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Konfidence Sun Protection Shorts

1 - Sunwear Clothing
These shorts are the perfect choice for boys or girls whether they are by the beach, pool or just at home in the garden. They can be worn with the UV T-shirts in or out of the water, or simply as swimming trunks.The sun shorts also feature the latest UV colour changing technology – when UV rays are present, the Konfidence logos on the suits will turn pink (girls shorts) or blue (boys shorts). So when they are busy happily playing on the beach or in the pool you’ll instantly know when the suit is protecting them from harmful UV rays. Plus this safety feature is also a fun way to teach your little ones about sun safety as it will bring smiles to their faces when the colour starts to change! And, because they are made from the highest quality soft Lycra, which has been rigorously tested for colour fastness and durability, the fabric will stretch and move with them as they play and have fun in the sun. The new cool surf-looking Pink Hibiscus and Blue Leaf Palm designs also fully colour co-ordinate with the rest of our learn-to-swim and buoyancy aids.

I would definitely recommend. My daughter loved playing in the paddling pool and in the garden she was comfortable and had no complaints. It washed well and I was happy that she wouldn’t get sun burnt.

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Konfidence UV Shorts

1 - Sunwear Clothing

The unisex styling of these shorts make them perfect for boys or girls, they can be worn with the UV T-shirts in or out of the water, or simply as swimming trunks. The choice really is up to you. Available in 3 colours to co-ordinate with the UV T-shirts.
UPF 50+ fabric cuts out 98% of UV rays
Quick drying lycra
Design detail on pastel shades
Sizes: 2-3yrs, 4-5yrs, 6-7yrs

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Splash About Happy Nappy Board Shorts

1 - Sunwear Clothing
OK, OK, here's the thing - sometimes, we just want to be big, you know, grown up. And sometimes wearing a nappy doesn't feel so big or grown up, but without it swim teachers, Mums and Dads feel ever so slightly anxious....But now Splash About have it covered, literally! When is a Happy Nappy not a Happy Nappy?...... When its the new Happy Nappy board shorts! We have taken every body's favourite, the Happy Nappy, and covered it in peachy soft board short fabric complete with cool surfer dude design to match our new rash tops and surfer range. With contrast side panels and pocket for boys and a slightly shorter, more girly look for the girls, both have the deep, softest of soft waist band for comfort and leak limitation assurance as well as the neoprene nappy with leg bands discreetly hidden inside. Practical meets cool - and who's to know! The Happy Nappy The most essential item in your baby swim kit is your Happy Nappy. In fact, most baby swim schools in the UK now recommend that all of their babies wear one. After all, the idea is that you go swimming with your baby, not with the contents of his or her leaking nappy! They are made of 1mm supple, stretchy neoprene and finished with super soft, snug fitting, deep bands of fabric with a high rubber content to keep all nasties inside. Designed by us with swim teachers, parents and babies in mind! So simple and yet so effective, no ties, no Velcro, no elastic. IT WORKS!! Can be worn with or without a conventional swim nappy - a liner is advised for ease of cleaning. Tested and improved upon with the leading UK swim teachers. Sizes from premature/birth

Shorts & swim nappy in one – A brilliant buy. 

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Splash About Sun Protection Top & Shorts Loose Fit Set

1 - Sunwear Clothing

Choose from either our sporty design, or our sunny range of delightfully girlish sun protection clothing. Practical meets style and dazzles - wear any time under the sun. Sporty Design - This design is specially cut to be a loose fit for looking good all day long whether kicking a ball, catching some surf or chilling with an ice cream! Girls - Swing top and shorts with frill and pocket detail are perfect for any sunny occasion. The fabric has a lovely cool smooth feel and actually does keep you cool- wicking away perspiration from the skin. Team with our matching accessories to stand out in the crowd and mix and match with the slim fit style to cover all your summer needs in style! Sizes Available 1 - 6 Years

Fantastic product that looks great and does all you expect and more.

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Splash About Sun UV Rash Vest & UV Shorts Set

1 - Sunwear Clothing
Splash About UV Rash Shorts and Rash Vest Set.
Our UV Surfer Rash Shorts are the perfect match with our UV Surfer Rash Tops. Provides maximum SPF 50+ sun protection so you can be sure that your little one stays safe in the sun. Our funky surfer designs are an absolute must for your beach babies - practical, comfortable and protective.
Get your surfer dudes and dudettes in the latest fashion beach wear.  These SPF 50+ Rashie tops are the perfect sun protection in the garden, by the pool and on the beach.  Mix and match with your favourite Happy Nappy or Board shorts, throw on a bucket hat and have fun in the sun.  Practical, comfortable and protective - a must for beach babies.

Have already recommended this product to a number of friends. Great experience of a well-made product, which helped me relax in the sun as I knew my daughter, was protected. 

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Splash About Swimming Trunks

1 - Sunwear Clothing
Swimming Trunks, made from a beautifully cool and smooth fabric, these swimming shorts are SPF50+ and are made to compliment our range of Float Jackets. The shorts have an elasticated waist with a tie cord for a perfect fit.
Available in sizes 1 years - 6 Years


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