with foam.

Even with my old pushchair, the pocket behind the hood would get full of all sorts and this product keeps it all neat and tidy for the items I need close to hand. It fits easily and nicely to both pushchairs (one is a bar handle the other 2 separate ones) and the quality is good and easy to clean.

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B Kids Bug Buddies Stroller Link Mobile

1 - Prams / Strollers This portable mini mobile is perfect for in-home use or even for outside the house! A special link design enables easy attachment to strollers or other objects. The colorful, friendly butterfly makes a fun chime sound as it flutters and twirls around.
Universal clip, brightly coloured butterfly dangly bugs ideal for pram or car seat attached mini mobile.
I’ve used the product on my daughter’s car seat and also clipped it on to her play gym and chair to add an extra toy to play with; it is very versatile so well worth the money! 

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Baby Elegance Memory Foam buggy liner

1 - Prams / Strollers
NEW Universal Memory Foam buggy LinerThese funky colour liners are perfect for dressing up and protecting your buggy. They are made using memory foam to maximize comfort for your baby. The liner also includes a removable wedge to create a more level surface when your baby is still quite small. Compatible with most buggies!
Available in a selection of colours.

 The baby elegance pushchair liner is that perfect and well-made I will never choose or need to purchase another pushchair liner!

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Baby Organiser™

1 - Prams / Strollers

Organise toys and essentials with this stylish 3-in-1 Baby Organiser™ for parents-on-the-go. Easy to carry as a bag using its shoulder strap, it also conveniently attaches to a pushchair and to the back of a car seat. Whatever you need quick access to, the Baby Organiser™ makes it simple. It features a stylish black fabric design and contains four various sized pockets including an insulated bottle holder. Unzips on both sides to hang flat from the car seat headrest.

Kid's things are easily misplaced and this product helps add a little order to your chaotic life. 

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Baby Peace Pram Curtain

1 - Prams / Strollers

Baby Peace - 100% Organic Soft Jersey Cotton - 99.5% UVA & 99.7% UVB Sun Protection - Wide range of colours to suit your style - exciting swedish designed prints or plain available - Simple plastic ring attachement - Side tie strings for windy days - Tested to current British & Europena standards - Machine Washable.  Use all year round to protect and settle your baby.  Multi-purpose - easily attach it to prams/pushchairs rear facing car seats, carriers & moses baskets.  Peace of mind sun protection whilst travelling.  Easy access to your baby by flipping the curtain over or drawing it to one side.  Use it as a fully drawn curtain when your baby is sleeping or as a partly open sun-screen when awake.

This product has made me a very happy mummy as it has cured my frustration with the numerous parasols I've wasted my money on in the past.

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Babychic 100% Cotton Buggy Liner

1 - Prams / Strollers
100% Cotton, 100% Comfortable, 100% Easy - Babychic Breathable Buggy Liner has come to the rescue of mothers after a cool, comfortable, chic pram liner for baby.Current buggy liners on the market claim to be 100% cotton however are filled with up to polyester filling, this traps the heat and can make baby hot, sweaty and irritable.

I would definitely recommend it. It is a fantastic idea to help cover your buggy from spills and marks, and very easy to fit.

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Babychic Buggy Toy Straps

1 - Prams / Strollers
Keeping toys and dummies secure. Babychic Pram Toy Straps are your new best friendThe Babychic Pram Toy Straps secure all your child’s favourite items to the pram. With 2 adjustable ends and an elastic centre the Babychic Toy Straps keep everything tidy and together.

I would buy this again and recommend it to others. It is a nice product and useful.

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Belt Up Kidz

1 - Prams / Strollers
Belt Up Kidz Child Seat Buckle
Secure, Affordable & Fun
Belt Up Kidz is a retrofit buckle that helps to ensure that the arms of your children stay safely inside the shoulder straps of their Buggies, Highchairs and Trikes etc. 

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2013/14 and Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2014/15

Zachary is at an age where he has often tried to undo his belt so this would be something I would consider buying. I would also recommend for the same reason. I liked the product it was clear and simple to use and attractive.

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Bonnie Baby Cashmere Layette striped baby blanket

1 - Prams / Strollers

Bonnie Baby Cashmere Layette striped baby blanket with cute bows on each corner to keep baby amused, Size 86cm x 70cm. 55% cashmere 45% cotton, fully machine washable at 30 degrees. Suitable Newborn Plus and available in Rose, Duckegg or Unisex Grey.

Beautifully packaged luxurious blanket that i love to wrap my baby in. 

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BTR Pram Buggy Organiser

BTR Pram Buggy Organiser

1 - Prams / Strollers BTR Pram Buggy Organiser Bag Plus Pram Hooks, Clips & Detachable Shoulder Strap. Also Comes With Waterproof Cover and Exclusive Mobile Phone Pocket 
Keep your PRAM ORGANISED and your VALUABLES and PHONE at your fingertips with this BTR buggy organiser with 2 additional FREE pram clips. BTR unique and exclusive pram organiser bag which comes with a waterproof cover, detachable shoulder strap, extra large mobile phone pocket as well as 2 x pram hooks all as standardUniversal fitting so will fit on all styles of pram and all major brands

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners Pram/Stroller Accessories Category 
It was easy to attach to the pram and loved that it came with a shopping bag clip. I also liked the see though pouch at the top. I use this for my shopping list!! The basket was big enough to fit everything I wanted but wasn’t getting in the way of anything. Overall very pleased with the product.

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Bubble Cashmere Blanket

1 - Prams / Strollers

Whether buying for your own little angel, or buying as a gift, a luxury baby blanket really is a must have item for a newborn.  A favourite baby blanket can be a treasured gift for a baby that truly lasts a lifetime.   Chic and contemporary, Angel Cashmere baby blankets are made from the softest, most luxurious 100% pure cashmere or 100% pure lamere.  Cashmere is exceptionally soft for delicate baby skin, breathable, lightweight yet warm - ideal for summer or winter. Every single item comes to you beautifully gift wrapped, with gift card if you like - at no extra cost to you. We also have 100% luscious leather Lin&Leo babybags, the cutest leather baby shoes, gorgeous knitted toys and NEW IN SHOP TODAY -  FAIR TRADE/ORGANIC TOYS available to buy now,  We're now based in London and Singapore and can provide fast worldwide delivery!

A beautifully luxurious blanket, perfect as a gift or to use on special occasions.

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Bubby Mitts

1 - Prams / Strollers
  • The perfect solution to not loosing their mittens.
  • Warm, weatherproof, comfortable and durable for your little Bubby
  • Polyester pongee/fleece
  • Machine washable (remove clip first)
  • Universal clip, will attach to any clothing
  • They match yours!
Simple idea but a great product. They kept my child’s hands both warm and dry.

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Buggi Lights

1 - Prams / Strollers
We started the business in January 2013 when Sam was three months old and still a very long way from sleeping through the night. Every afternoon I would take him for a walk - I had read somewhere that fresh air helps babies sleep - but by the time I managed to get out of the house it was usually around 3pm and the light was already fading. There are streetlights here but the buggy is black and I didn't feel safe pushing it out in front of me in the dark.I needed lights. Everything else around me had lights - bikes, cars, mobility scooters. But not my buggy. So the idea for Buggi Lights was born. Tom came up with the idea of using colourful ladybugs with a simple strap around the bar and we went from there.I absolutely love our Buggi Lights and I hope you will too.

Bronze Award Winner 2013 and Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2016 

We used this every few days. Good quality materials.Good price for the product. I liked the concept of being safe with my baby and the cute design. I would purchase if I had a different pushchair. I would definitely recommend. Overall great little product with nice packaging.

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Buggy Boot Plus

1 - Prams / Strollers

Do you struggle with any of the following?

  • Second child not wanting to walk
  • Pushchair tipping over when laden with goods
  • Nowhere on pushchair to put purchases/goods
  • Nowhere to balance a store basket
Then Buggy Boot is the perfect solution for you!
This item was available to purchase online Amazon but presently it is not in stock and no news on company.  item no Longer available
It has been a huge success with us and it has ensured that trips out are a lot easier and enjoyable, highly recommended!

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Buggy Brolly

1 - Prams / Strollers

The Buggy Brolly is a fantastic new design that has revolutionised mummys' world. Created by Catherine Duffy and marketed by Rob McAlister       Ltd, the Buggy Brolly is now available worldwide. There are many, many umbrellas designed to keep your child nice and dry - but only one Buggy Brolly ... designed to keep Mum and Dad dry. Whoever is pushing the pram, stroller or pushchair, laden with bags of shopping - why should you get soaked, simply because you've run out of hands? This wonderful creation attaches to your Buggy, Pushchair, Stroller or Pram and is deployable at the touch of the button, should you need it.

Prior to trying it, I wouldn't have identified it as something that would make my life easier, but having used it, I love it! 

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Buggy Pod

1 - Prams / Strollers

Add the award-winning Buggypod onto your pushchair to give your toddler a space to sit and to call their own.

Buggypod attaches to most pushchairs, transforming them into a two-seater when needed, and folding up neatly when not.

Buggypod moves with you and your toddler to make outings fun, safe and easy.

a really good alternative to a double buggy

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Buggy Tug

1 - Prams / Strollers

BuggyTug is the UK’s first pram wrist strap and is designed to ensure that should you take your hands off the pram that it won’t go rolling away from you. It’s made of neoprene which makes it really comfy and every BuggyTug is safety tested so you can be sure it won’t let you down in your hour of need.

Very useful product that represents great value for money.

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Buggy Tug TugTrio

1 - Prams / Strollers

TugTrio is three handy buggy straps in one pack; the award winning BuggyTug which connects you to the buggy, ToddleTug which provides a handle on the buggy for a walking child to hold on to and TeddyTug which ensures a much loved teddy does not get thrown out of...

I will be recommending it to all family and friends. I wasn't too sure if it would be useful, but it certainly is and I will continue to use it.

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1 - Prams / Strollers
At Buggysnuggle we make snuggly stuff…
The original Buggysnuggle footmuff - keeping kids warm and secure in their pushchairs since 1998. Exclusive fabric designs, universal fit, high quality, great value and unique design!
Buggysnuggle footmuffs/cosytoes have a unique design, enabling use with almost all pushchairs and come in 4 great fabric options: The Simple for colourful value, The Textured range for added chic, The Fur (fabric) for luxurious warmth, and TheExplorer for the ultimate all weather protection.

Winner of the Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2009/10 & Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2010/11 AND Winners of the Bizziebaby Silver Award 2011/12

I would recommend it to others. It is a fantastic product which kept my son warm and cosy and no more dirty blankets from being trailed on the floor!

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1 - Prams / Strollers BundleBean was by designed by a mother of two primarily to combat the amount of expensive kit needed by parents.  BundleBean fits on to all buggies, bike seats, rear facing car seats and front style baby carriers.  It also opens out flat for use as a travel picnic rug or play mat.  It really is a one-stop-shop solution for busy parents on the go! 
BundleBean is so versatile that from tiddler to toddler and winter to summer, it will become the most essential and useful thing you own
I have really enjoyed testing this product and have found it very useful. Easy to use, innovative design that keeps mylittle boy warm and cosy in the winter, but will also be used in the summer when we go for days out and picnics

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Buppy Pad Car & Buggy Seat Protectors

1 - Prams / Strollers

Car and buggy seat protectors "Buppy Pads": Comfortable, absorbent seat-protector pads. A useful, labour and laundry-saving item for when your child is potty training. Buppy pads are made from a layer of waterproof fabric sandwiched between two layers of polyester fleece or with a top layer of cotton fabric. Inside this 'sandwich' on one side is an absorbent soaker pad. Shaped to fit neatly into car seats, high chairs and buggies, with the 'cut out' part at the front to allow the straps to come up between the childs' legs without getting bunched up. They are not intended as a nappy substitute and will need changing once wet, but will protect the seat from little accidents, meaning that you don't have to take apart the whole buggy or car seat to wash the covers. They also help to protect from general 'mess' when your child has snacks or drinks in their car seat or buggy.

Available in an attractive range of colour or patterns to match your car seat or buggy with a solid coloured or patterned fleece top fabric. It is worth having a couple of these so that you have a spare whilst the other is in the wash, so we offer a discount when you buy two or more.

Fully machine washable at 40°C. Hang to dry.

Great item, a real godsend when potty training a toddler.

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Clippasafe Stroller Cup Holder

1 - Prams / Strollers Easily attaches to most strollers. Keeps drinks upright to avoid spills. Internal grippers hold bottles, cans and cups securely. Self levelling cup holder swings freely with gravity to keep drinks upright. Definitely would purchase as it is a small item that provides great assistance. I have recommended this already to a friend. Brilliant little gadget.

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Comfi - Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner

1 - Prams / Strollers Comfi-Cush by CuddleCo, a universal memory foam pushchair liner that adapts to your baby's individual body shape, providing maximum comfort and support to keep your little one calm and cosy for longer. With the correct combination of foam density and firmness levels, the liner helps to maintain good posture for your child and delivers support for the ideal seated position, essential for those precious early years.The universal design is compatible with almost all pushchairs. It is very easy to fit and remove and is also machine washable.This Comfi - Cush stroller liner is a fantastic way to personalise and update your buggy. Would definitely buy this, the boy can’t talk yet but I’m sure he finds it comfy! I’m a member of a small group of women that all had babies around the same time and we regularly share info on things we have with each other. I’ve already told them about this product!!

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Content & Calm ProtectiShade Original

1 - Prams / Strollers
"Like so many mothers, I have struggled to shade my children effectively during car journeys - stuck-on window shades only work if the sun comes from the side and can easily fall off or be pulled off. With sun often streaming through the front windshield, a child can only be properly shaded with front and side shade which can extend to the lap... the patented ProtectiShade® provides the shade your child needs to travel in comfort.”Solvej, inventor of the ProtectiShade and mum of two. 
360 degree, car seat and pushchair sun protection
It is a great product; it's lightweight, practical and worked in protecting my little boy from the sun.           

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Cozie Warmers Pop-on Blanket

1 - Prams / Strollers
Pop-on Blanket for Babies and Toddlers
Quick and Easy Pop-on Blanket with Sleeves for Babies and Toddlers

Our Pop-on Blanket is quick and easy to put on and allows babies and toddlers freedom to stretch their arms and play with their toys whilst sitting in their pushchair or car seat. Firstly, strap your baby in, then simply put his/her arms into the sleeves, fasten the back velcro and tuck the edges around. It can also be used as a cushion by folding it into the foot pocket.
Features:(1) Sleeve ends which turn over to enclose the hands and keep them warm.(2) Large fold over top edge to keep baby's neck warm and snug.(3) Front pocket with loops for dummies or toys.(4) Inside foot pocket to keep baby's feet cosy.(5) Can also be used as a cushion by folding the Pop-on into its foot pocket.

I would most definitely buy one. I would recommend to friend as a great idea! Simple concept and easy to use.

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Cuski Great Swandoodle

1 - Prams / Strollers Introducing The Great Swandoodle – the largest (140 x 140cm) Multi-Use luxury bamboo muslin blanket for Mama & Baby available! This is the Creme De La Creme of all GIANT muslins.*Exciting News: Using the Great Swandoodles & Mini Swandoodles has reduced flair ups with children/babies who have allergies/asthma/eczema. Made from 100% bamboo rayon which is ultra soft and breathable, The Great Swandoodle has a wide range of uses:Baby shawlBaby swaddleBaby essentialA must-have for car, train or air journeys as light coverLight enough to fit in hand luggage for use as a cover while travellingModesty cover while nursingAnd is perfect for daytime snuggle while you’re chilling…!Size: 55 inches x 55 inches ~ 140 cm x 140 cmWash at 30 degrees in the washing machine to become the softest swan on the block!Bamboo rayon has anti-bacterial qualities which makes it perfect for baby and temperature regulating properties, it will keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat! Beneficial to sensitive skin. Made for all year round use.

Bizziebaby GOLD Award winners 2017 
Very good value and I would recommend to others. I would purchase this item. Definitely recommend, especially to put in their hospital bags to have it there to keep you both warm for those first cuddles! I can’t fault this item. I love it, it’s a perfect all round cover, from your first cuddles to keeping you warm while feeding at night.          

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Cuski Mini Swandoodles

1 - Prams / Strollers New Mini Swandoodles - these are a part of the Fizzy & Fabby collection. We have Cuskis and Midi Swandoodles to match!The most beautiful muslins you will ever find!!00% luxuriously silky bamboo muslinsPerfect for: Burping shoulder cover to protect clothingBib for feeding timesShade for little legs in the sun when out in the pramPlace under baby on the changing mat to avoid chillComforter for those babies who don't have a Cuski!Bandana/ headband for baby, mummy and cool dads!Make shift nappy/ diaper IN AN EMERGENCYChanging cover, especially for little boys! Oops!Window shade whilst travellingGeneral wipe it allPlaying Peek-a-boo!Anti-bacterialEasily washed and softens with each washWash at 30 degrees, please iron after wash & dry to retain softnessMade in TurkeySize 60 x 60cm each Pack of 4 My baby loves these. She loves to snuggle into them when she is going to sleep. The colours are not my first choice but they aren’t horrific and would suit a girl or a boy. They are super soft and have been invaluable in a house full of colds on delicate noses. They have led me to looking at other products in the brand which I would not have known about prior to this.

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Cuski Sweet DreameezZ

1 - Prams / Strollers
A Cuski Best Seller! This is the ONLY navy 100% bamboo muslin in the world...And it has a celebrity crush on it!!
Award winning Sweet DreameezZ! Loved by mummies, but loved by cool daddies too!!
Cuski Baby Ltd is delighted to announce another stunning and innovative new product for baby (Multi-use)
Cuski would like you to meet Sweet DreameezZ!!  A large navy square made from 100% luxury bamboo rayon muslin - This is designed as a shawl and also as a sleep shade for your most precious investment; your baby. Wrap around baby to keep warm when cold or cool when too hot, bamboo is temperature regulating.
Or, simply drape it over the pram, buggy or cot to allow your little one to sleep even on the brightest day, or in an environment where there are bright lights that would otherwise stop them sleeping soundly. This beautiful Sweet DreameezZ will help your baby sleep for longer, peacefully.
Drapes easily over all pram and buggy types
Made from natural breathable anti-bacterial bamboo muslin
Perfect light baby shawl
Easy access to your baby in emergencies
Portable so can be stuffed into any bag, or you could even wear it as a shawl or sarong!
Can be used as a modesty cover while nursing
Fully machine washable (at 30°c) we would recommend using a non-bio washing powder.
Do not hand wash
Softens with use.
The perfect multi-tasking item for busy mummies & daddies to use with their babies – unique shawl, bright light shade, swaddle, nursing cover, scarf, light wrap 
The new 'Man Muslin' one daddies are calling 'Cool' to use with their babies !
Supplied in a bamboo pouch.
Size: 120cm x 120cm
Ethically made in Turkey

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2017 

It is multifunctional, fashionable and easy to store and look after. Great product, would recommend this. Works well for its multipurpose and is suitable for men and women alike.

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GemzDesignz Luxury Footmuff

1 - Prams / Strollers

Im Gemz owner of Gemzdesignz® brand of pre-made and bespoke Luxury pram and car seat accessories including Footmuffs, Harness pads, Hoods and Blankets for all the Bugaboo Models Donkey,Cameleon 12 & 3 ,Bee ,Bee Plus,Frog and Gecko all Models of Maxi cosi Car seat Pebble,Citi and Cabrio Fix including hoods made in block colours I also do Liners and side panel covers for the Maclaren Major Elite Special needs Strollers made to fit perfectlyThe Luxury Gemzdesignz® changing bag's can also be made bespoke please contact with any requests Everyone of my products is handmade in the Uk using the best quality products I use Shannon Minky and Robert Kaufman Kona cotton plains and high quality chunky zips and accessories The footmuffs are made using 270g wadding doubled up at the front for extra thickness and are made approx 3.5ft in length ensuring your little one will be able to use it as long as they are in the pram All my products are made to fit the Bugaboo Models ensuring a perfect fitted look and are machine washable at 30 degree If you would like to know more or ask any questions please email or call me 07885991813

My friend is currently looking to buy one for her new baby as she was so impressed with it. This product gets a big 5 out of 5!! Absolutely lovely product that's pretty and suitable for its use. It has been highly admired by others too.

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Hamster Bags

1 - Prams / Strollers
Hamster Buggy Bags - Two bags that attach to both sides of your baby buggy.They keep buggies steadier and provide extra storage space.Ideal for everyday use, days out and holidays!
Your buggy will be more stable
You’ll have more storage space
Not just one, you get a pair!
Inside and outside pockets
Reflective stripe to be seen
Shoulder straps (new style)
Use after buggy stage

They offer fantastic value for money. The product will get a lot of use. I will now always use this product when using the buggy. I would consider buying these and recommending them to others. A functional product enabling you to take everything you need for a trip without worrying about lots of bags hanging on the buggy with uneven weight distribution.

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Hauck Lock Me

1 - Prams / Strollers This stroller lock secures your stroller or kids' scooters, pedal cars ect. effectively against theft. It offers easy handling thanks to a freely adjustable permutation lock and has a 55 cm steel cable with automatic retractor. Perfect for the big city, where hallways and backyards often provide the only parking space. A useful tool if you need to secure your pram in a public place. Simple to use and looks good. 

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Hauck Pack Me

1 - Prams / Strollers Have all your important items ready to hand on the go. The large centre pocket is perfect for snacks, tissues and all other important travel companions. The zippered pocket keeps valuable things in a safe place and the two cup holders are just perfect for large and small refreshments. Easy to attach to the stroller and buggy frame with Velcro fastening.

It doesn’t hold as much as a little holdall full of baby essentials, but it does mean the things you need i.e. juice/milk, snacks, little toys can be easily accessible without having to go searching in a bag.

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JollyBaby Funky Activity Pal

1 - Prams/ Strollers

Funky pal with myriads of awesome activities for varied sensory stimulation. Comes with linkie for attaching to prams, strollers & cribs. Spinning ball rattle with colourful beads inside -Textured fabric foot -Textured teether to soothe babys gums - Linkie for attaching toy to prams, strollers and cribs -Three colourful clacking rattles -Squeaker in tummy -Scrunchy crinkle in legs and neck -Colourful shapes and fabrics -Colourful toy for a truly memorable play experience.

My Daughter has so many toys but she has taken a particular liking to this one. It is easy to attach/detach to a pushchair/car seat when out. I give this product my highest recommendations!

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Kid Sit

1 - Prams / Strollers

Revelo Limited introduces the Kid-Sit from Kleine Dreumes: a board and seat combination to attach to a stroller.

The Kid-Sit has a refreshing design, is very user-friendly and great fun for toddlers. The board rests on the rear axis and attaches securely to the stroller with user-friendly zip straps. Kid Sit can be used just like a traditional board, but when your toddler wants to sit down - just lock the seat in place with one simple click.

We had it attached to the stroller in no time and the kids loved sitting on it!

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Little Saints Buggyguard Pram Lock

1 - Prams / Strollers

Going to a theme park, restaurant, zoo or traveling somewhere? Now you can protect your investment when you have to leave your stroller unattended. This new stroller accessory will lock your stroller & grant you peace of mind so you can focus on what matters most, your kids!

 Buggy lock which looks great and gives you peace of mind.

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Little Tikes Dual Head Support

1 - Prams / Strollers

Keep your newborns and infants safe and secure with the Dual Head Support™ from Little Tikes. Also designed to provide comfort, the head support fits easily around the harness of all carriers, car seats, strollers and bouncers with additional fabric help cushion under the shoulders.Made with soft micro fleece and padding for comfort, the dual head support grows with your little one (up to 15lbs). 

I would recommend this to others; the product served its purpose really well, was very well made does not look cheap or flimsy at all. It was very, very easy to use and kept my baby snug and comfortable.

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Lullaby Shade

1 - Prams / Strollers Lullaby Shade is an essential travel companion for busy parents with babies and toddlers.The first integrated musical-sleep shade transforms your everyday pushchair into a relaxing, music filled sleep-pod. It provides the perfect environment for baby to get to sleep and stay asleep, on-the-go.Helping to protect those all-important sleep routines, it gives you the freedom and confidence to travel with your baby or toddler anywhere, at any time and in any weather.Fully washable, Lullaby Shade – for buggies is packed in a handy and stylish black drawstring bag – the perfect addition to any handbag or rucksack.As well as creating a darkened sleep pod, Lullaby Shade – for buggies shields baby against external elements such as chilling winds, harsh sunlight and light rain – and it keeps those annoying insects at bay.Lullaby Shade – for buggies was designed by a busy mum to give others the freedom to travel with their baby without disrupting those all-important – and hard won – sleep routines.Safety First• Breathable – stretchy and stylish fabric blocks 94% of UVA &UVB rays allowing you to venture out with confidence on the sunniest days• Compact & Washable – designed to fit easily in your handbag, this is the perfect travel and holiday companion• Cool Flow Vents – designed and developed to promote excellent air flow through the shade, helping baby stay cool and comfortable while sleeping• SeeMe! – High visibility, florescent reflective vents so that your buggy can be seen in the dark. 

Bizziebaby Bronze Award winners 2017 Pram/Strollers Accessories Category 
Would certainly recommend. I loved testing this product and so did my daughter who loved that she seemed relaxed and I felt I had time to do thing knowing she was relaxed and cosy in her pram. 

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MaByLand Footmuff & Headrest Set

1 - Prams / Strollers

The Snuggle Footmuff has been designed for lightweight buggies/pushchairs which don’t include any extra accessories, and offers extra warmth and comfort for your little one whilst traveling. The set includes two headrest sets one for a newborn (0-6months) this will support their head during their developing stages, and keep them secured. Once your baby has out grown this headrest, it can be easily removed and the larger headrest can be used from then onwards. The headrests can also be used separately in your baby’s car seat.The set also includes matching strap covers which are attached over the secure belts and stop them from chaffing and scratching your baby’s skin, matching mittens are also included for particularly cold weather.The soft cotton footmuff will keep your child’s legs nice and toasty during windy or cold weather, and when warmer weather approaches the footmuff can be zipped off which will leave the cool cotton lining.The entire footmuff and headrest set can be machine washed, the low maintenance upkeep is perfect for busy parents, and ensures a long lasting product!

Having being given the chance to test it I would definitely consider buying it, and would recommend it to friends. The MaByLand Snuggle Footmuff set is just that: snuggly and cosy – I think it's perfect for winter.

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Mi Bamboo Muslin Range

1 - Prams / Strollers The new Minene Bamboo muslin  range are perfect for a variety of uses including swaddling, winding, feeding, on the pushchair and more. Crafted from the softest, silkiest fabric for a soft, caring touch on delicate skin. 
Soft and durable- We like to ensure that your baby’s skin only comes into contact with the softest materials, so your little is comfortable all the time. Our new Bamboo range is delicate yet durable too and is the perfect companion either at home or on your travels.
Breathable- Our Bamboo collection features a classic cotton with added bamboo for extra comfort and breathability. Bamboo is naturally breathable and helps keep your little one cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Versatile- The Minene Bamboo collection has a multitude of uses and is perfect both around the house as well as when you venture outside.
Available in pink and white, grey and white or blue and white.  Easch Muslin size 70 x70cm 

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2018 Prams/Strollers Accessories Category 

I would recommend as the design isn’t just plain like others and they have been really useful. I am happy to have found this product as it’s been really useful in more than one way.

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Morrck Lightweight Baby Hoodie

1 - Prams / Strollers The Morrck Baby Hoodie is a reversible hooded travel wrap, uniquely shaped to fit neatly into standard car seats (up to age 4) or pushchairs, bouncy chairs and supermarket trolley infant seats. The 3 or 5 point safety harness feeds through the openings in the Baby Hoodie and fastens over baby’s indoor clothing. The deer-stalker style hood provides extra protection across your baby’s forehead and ears in cold, windy weather and lies completely flat behind your baby’s head when it’s not being worn. Versatile. Can be used in car seats, pushchairs, bouncy or swing chairs and shopping trolleys. Available in lots of colours and thicknesses, suitable for all weathers both at home and on holiday. Overall a really good product. Very useful, Easy to use, very useful, soft and warm for baby.

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Morrck Ultra Lightweight Hoodie

1 - Prams / Strollers Ultra Lightweight Baby Hoodie Size 2: 5–18 Months
Made from two layers of 100% cotton jersey, the Ultra Lightweight Baby Hoodie travel baby blanket provides a light wrap for the summer months, enough to keep your baby warm in air-conditioned environments and in the cooler evenings. It also provides that essential sun-protective layer to give you peace of mind and acts as a superb car seat protector; to catch those inevitable baby spills. The jersey fabric is kind to your child's skin, and the hoodies are fully reversible. The Ultra Lightweight Baby Hoodie is available in size 1 (0 - 6 months) and size 2 (5 - 18 months)Reasons you’ll love the Baby Hoodie Travel WrapQuick & Easy Travelling.  No struggling with outdoor clothing, simply wrap over indoor clothing and run See our how to hoodie video.Car Seat Safety.  Harness straps fit baby securely, not his outdoor clothingTested for car seat safety.  The Morrck Baby Hoodie Travel Wrap meets the ECE R44.04 standard See our car seat safety video.Versatile.  Great for car seats, pushchairs, bouncy or swing chairs and shopping trolleysEasy Temperature Control.  Simply wrap and unwrap, leave baby to sleep undisturbed at a comfortable temperatureComfortable.  No bulky coats or snowsuits that constantly need taking on and off and prevent harness straps from being tightened correctlyGreat Quality & Value.  Made in the UK to high standard
I have loved using the baby hoodie and will continue to use it in the future. I have actually ordered myself another slightly warmer one for the weather changing. This takes away the usual daily challenges of baby kicking blanket off and it landing in the street or trailing along the ground. I have been recommending this product to my friends and I shall continue to recommend it. This really is such a simple idea but one that is absolutely fantastic. 

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Mummy Mitts

1 - Prams / Strollers Mummy Mitts - Now you can slip your hands out, do what you want and then simply snuggle your hands back into your warm mitts without losing another pair en route. Once created, Anna (Mrs. Mummy Mitts) realised that every one of us pushing a pram needed a pair. I made them unisex so all you macho Dads can use them as well. A convenient, stylish and warm accessory. Just what I wanted. Just what you need! Mummy Mitts are an absolute godsend for cold winter walks with the pram and I don't leave home without them. 

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Muslin Cloths

1 - Prams / Strollers
A great range of large, patterned muslin cloths for you and your baby. Looking for a gift for someone expecting a baby soon? Our baby muslin cloths are unique in the UK and make the perfect present for parents with a newborn. If you’re tired of plain, dull muslin squares that get easily mixed up with those of your friends, why not treat yourself to a pack of brightly coloured, patterned muslin squares? If you need something a bit bigger than normal, perhaps to use as a wrap, try ordering a pack from our Giant Muslins range.
Each set of Muslin Cloths come in a set of 3.
Sizes Available - Small Muslin Cloths - Regular Muslin Cloths - Giant Muslin Wraps
Giant (120x120cm) - Regular (66x66cm) - Small (30x30cm)
They are excellent. These bright muslins are good looking, tough, surprisingly versatile and good value for money and Iam sure they will be used for a long time to come.    

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My Buggy Buddy Cup/Bottle Holder

1 - Prams / Strollers

My Buggy Buddy Cup/Bottle Holder has a wider clamp & fits almost every pram. The Holder allows baby's bottle / beaker to be held in the claws at the front with parent's drinks bottle behind.
Available in black

I was very impressed with the concept of the idea and liked the fact that I could hold both of our drinks and also know that my child's bottle was safe.

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My Buggy Buddy Drink Pocket

1 - Prams / Strollers My Buggy Buddy Drink Pocket - The new universal insulated Drink Pocket is ideal for keeping bottles or cups warm and cold. Made from fabric so it will not get damaged if it is knocked it fits using a Velcro strap so can be strapped anywhere on a buggy or stroller. Shower proof material and insulted inner can easily be cleaned. Great product that is easy to use and attaches to any pushchair. Folds flat so doesn’t get caught when trying to open/close pushchair like other brands and has built in thermal to keeps drinks warm/cool.

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My Buggy Buddy Side "Pocket" Bag

1 - Prams / Strollers My Buggy Buddy Pockets -  The new easy hanging side bag "pocket” for storage of phones, keys, purses, tickets, dummies and so much more. Shower proof material with full opening zip. This pocket can be left on the pram when folded. Independently safety tested. Available in black It would be good to keep muslins and dummies in. Probably a good baby shower gift. Really handy that you can keep it on the buggy when folded up.

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My Buggy Buddy Sunshade

1 - Prams / Strollers
The My Buggy Buddy Sun Shade will fit any buggy/stroller. It can also be used on the car seat and in the car so you no longer need to buy two different products. With UPF 50+ protection it will keep the sun out of your little ones eyes wherever they are. Then when you are not using it, fold it up and it will fit into your changing bag or door pocket of the car.
Never had heard of them before but if had known I would of bought one for my son 2 years a go! Already recommended to friends and others have commented what an excellent idea, and wish they had known about them. Overall an excellent product, lightweight and practical. 

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MyLili Hooded Baby Wrap

1 - Prams / Strollers

As parents ourselves, we designed myLili baby-wraps for parents everywhere. Like you, we wanted a simple way to keep our baby safe, comfortable and cosy wherever we happened to be – indoors or out and about.With myLili, there’s no need to put your baby’s coat on every time you go out, only to take it off again in the car. CharLi keeps your baby cosy from the moment you leave home, into the car-seat or buggy and back indoors again.Convenience influenced the development of our hooded baby-wraps – big-time. You can fit and unfasten your baby’s car-seat harness without removing your CharLi, with cut-outs and slits for crotch and shoulder straps ensuring quick, easy adjustment and a snug, secure fit.We add cute decorative hearts to our wraps to show the love that goes into every one. If you’re buying a CharLi as a gift, why not personalise it? Just add Personalisation to your order and tell us what you want to say. We’ll embroider baby’s name or a loving message* on any myLili baby-wrap.All myLili hooded wraps are fully reversible, and our charcoal-and-grey CharLi is no exception. The colours match many popular car-seats and buggies and you’ll have no trouble fitting straps and harnesses whichever way round you use it.Only the best is good enough for your baby, which is why myLili baby-wraps are made in Europe from soft, cuddly double-faced fleece from sustainable European sources. And if your CharLi gets dirty – just pop it onto a 30°C wash.

I would recommend it to others; it's well made and would make a nice gift. Other than the cost it's an excellent product. It is nice, bright and colourful; my daughter liked snuggling up in it in the car for a nap. 

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Nod Pod The baby blanket with legs

1 - Prams / Strollers The Nod Pod is a baby blanket brought up to date. Perfect for new babies its design keeps little legs, toes, and heads covered and can keep arms safely wrapped up where babies like them best.The blanket’s simple and versatile design works with baby carriers, car seats and pushchairs without needing holes and zips to accommodate straps and buckles. It also works perfectly on its own in a cot or moses basket allowing you to wrap up your little bundle without lots of extra fabric and bulk getting in the way.Nod Pod is made from light weight, super soft fleece, knit exclusively for our blankets and is machine washable. Each Nod Pod comes in it's own handy cotton drawstring bag.Currently Nod Pod is available in size 0-6 months and 6-12 months also available in our new prints. I will definitely continue to use it and I hope Poppy will get more wear out of it because it's so useful. I will recommend this to others too. It is a great idea, and very easy to use. Material is lovely too.

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Pee Pads for the Car Seat/Buggy

1 - Prams / Strollers Perfect for children on the move protects car seats and buggy seats from leaking nappies and training accidents easy to change & super absorbent leak resistant liner to protect seats non-slip adhesive strips to keep pad securely in place.
These disposable Pee Pads are designed to protect car and buggy seats from leaking nappies and potty training accidents. The super absorbent pads with the leak resistant backing protect seats from any stains, germs and long lasting smells. The Pee Pads are perfect for children on the move! The pads are disposable and small enough to fit into a pocket or bag.
Good protection for car seat and buggy and you do not have to worry about those occasional little accidents anymore.     

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Pink Pig Zebra Blanket

1 - Prams / Strollers

We are probably best known for our cow print blanket which we introduced 10 years ago. It is our bestseller and looks great with all the funky push chairs.  Makes a great gift and is useful as the baby gets older. Use our blankets in your pushchair, car seat, moses basket or on the floor as a play mat.  All are machine washable @40 degrees.

All our blankets are made in the UK

I award this product the highest mark because it has impressed me in all areas and I simply cannot fault it!

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Pixie & Jack Snoozy Sand leopard Fleece Blanket

1 - Prams / Strollers

Pixie and Jack's Snoozy Sand Leopard luxury fleece baby blankets. This gorgeous fleece blanket will really make you & your little one stand out from the rest while staying snug and warm. Trimmed with black satin trim and available in either Black or Orange reverse antipill fleece, the Leopard print baby blankets are ideal for cool lounging or gentle snoozing! JACK LOVES! For all you bugaboo babes, match this Leopard print fleece to your black or orange hoods! 100% Polyester antipill fleece, giving you an easy to wash, quality fleece blanket that lasts and lasts. Measurement: 75cms x 100cmsCare & Safety. Our baby blankets are Oeko-Tex approved therefore meeting with industry standards for safe and ethical production.- See more at:


I had never heard of this brand before but a lovely blanket. This is our blanket of choice for going out & looking our best. We have about 9 blankets, some presents, one handmade and one I bought myself, however we never leave the house without "the leopard”.  

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Pogu High Visibility Reflective Strips

1 - Prams / Strollers
Pogu High Visibility Buggy Reflector Stickers are not only discreet, they are black but shine white, yet are 100 times more visible - over 200 metres. These stickers are an essential safety accessory for your buggy and pushchair when pushing your little ones around in winter. Stay safe, be seen.

This product has worked well for us. I have been able to use the pack across two strollers and a back pack which is great. It’s nice to have the security of knowing that we will be seen crossing the roads to nursery as the mornings and evenings are darker.

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Poplico Reversible Canopies

1 - Prams / Strollers

Mix and match your buggy with our unique reversible canopies.

Suitable for Bugaboo Strollers -  91% Cotton 9% AcrylicMachine washable 30° Gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Available in Blueberry, Chocolate, Cinamon, Muffin, Graphite, Pebble, Pumkin or Rose 

This product is amazing and I found it very useful and I would buy this item again. Easy and simple to use, in which ever mood I feel like.  

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Pram Tidy

1 - Prams / Strollers The pram tidy is multi functional and offers a universal fit to most prams with either the adjustable or velcro strap. Features include a detachable purse with headphone opening. A deep insulated drink holder. Multi-functional storage compartments. Extra detachable storage bag with straps to secure to the pram. Made with durable easy to wipe clean material.

Bizziebaby GOLD Award Winners 2017 Accessories Category 
This product is lovely to look at, good colours which mean that it goes well with most strollers/pushchairs. There are a good number of features which make it more attractive than other types of pram tidy’s. I found it easy to fit and use. I have found the pram tidy very practical, attractive (I love elephants!) and easy to fit and remove from the stroller. 

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Pram/Car seat/highchair Strap Covers by Little Sew and Sews

1 - Prams / Strollers These strap covers help to jazz up any pram or car seat. They can be made to order or choose one that's in stock. Head to my Facebook page for the current in stock list, or create your own from fabrics available.


They survived a wash in the washing machine. They feel sturdy and are cheap in price. Searching for the material on the website was simple. Little sew and sews customer service was very quick, polite and accommodating.

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Reversible Pushchair and car seat Liner

1 - Prams / Strollers REVERSIBLE DESIGN MADE FROM 100% COTTON  Our newest range of Pushchair Liners have arrived for summer 2016 and they are lovely. The reversible liners feature universal slits ensuring use on the majority of pushchairs in the market. Made of 100% cotton, our pushchair liners ensure that little one stays cool when out and about, as well as keeping pushchair clean and tidy when in use and adding a splash of colour! Available in a range of colours and patterns, fabrics are also available in storage, dribble cloths and bedding

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2017 Accessories Category 
Not something that I would have thought to buy but have a cushion that fits in with our home style and more importantly is anchored to the chair so that wiggly toddlers won’t slip is a real find. It came with a free colouring book and crayons which was a sweet and thoughtful extra.

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Rockit Stroller Rocker

1 - Prams / Strollers When you are on a train moving at a constant speed there is no acceleration forwards and backwards - just motion from side to side (think how you sway as you walk through a carriage). The same is true when a baby is pushed along a pavement in a buggy or pram. Rockit inventor Dr Nick Webb (PhD in Sound and Vibration Engineering) noticed his three-month-old daughter Abby would wake as soon as this motion stopped. He developed the Rockit to generate the same side-to-side motion so baby believes the buggy is still rolling along. Now you can stop for a rest and they’ll be none the wiser.For extra peace of mind we have tested the Rockit to the highest EU safety standards for ages 0-36 months and upwards.

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winners 2018 Pushchair accessories category 
Overall this is a really good idea, if your little one only settles when moving then you will know the struggle of balancing sleep with getting things done. This little gadget can help give you the must needed me time and helps your little one gain that vital sleep. From my experience (3 children) sleep breeds sleep so if you can master the daytime naps everything starts to seem and get easier. This product gives you that little help if you have to push your little one to sleep. It is really easy to set up and use plus turns off too so helps save battery life. 

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1 - Prams / Strollers Slide into your holidays with Sandsliders. The only accessory to slide a pram over sand, snow, pebbles, fields and many more terrains.
Take control of your Pram
* Universal accessory that works on all prams and strollers up to 50cm wide.* Attaches in seconds.* Only weighs 428 grams and flat packs for easy storage, fits in travel cases.* Fully safety feasibility reviewed by SGS.* Recyclable grade 5 rating.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2018 Pushchair Accessories Category 

Fantastic product, highly recommend, so easy to use and can cope well with most surfaces that pushchairs struggle with.It's so easy to store, use and travel with, it's lightweight, doesn't take up much room and it looks great too, it's so versatile it can be used as a Snow scoop too! 

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Shade Me Baby Sun Shade

1 - Prams / Strollers
The Shade Me Baby Sun Shade is a brand new pram sun shade that fits almost every size, style and direction of pram with an existing hood.  It also fits removable car seats and bassinets and carry cots.The ingenious curved shape and elasticated straps mean that the Shade Me Baby Sun Shade is extremely adapatable, and doesn't require the handles of the pram.  This allows it to be fitted to rear facing prams, aswell as forward facing ones.  To our knowledge the Baby Sun Shade is the only shade currently on the market that can do this.The fabric is tested to AS/NZS4399, the Australian and World standard for UV fabrics.  It achieves a 50+, which is the highest rating possible.The flexible wire allows the shade to be rolled up into the integral pocket on the top for easy storage.The Baby Sun Shade is 100% BPA free and meets all UK and EU safety standards.

It is easy to flip back when moving the hood of the buggy and is very light weight. It is a great attachment for holidaying in the sun.

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1 - Prams / Strollers

SnoozeShade™ is the sleeping on-the-go solution that mums and babies have been waiting for. It is the UK’s first blackout blind for baby prams, buggies and pushchairs, created by a British mother specifically to help babies get the sleep they need when they’re out and about. Suitable for use from birth, it moves easily from pram to pushchair as your child grows from newborn to toddler. It can be used all year-round with UPF50+ and a handy 'sneak-a-peak' front zip means you can quietly and easily check on baby at any time. SnoozeShade is a simple and secure alternative to draping coats and blankets over prams and pushchairs to help keep baby asleep when out and about.  It's great for holidays, in restaurants or anytime you have to go out during baby's naptime.

Overall, I had great outdoor satisfaction with using the SnoozeShade knowing that my baby slept fine in it. I also loved the peep hole to check on him.

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SnoozeShade Plus - Classic

1 - Prams / Strollers

SnoozeShade Plus is the award-winning dual-purpose compact sun and sleep shade. It protects little ones from the sun when they’re awake or can be used to create the perfect environment for a nap. Use day or night, on holiday, out and about and when travelling so your little one can enjoy the sights and sleep comfortably wherever you are. SnoozeShade Plus is for you if you are:
* looking for the ideal travel sun and sleep solution
* keen to maintain baby’s sleep routine when you are away from home
* want to protect baby from the sun’s rays whether they’re awake or asleep
* frustrated when baby can’t switch off in bright sunlight or busy surroundings
* looking for a product to suit babies and toddlers that fits all your prams and buggies
SnoozeShade Plus has a single layer ‘lookout’ window for little ones to see out and enjoy the sights whilst protecting them from 80% of UV rays. 
When it’s naptime, simply zip up the outer layer ‘snooze’ panel to create a cosy, darkened, distraction-free environment that helps tired babies switch off to nap.
In snooze mode, SnoozeShade Plus blocks over 98% of UV rays. It offers one of the highest levels of sun protection in the pushchair sunshade market.

An easy to use, practical product to provide excellent sun protection for my napping toddler.              

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SnoozeShade Twin - Classic

1 - Prams / Strollers

Britain's best-selling sunshade and baby sleep aid for your double buggy, pram or pushchair. Protects babies from 98.5% of UV rays and makes any time sleep time. Universal - fits all double prams, pushchairs, travel systems and 3-wheelers

I would highly recommend it. It is easy to use and fit; great design and helped twins sleep longer in the pushchair.         

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Soothetime Stroller Blanket

1 - Prams / Strollers
Nothing is more adorable than seeing a baby laughing and tossing his blanket on the floor while mom bends to pick it up - unless it's your baby!.
No Fly-Aways Attaches easily and securely to your stroller or car seat using four adjustable straps.
Weather Resistant and PVC-Free Strong and protective on the outside, snuggly and warm on the inside.
Available in Black / Swirls, Pink / Floral, and Tan / Stars
 I really liked the quality of this product, the fleece inside is lovely and soft. I think it does offer value for money, I know you would pay a lot more for a foot muff anyway.            

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1 - Prams / Strollers

Presenting the world’s first computer/speedometer designed to fit on any baby stroller–the Strollometer. This 8-function, wireless marvel helps you get the most out of what you’re already doing: strolling. With an easy strap-on, strap-off design, The Strollometer is the must-have accessory for any new mum looking to get back into shape after pregnancy. Want to get back into shape after having a baby, but can’t find the time? One solution–do more of what you’re already doing. Stroll. Available in Green Only.


I was really grateful that I have been able to test it and shed a few pounds!

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Sunshine Kids Buggy Bag

1 - Prams / Strollers

Generously sized to fit most buggies, bag measures 112 cm L x 31 cm D x 31 cm H and features heavy duty waterproof fabric, a locking zip and the extra long straps allow you to carry it over your shoulder for added convenience.

It’s a great good quality product with various different uses.

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Sunshine Kids Buggy Buddy

1 - Prams / Strollers

Keep all your essentials organised and within reach when you’re out for a walk. With its zipped pocket for valuables, insulated drink holders and insulated cargo bin, it’s the perfect way to carry snacks, drinks and other essentials.

I have found the Buggy Buddy to be indispensable to me when out and about with my 4 year old and 1 year old; it holds everything from dummies and my phone to snacks and drinks!

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Sunshine Kids Buggy Fan

1 - Prams / Strollers

Clip-on fan attaches easily to buggies to keep the breeze flowing. Fan cover protects small fingers. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included.

This product was a useful travel accessory and proved useful not only on the pushchair but also in the car and on the travel cot.

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Sunshine Kids Buggy Mate

1 - Prams / Strollers

There is plenty of storage in this easy to attach pushchair organiser. Two insulated bottle holders to keep drinks warm or cold. Four separate storage compartments: one 43.2 cm deep pocket, one 10.2 cm zipped pocket, one quick grab pocket and one zipped security pouch. Mesh fabric keeps items visible.

Easy to attach to buggy, just clip on.

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Sunshine Kids Buggy Tray

1 - Prams / Strollers

Organizer to the trolley.
Tray easily attaches to the front of the trolley. The product is located two bottles and a bowl for snacks. The child has easy access to the organizer. Two additional loops for attaching a pacifier or toy . WxSxG Dimensions: 13x33 , 5x12 , 7 cm.

Daughter loved having things to play with and having the responsibility of looking after her own drinks and snacks.

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Sunshine Kids Seat Shade

1 - Prams / Strollers

Pop-open design blocks the sun from above and behind. Universal design to fit car seats and pushchairs, both with and without hoods. Attaches in seconds with 2 super strong clips. Flips back out of the way when not in use and folds for storage.

Potentially good product at good RRP - any sun protection product for a child has to be a positive.

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Sunshine Kids Shade Maker

1 - Prams / Strollers

Extend the shade with this handy universal sun shade canopy for any type of pushchair. Use on buggies that don't have a canopy or extend existing canopy just by pulling it down. Handy side pockets on both sides for phone or other essentials. Pop open design allows you to collapse and store when it's not needed. UPF 50+.' Easily attaches to most buggies. Black only.

Every parent should have one!

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Sunshine Kids Soft Ride

1 - Prams / Strollers

Provides extra comfort for car seats and buggies. Gentle padding and reversible fabric sides for every season. Soft velour on one side and warm fleece on the other.

I've found it to be a practical, simple way of increasing my baby's comfort and support whilst traveling by pushchair. 

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Sunshine Kids Sun Net

1 - Prams / Strollers

UPF 50 solar fabric helps block sun and glare while keeping insects away. The breathable mesh sides means baby stays cool and comfortable. Elastic sides keep it securely attached. Generously sized to fit infant carriers and pushchairs with a canopy. Machine washable.

I think given the price it really is value for money considering how much high factor child/baby sun screen is and this really is a convenient product.

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1 - Prams / Strollers

SunSnoozer initially available in cream/light beige to compliment all colours of prams, a range of different colours will be available next year.  SunSnoozer is designed for use on prams, and is not ideal for strollers. See full list of tested prams online
View online some of the many ways you can arrange the SunSnoozer to protect your baby against the sun.
The unique multiple position closure system* offers a flexibility not found in any other pram cover on the market.

I would consider purchasing this and would recommend.  Extremely easy to use and very handy, much easier than trying to position a parasol. 

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Swaggertag for Travel Bags

1 - Prams / Strollers A SwaggerTag is an identification tag that reflects your personality and helps you keep track of your gear. By customizing with your own photo, image or logo, you can let everyone know it’s your stuff. You decide what personal information to include and your SwaggerTag reveals the information only if it is opened. A SwaggerTag is water, weather and impact resistant, with strong attachment points and ties to ensure it will stay with your gear. Available in six distinctive colours: - Gecko Green - Dolphin Blue - Hot Pink - Mustang Purple- Dragon Red
- Spider Grey
Where can you use a Swaggertag? - Nappy/changing bags- Pushchairs for travelling- Backpacks & lunch bags- Sport, duffle & golf bags- Bikes, scooters & strollers- Briefcases & handbags- Equipment bags & electronics cases- Luggage, carry-on’s & overnight bags- Camper, camping and hiking gear- Cool bags- Instrument cases
- Wheelchairs, walking frames, crutches & medical equipment- Dog Leads, and pet bags and crates
Basically....anything that goes out the door!
 I would consider buying these. I have already recommended them to a family member who travels quite a lot as these would be ideal for him. I was very pleased with this item. I probably wouldn't have looked at them beforehand.

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Teddy Tug

1 - Prams / Strollers
Teddy Tug from Buggy Tug now makes sure your child's teddy is safely attached to the buggy when travelling. 
I am very happy with this product; it has saved many tears and will save manymore! Many thanks for making an amazing product!               

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The Bug in a Rug Extreme

1 - Prams / Strollers The Bug in a Rug Extreme – Baby Snowsuit
This water resistant wrap is the best way to wrap baby so that they are snug and secure. The lightweight baby snowsuit is designed for safety in car seat straps , buggy and sling.
Over all it's a good clothing product and I can see me using this a lot and if my baby grows out of over winter, I would by a size up.

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The cozypocket™ by diddi

1 - Prams / Strollers

The cozypocket™ by diddi, solves the problem of fiddling around with gloves when out and about with your child in a buggy. It makes any trip, be it to the shops, going for a walk, or the school run, a pleasure. Essentially a hand muff that fits to the handles of your buggy, you just slot your hands into it when pushing, and pull them out when you need them. The cozypocket comes in three styles to fit all makes of pushchair and has wind and rain proof outer fabric. Inside is a cosy fleece lining and it is washable.  Diddi is an ethical and environmentally aware company; cozypocket is made in the UK to high quality standards and all three styles in Black cost £27.99. Limited Edition print costs £29.99. Cozypocket™ is trademarked and all designs are IP Protected.

The mitts keep my hands warm without needing gloves. I think the product offers great value for money and I would definitely buy it.

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Tippitoes Air-Flow Cool Mats

1 - Prams / Strollers

The Tippitoes  Air-Flow Cool Mats, specifically designed to provide a cooler, comfier stroller experience  for you child. An aid in the all important fight to prevent babies and infants  overheating,  is a a source of greatly enhanced comfort year round. The Air-Flow Cool Mat is fabricated from three layers of breathable polyester, featuring a flexible fibre centre layer, to encourage air flow and reduce heat build up .It fits securely into most strollers on the market. The Air-Flow Cool Mat is currently available in two colour options, cool grey or black, and co-ordinates perfectly with the highly popular Move and Max Viz strollers .

Material good and very light to carry and takes up no space at all.

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Toddle Tug

1 - Prams / Strollers

Toddle Tug is the UK’s first pram wrist strap and is designed to ensure that should you take your hands off the pram that it won’t go rolling away from you. It’s made of neoprene which makes it really comfy and every Toddle Tug is safety tested so you can be sure it won’t let you down in your hour of need.

Based on value for money and giving my boy a little more independence whilst walking I think it's a brilliant product. The Buggy Tug Toddle Tug has made our journeys into town a lot more enjoyable.                

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Twin Reins

1 - Prams / Strollers Twin Reins are specially designed safety harnesses for twins that give you peace of mind when out and about with your twin toddlers. Instead of buying two sets of walking reins, here is one Twin Set that covers all your needs! Re-designed by our experts and tested by parents of twins with safety, comfort and convenience in mind, these really are the 'Rolls Royce' of reins - only the best for you and your duo! WHAT'S IN THE TWIN PACK?Everything you need to get you and your twins out and about safely!2 x Child Harnesses (adjustable at chest and shoulders)2 x Parent Leads (adjustable with detachable handles)1 x Parent Waist Belt (adjustable with ring to clip on leads)HOW CAN THEY BE USED?They are so flexible you can use them as either:- Two completely separate, independent single reins - As a Twin set but joined together using a single parent lead handle- As a Twin set but using both parent handles - one in each hand- Single or Twin set, clipped to the parent belt (leaves you hands-free)HOW DO THEY WORK?Our premium quality Twin Reins Set has been designed to make them easy and convenient to use. Each child has a single-piece harness, which simply pops over their head and secures safely at both sides. The reins sit comfortably on the upper chest (as recommended by health advisors as the strongest and safest part of a young child's body for a harness). For your children's comfort, a new soft & flexible neoprene chest pad has been added in a choice of vibrant colours and the reins are fully adjustable at both sides and on the shoulders as twins come in all shapes and sizes!  I love, love, love these reins. My girls love wearing them, it makes my son feel really grown up that he's allowed to run free and it just means that for the first time in nearly four years I can leave the house without a pushchair. I am so pleased with them. One of the best baby/child purchases you could make for twins.

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