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2 in 1 Clip and Go Baby Sling

1 - Slings & Carriers

The sling incorporates a padded head hugger and lightly padded crotch fastening which secures the baby and adds swaddling comfort.  The base of the sling is well padded particularly along the spine area to encourage baby to lay flat and avoid dangers of chocking. The sides of the sling are elasticated to add to the cosiness of the baby inside the sling.  The sling has a further advantage as it can also be used in car seats as it has the same openings as a traditional head hugger or tiny traveller. This saves having to disturb baby in moving it in and out of carriers. The shoulder padding and easy to wear buckle fastener with adjustable strap makes this sling one of the easiest and most comfortable slings to wear.  Suitable for newborns until up to 20lbs

A Simple, time saving and easy to use sling that offers a real alternative to a pushchair or pram in all weathers. 

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AmaWrap - Baby Wrap

1 - Slings & Carriers Keep your baby close to your heart and skin-to-skin with this 100% cotton wrap sling. Baby is fully supported and the nature of the wrap ensures that he is in the most ergonomic position possible. (Knees tucked in, no pressure on hips).Measuring 5m x 50cm, one size fits all. Comes with matching bag with strap. I didn’t feel any strain on my back whilst using the sling which after using other slings I found this a big problem. I have already recommended to a lot of friends with new babies and new mums we have met at different baby groups, very impressed with this product. 

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Bubba Wrap

1 - Slings & Carriers Bubba Wrap is a stylish hands-free, no-fuss way to carry your baby. It's just one piece of 100% durable cotton fabric with two ties - so easy to use. An unstructured carrier that can be worn on the front or back. Broad straps for excellent weight distribution. 100% breathable double thread cotton. Available in selection of colours. No poisonous or hazardous chemicals are used to dye the cotton. One size fits all. Machine washable. Recommended for children up to 35lbs or approx 15.5kg.
A versatile and practical design that is compact enough to use at home, out and about and also to bring on holiday.

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Close Parent Carrier

1 - Slings & Carriers

Close Baby Carrier is a stylish, luxuriously soft, organic baby carrier that cradles the baby's bottom, back, neck and head. Wide, soft straps which sit over both shoulders, distributing the baby's weight for supremely comfortable carrying. It is safe, practical, easy to use and comfortable for both baby and wearer. It allows freedom for the wearer, while offering comfort and security for the baby. Easy to use, put on it over your head. No buckles or clips. 5 different carrying positions, depending on personal preferences or age of the baby. Simple ring mechanism adjusts the sling as the baby grows yet still holds the baby snugly and securely against the body. Additional organic, drawstring pouch which can be used for added support, when worn as a cumber band or as a soft shawl for discrete breast feeding. Easy to care for - Machine washable - 100% cotton - suitable for 5lbs up to 32lbs - Front Facing You Age Suitability - 5lb / 2.27kg to 32lb / 14.55kg - Front Facing Out Age Suitability - 4 / 6 months - Nursing Postion Age Suitability - 5lb / 2.27kg

It gave me the confidence to carry my baby out of the pram – brilliant for those times when they just don’t want to lie down!

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Joy and Joe Baby Wrap Carrier

1 - Slings & Carriers  Joy and Joe baby Wrap has been safety tested to support baby weight of birth-16kg.. When worn correctly according to the user guide, the weight of your baby is evenly distributed around your baby eliminating nasty shoulder/back  pains associated with lots of baby carriers. The textile used in our manufacture is 100% cotton(excluding the panels in our special winter range which is designed using fleece) . The fleece used in our winter collection has been sourced from the best British textile industries that special in super-soft fleece production.At Joy and Joe baby, we pride ourselves in the extra-special touches our wraps have such as its integrated pouch for storage of your wrap, its neat decorative outline, our conspicuous middle marker designed using a high quality woven label that carries our logo ,care instructions and safety compliant marking absent in many brands of similar or higher price margin. We offer an exceptional value for money on all our products backed up by our very friendly customer care services. It is a great and affordable product providing solutions to those moments when the baby won't stop crying or the tea just has to be made or the toddler is adamant it's time for you to get muddy in thepark! Easy to use and a lifesaver to parenting for 2!    

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Lifft Baby Sling

1 - Slings & Carriers The Lifft baby sling has been exclusively designed to offer you and your baby supreme levels of comfort and style, but with one major advantage - it is so very easy to use. The variety of natural carrying positions mean that you can carry your little one in the sling from birth right through toddlerhood up to 2 years of age! The sling has been beautifully designed to ensure that the carrying positions are NATURAL carrying positions - the sling mimics how you would naturally carry your baby in your arms. Front carriers may place pressure on a baby's developing spine and pelvis and offer an unnatural carrying position which may make your little one feel exposed and vulnerable. Whilst in the Lifft Baby Carrier your baby can always see your face, hear your voice and your heartbeat and feel swaddled and secure. This is why the sling is a great healer for colicky babies.

Alex and I loved testing this sling, as it made life a lot easier following my C-section.

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Little Baby Wrap Without a Knot By Love Radius

1 - Slings & Carriers Simple, quick, lightweight baby carrier. Meant for when you need to carry baby in your arms for a short period of time.New knitted fabric developed by JPMBB to provide high comfort and free movements.The small cushion/pad (optional) protects baby and the carrier from the rings.2 positions, from the first weeks until the walk. It’s never too late !Reversible, 2 colours with only one ring sling. Unisexe, one size (XXL if >110kg). To carry baby on the left and on the right shoulder.Oeko-Tex 100 Certified. Produced in Europe.

Bizziebaby GOLD Award Winner 2019 Sling Category 
I would happily recommend this. We were both very impressed with all elements of it. Really happy with the product, it quickly became the sling that we would use over our previous model. I liked the material, both its texture and colour. Overall a really nice product. 

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Minimonkey Baby Sling

1 - Slings & Carriers

The Minimonkey Baby Sling is a multi-purpose carrier, to be used as a front carrier, on the hip and in the playpen. Available in 9 great colours -0-2 years old (15kg) -One size fits all - 100% Cotton - Padded shoulder -washable at 40° (in laundrybag)

Baby enjoys being held close to someone so is a good way to keep baby close while you can do other stuff. Even going out without a pushchair is simple.

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1 - Slings & Carriers The BabaSling baby carrier is designed to keep babies safeclose and happy while giving you the freedom to get on with your day.  Like the extra set of hands every parent needs, our award winning baby slings help you hold your baby in 5 natural positions, including two perfect for discrete   breasfeeding while out and about.  

the BabaSling baby carrier is a revolution in design, comfort and simplicity. The hammock style baby sling is perfectly shaped to support a newborn’s developing spine, while providing essential closeness and bondingbetween parent and child.With no less than five positions and easily adjustable straps, theBabaSling is so easy to use it can be safelyshared with grandparents, older siblings, and caregivers. We at BabaSlings Ltd truly believe that held babies are happy babies and are very proud to bring you our award winning baby carriers.
Designed to carry babies and toddlers (0 - 2yr+ / 2kg - 15kg) Has 5 different carrying positions + 2 breast-feeding positionsOne size fits all, adjusts in secondsMade from 100% cotton that is both durable and breathableMachine washable at 40 degreesTested to Safety Standard BS EN 13209-2:2005 Soft carriersLifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects
Bronze Award Winner 2009 And Bronze Award Winner 200/12

I think this is a good easy to use baby carrier, for short term use. If you're nipping somewhere it is easier than getting the pram out. My baby and I feel lovely and close in this. 

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WACOTTO baby sling

1 - Slings & Carriers Incredibly strong and compact baby carrier, designed for an extra secure and close cuddle for baby.
Select your size based on height and chest meausrement, contact us if you need any extra info.
It is a brilliant product which we have enjoyed testing which I am sure will last a very long time due to the strength and quality of the material. The most important factor was that my baby was safe and secure, which he was, he was comfortable and I found it to be quite bonding, I didn’t feel restricted as I have done in other slings, I felt relaxed and able to cuddle my baby. 

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