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Deuter Kid Comfort Back Carriers, 1, 11 & Deuter Kid Comfort Back Carrier 111

1 - Slings & Carriers First class travel for passenger and captain alike!
The new mobile Vari Flex hip fins on the new-generation Kid Comfort III deliver ultimate comfort when carrying heavy loads. The hips fins are concave in shape and ultra-comfortable, sit perfectly, follow every movement with ease and distribute the weight evenly to the hips. And because they allow maximum freedom of movement, they help save energy. Extra details, in addition to those found on the Kid Comfort II include: Higher padded head-rest with integrated sun roof for more comfort and safety » Kneepads on the frame » Zipped outer pocket underneath » Detachable, washable thickly padded pillow for the sweetest of dreams » Rear view mirror stowed in the hip pocket.
It is an excellent product that is easy to use, lightweight, loved by our son and makes countryside walks a breeze.

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The Piggyback Rider

1 - Slings & Carriers

The Piggyback Rider - A fun and effortless way to carry a child on your back. Children love the extra height (and the rest for their legs), while you get to walk in comfort and free up your hands; the shoulder-mounted foot-bar distributes child's weight so as to enable a natural upright posture. Features: Four grab handles; safety harness; padded shoulder straps and sternum strap. One size, fully adjustable. Suitable for children from 2½-7yrs, up to 60lbs/27kg.

A very good edition to the sling family for when your little one is no longer a baby.

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