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Air Hogs: RC Jackal

1 - Toys

RC Air Hogs (R) Jackal. 3 channel helicopter with full function 6 way IR control - can fly up, down, left, right, forward and reverse! Ultimate accuracy, even in the smallest spaces. Super stable flyer. Size (L)13cm. 38Mhz frequency.Includes 1 Jackal helicopter, 1 controller/charger and LiPo battery. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included). Styles vary. For ages 8 years and over.

We loved testing the Jackal and will continue to play with it regularly. An excellent toy for all the family!

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Brit Quiz Game

1 - Toys

BritQuiz is a great new way for adults & children to have fun and learn about Britain. Educational  - good educational material all about Britain (not trivia). Topics covered include: History, geography, sports, birds, Animals, Politics, Famous People, Film, Climate, Art, Business, Literature, Famous Quotes, Technology and General Knowledge.


Overall, it’s a great game suitable more for children from 12 plus and adults

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Drumond Park Articulate Your Life Game

1 - Toys

The fast talking description game with enhanced game play, new categories and electronic random timer!

Articulate Your Life is the exciting, fast paced description game that takes all the fun of the Classic Articulate game and gives it a TWIST. With new categories, new bonuses and a random electronic timer - it's a whole new description game! NEW Categories: Getting Away - Social Life - Sporting Life - Home Life -Entertainment -Working Life. Contents:500 cards with 3,000 entries - Unique circular board - Electronic random timer -Bonus dice -4 playing pieces - Rules

A nice game for most of the family that gets your brain working and is fast paced and competitive, but great fun

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Drumond Park Bubble Buster

1 - Toys
Be the first to burst 20 bubbles. The two wands count the number of bubbles burst. The more bubbles you burst, the higher the note the wand sounds. When you burst your 20th bubble, the wand plays a fairy fanfare.
Comes with two bubble-bursting wands, babble machine and bubble solution for 2 players. Requires 4 x AA and 4 x AAA batteries (not supplied).
Box Contains
  • 1 x Bubble machine
  • 1 x Bubble solution
  • 2 x Bubble busting wands

Fantastic fun with a twist on a traditional game.

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Drumond Park Dig In!

1 - Toys A rocket!!! It's the rocket!!! I got my rocket!!! Yes yes yes - aaargh!!! It's a PENGUIN!!! Dig and delve to complete your card - there are six crucial pieces to ferret out from the full-to-busting 'Dig In' bowl. Tricky, tricky... and we've not even mentioned the pop-up timer, which gives you just fifteen seconds of frantic rummaging before you're done! Then it's the pandemonium of the final round - forget 'taking turns' and just GO FOR IT, as all and sundry dive in for their missing pieces! Simple, but incredibly addictive, Dig In is both hilarious and challenging; a whole new kind of game for kids of eight and over.
2-4 Players 
Suitable 8+

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2017 Family Games & Toys Category 
Everyone that played really enjoyed it. Would certainly consider purchasing this game. I would recommend as great fun for all ages and all the family. A great game, competitive and fun for all.

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Drumond Park King Pong Game

1 - Toys There’s no more stupidly addictive game than King Pong. Just bounce the balls into the cube to empty your tray? Looks simple... sounds simpler! But with everyone charging in at once and balls hurtling all over the place, you’ll soon find that it’s more challenging than you might have imagined… You’ll need to be calm under pressure and have a deadeye aim. But will that be enough when your opponents are launching ping-pong balls nineteen to the dozen? You can play King Pong with two, three or four players. But even solo practice sessions have that nagging ‘just one more go…’ factor. And this is a game that lends itself to mods, extra challenges and special house rules... follow our suggestions, or come up with your own!
2-4 players Ages 8+
I’m taking this to family at Christmas to see how they can get on playing it! I like this game it doesn’t seem to be made cheap and I can see a lot of fun still being had by my family and friends in years to come. We found it an exciting game to play and I will have to keep trying to win!

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Drumond Park Logo Billionaire Game

1 - Toys Logo Billionaire is a game of risky business built on the high drama of buying and selling famous brands for vast sums of money. The first player to make a billion wins.
Playing pieces are shown oversized for clarity.2-6 players, ages 8-adult
LOGO Billionaire is a fun, noisy game that turns kids and adults into power-hungry business tycoons trading massive brands. Companies will go bust, hostile takeovers will happen, brands will be stolen and newsflashes will change everything!Play LOGO Billionaire and find out how daring you are, how ruthless you can be and how much you want to win!
Overall I would have to give this game 5 out of 5 nobody in the family could pick out any faults in the game it’s one we enjoy playing over and over again. It is an excellent way to spend some quality family time. 

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Drumond Park LOGO The Best of British

1 - Toys A brilliant new game that light heartedly delves into our everyday life, reminding us of the diverse, unique and hilarious everyday things, people and places that make Britain such an outstanding place to live. There's so much about this wonderful country of ours that we take for granted. There's cups of tea, the weather forecast, double-decker buses, pubs on every corner, the 'national pastime' of queuing... and lollipop ladies, sandcastles, conkers, Blackpool rock, deep fried Mars Bars... Big Ben and Eros, Winston Churchill and Thunderbirds, Mr Whippy ice cream... and did we mention red phone boxes, juicy leeks, screeching bagpipes and Dennis the Menace? Can you answer the Best of British questions on real-life, finger-on-the-pulse of 21st century British lifestyle situations? Here are a few examples.... Where might you encounter toucans, pelicans and puffins while on a shopping trip?They’re all types of pedestrian crossing What is the only letter in the English alphabet that is not one syllable?The letter 'W' What is the most popular fish used for Fish & Chips?Cod What’s the UK’s most popular name for a girl born in December? Holly Who were Randolph, Diana, Sarah, Mary and Marigold? Winston Churchill’s children

Bizziebaby GOLD Award Winners 2016 Category Family Toys & Games 
Definitely good value for money. I can see us all playing this a lot and it will certainly be taken on holiday with us and a definite game for Christmas. Will keep us all on our toes and fun for everyone to play.

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Drumond Park RAPIDOUGH

1 - Toys Guess too slow and you lose some dough! Now with new family friendly words.
Rapidough is the original game of modelling charades. There's never a dull moment as everyone plays at once - every round! Players take turns at modelling the card entries for their team mates. The first team to guess what THEIR sculptor is creating wins that round.
But there's a sting in the tail - the losing team loses a plunger of dough. If the opposition loses a few rounds they can find themselves attempting to sculpt, 'The Eiffel Tower' with a pea sized piece of dough... the results are hilarious.
GO!... is it a... giraffe? is it a... pyramid? is it a... rocket? it's The Eiffel Tower!
We were also able to take it on our recent camping trip which was great fun. It travelled well and all the children loved playing. Nothing we disliked about this game. I would definitely buy this game. Its fun involvement for young and old is perfect. I would definitely recommend as it is great for children of all ages and adults alike. This game definitely gets a 5/5 from us. We love it and will be recommending it to everyone we know. Quality game that is well thought out and suitable for young and old. 

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Drumond Park Stoopido

1 - Toys Stoopido the game of 1000 silly faces
On your masks, get set... GO! Who could do with a funny face? Dad? Grandma? Be the first to slap the pad, or it might be you! Monster eyeballs, crazy clown ears… twenty-five outrageous adornments are waiting to enhance your friends’ and family’s Stoopido spectacles! Squeeze the squeaking stoopitoot and it’s your choice! Now… who would look best with that big, bogey-riddled nose…? Laugh-out-loud absurdity for children and children-at-heart, Stoopido gets everybody involved with its beautifully simple silliness. Two to four people can play, but do invite some spectators – they’ll have just as much fun!
2-4 Players 
Suitable 8+

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2017 Family Toys & Games Category 

Good value and I would purchase as a present. I liked the fact its fun for all the family, not just children. I would buy this game and highly recommend. Hours of endless fun and laughter. 

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Drumond Park Super Ski Jump Game

1 - Toys Earn points by jumping the farthest, doing tricks and sticking the landing as you tackle the toughest slope of them all! Stay cool under pressure and time your tricks just right! Challenge your friends and score the most trick points to win!
2 - 4 players Ages 8+
I often dread playing board games as it often ends up in either someone finding it too hard and crying or someone getting bored. This game kept the attention of everyone and we had no fights or tears it really was just fun to play. I love this product. It’s fun. I would like to see a little podium included as the end can be a bit of an anti-climax. Although this stops the tears from the losers. This really was fun and I will be telling my friends about it. 

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Drumond Park Word Bandit Game

1 - Toys Kids love Word Bandit’s exciting wheel-spinning letter machine. This family friendly game uses from one to four rows of random letters to: find famous people, think up words in well-known categories or spot short words spelled out by the letters on show. Let Word Bandit help you to get family and friends sharing time together. If the face of the Word Bandit appears instead of a letter then your team has one LESS letter to play with that turn!! He has stolen quite a few possible words from you, but you have to carry on regardless. He can in fact turn up on two or even three wheels – if he is really cheeky. Champion wordsmith?Or mortifying word-fail?Share it with us using #wordbandit
For 2 teams of any number Ages 8+
I would recommend as a great game to get everyone thinking outside the box. A really enjoyable game that gave us all something to think about and tested our knowledge of words younger ages could play it but it is better suited for older aged children.

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Numenko-in-a-bag Game

1 - Toys Perhaps you want a game for a younger child or someone who might be struggling with their number skills, or simply as a way of introducing numbers to a young child. You also want to do it on-the-go? Numenko-in-a-bag was developed just for that. This game is played in a similar fashion to the Numenko Board Game but without the board. With Numenko-in-a-bag version, players work all at the same time but each of them independently to build their own equations, and they compete to use all of their allotted tiles the fastest. This is not a scoring game, the winner is the player who has no tiles left at the end of the game. In both games, Multi-choice and Free-choice tiles keep the game moving fast. It adds up to a great time, plus it’s educational. It is ideal for younger children or those who are not so sure of their number skills and can be played by all family members at the same time. I would purchase as my nieces would love it. Would certainly recommend. Great family game helped with maths for my children they loved it. 

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Pass Game

1 - Toys

Pass!!™ Soccer is a NEW! and UNIQUE! game played alongside a live soccer game on TV. Pass!!™ enhances the viewing spectacle with a laughter packed interactive game that is so much fun to play!.. and remember it’s important to concentrate on the match whilst playing!! Played at parties or by groups of friends and family. Play it at home or at a big screen location (we know of some who actually play the game at the stadium itself!!) Superb value at only £14.99 and makes a fabulous gift!

2011 Testimonial
“We played this game for the first time during the recent charity shield between Man United and City…it was quite simply hilarious!! There were seven of us including three girlfriends who normally wouldn’t have watched the game but loved it because of Pass!!..Can’t wait for more footie get-togethers!”
James - Wigan, UK

My daughter loved the whistle and thinking she was the referee and in charge. Overall, Great fun game for getting the family together!

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Penguins of Madagascar DS Game

1 - Toys

Penguins of Madagascar are now available on the DS. Penguins of Madagascar is a great game for the little ones and a great game for anyone who simply loves these crafty penguins. The loveable and hilarious penguins are tasked with all new madcap missions and must use team work and their crazy acrobatics to solve puzzles, build contraptions, unlock paths, avoid super silly obstacles to advance through the game and ultimately save the day.

The quality of the product is great and is well worth the money for the amount of entertainment it provides.

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Pictionary DS Game

1 - Toys

The family fun game that is Pictionary has gone interactive and is now available for review on the DS. Guess words from sketches made by other members of your team.  The words can be objects, people, places, animals, actions or the challenging "difficult”.  Sketch your way to victory with a variety of drawing styles, shapes and colours!  You don’t have to be an artist to play – all you need is a little imagination! There are over 3,000 clues on offer, including adult and junior options, plus 15 ways to play in a variety of single and multiplayer game modes.  The perfect game to enjoy with all the family.

Fantastic product, great fun for all the family, a game which will never date & stay a favorite with young & old alike.

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Rakpoka Board Game

1 - Toys RAKPOKA™ Board Game is stylishly packaged in a portable tube and ideal for travel, the (46cm x 46cm) rubber, non-slip mat has a luxurious satinised finish. Cards are replaced with two decks of tiles, dealt from a velvet drawstring bag. Also included are four tile racks, spare tiles, score pad, pencil and rules booklet. This high quality product can be reserved via the ‘contact us’ page.  I am already considering buying it for my nephew. Have already recommended this game. A fantastic, unique, fun and enjoyable game. If you are looking for something new to play, then you won’t be disappointed with this.

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Rubik's Slide Cube

1 - Toys

With over 10,000 brain-busting puzzles, the Rubik's Slide is a brand-new challenge for all ages! Simply slide the lighted squares into place by twisting and shifting the Rubik's Slide to solve the puzzle. The object of each puzzle is to rearrange the pattern of lights until they match the solution for that puzzle. Two Ways to Play! See how many puzzles you can beat in free play or race against the clock in a frenetic finish in Lightning Round! Easy to learn, impossible to put down!  Includes high score memory, voice, multiple challenging levels, vibrant lights, sound effects, and adjustable sound control for playing anywhere, anytime!
Suitable 5+ Battery Requirememnt 3 x AAA

James and I both enjoyed playing with this puzzle game and managed to complete it!

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Scrabble Trickster Game

1 - Toys
Whether you're a scrabble newcomer or an expert, use trick cards to level the playing field by breaking the rules of Scrabble. Steal your opponent’s high score, make them lose their turn, even take advantage of a triple word score by playing a word anywhere on the board.

In this twist on the classic word game, Scrabble, players use their seven drawn letter-tiles to form words on the gameboard. The twist is that now, proper names such as cities or celebrity names will now be allowed. Other twists include playing words backwards or playing words unconnected to others on the board. So go ahead and break the rules. You know you want to.

Box Contains

  • 4 Racks
  • 100 Letter Tiles
  • 22 Trick Cards
  • 1 2-Letter Words Card
  • Cotton Tile Bag
  • Rules Sheet
  • Playing Board
  • This game definitely promotes my child’s development in terms of vocabulary, spelling and strategic thinking / planning

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    1 - Toys SHOUT is the brilliant new team game of quirky questions and cunning challenges that will have everyone in stitches.SHOUT uses a unique new stand that acts as a timer, keeps the score and displays the super-sized cards to the team who all play at once. Just answer the nine quirky challenges on the card before your time is up. I would highly recommend as great family game and ideal for parties too. Fantastic, fun family game that gets you thinking and testing your general knowledge. 

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    Speye Know The UK Game Family Edition

    1 - Toys

    Welcome to Know the UK Game, this is a brand new, fun and educational game made in the United Kingdom (UK) about the United Kingdom.A fun 3 in 1 game for children, friends and the family to play.Children and adults can improve their UK geography knowledge by assembling the hexagonal pieces to complete the jigsaw. OR Answer the knowledge question cards on: Maths, English, Science, UK Geography, UK History.To add fun the challenge cards test each player's cognitive skills, memory, language and speech abilities. OR The two can be played together as a board game by answering knowledge and challenge card questions correctly, then placing the hexagonal jigsaw pieces on the board to complete the map of the UK . The player has to say the name shown on the jigsaw piece as it is placed on the board.The knowledge and challenge cards can be used in the classroom, at home or on that long journey.Each box contains:1 UK map board Hexagonal UK jigsaw pieces Knowledge cards Challenge cards. Know the UK Family Game boxes contain 4 levels of questions for ages 7 to 100+ years.

    A simple notion, as all the best board games are, that made it easy and enjoyable for the children to play: perfect for Christmas, but I have a feeling this winning game will be out of the cupboard far more often than that. 

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    The About Time Board Game

    1 - Toys
    There is no waiting around in About Time as everyone takes part in every round. And there are no wrong answers as you only have to guess closer then the other players!About Time question cards, in Classic and Expert sets, feature six categories – Heroes & Villains, The Arts, Everyday Life, Innovation, Word & Thought and State & Nation. From Marilyn Monroe to the Large Hadron Collidor, if it made the front pages, we have it covered.Like history itself, the About Time board is littered with pitfalls and surprises. You can catch the Plague, be held up by Highwaymen or be challenged to a Duel and see your fortunes rise and fall ...About Time board games are now available in Family & Friends, Junior and Guardian Front Page Editions.
    What is in the Box:
    PLAYER PIECES - Play one of eight historical characters including Napoleon, Gandhi and Elizabeth IQUESTION CARDS - Everyone hears the question revealed from the cardholder. They have 30 seconds to write down their answer. The nearest year to the one at the base of the card wins a token.CARDHOLDER - Question cards are stored here. The player who won the previous round takes the Cardholder, rolls the dice and moves to the next space, then pulls back the strip with the same colour to reveal a question.SAND TIMER (30 seconds) - The Reader turns over the sand timer as soon as they have finished reading out the question to the players. Everyone must write down their answer before the timer runs out!TOKENS - Win the round and you win one or more tokens. Whoever has the most tokens at the end wins, but remember – you can lose them as well!TIME CARDS - Be the first to shout ‘Time!’ in any round and use a Timecard to get extra clues. You start with four, then pick more up as you move round the board.DUEL - Challenge another player to a Duel. Whoever’s answer is closest takes half of the other players tokens (rounded down)!PLAGUE - If you land on the Rat half of your tokens go into the Pot. You can win them back only if you win the round, otherwise they go to the winner!TIMELINE ANSWER SHEET - Write your team’s answer year here. Use the timeline at the top of the answer sheet to help you.BOARD CENTRE - If you get to the Centre and win a round, the game is over. Whoever has the most tokens wins - not necessarily the team in the centre!
    This game is fantastic!!!  It was really easy to understand and thoroughly enjoyable.

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    The Best Of British Game

    1 - Toys

    Find out how well you know Great Britain with the Best of British board game. The Best of British is the latest member of the Logo family. Race round the board to win by answering questions on the quirky, funny, unique and fascinating things that make Britain British. From queues to coins, and ice cream vans to lollipop ladies - you'll be astonished at how much you know about the oddities that make up our everyday lives. Best of British is a fun, picture driven board game focused on everyday British life. Answer questions ranging from Dennis the Menace to conkers, and even questions about bus stop queues. Race around the board and be the first to reach the end square and win the game.

    Best of British includes a circular playing board, 6 playing pieces, 400 quiz cards and full instructions. Designed for 2-6 players or teams. Suitable for ages 12 and up.

    Best of British is a great board game for all the family - the game of what makes Britain British! Includes: Playing Board -6 playing pieces -400 cards -Instructions - Suitable 12 Years Plus

    We had a fun time trying out the game and it will be a hit at family gatherings from now on. 

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    The Guiness World Juggling Set

    1 - Toys
    Enjoy hours of fun with this set of juggling balls! The whole family can join in on the fun too.
    My Son can now Juggle 4 Balls at a time, which he could not do before

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    TRIX Word Game

    1 - Toys

    What links cook, eat and Italy? Surely it's spaghetti! What about Hero, fly and sky? Is that Superman? That's TRIX - beautifully simple - why use three words when you can describe them in one!?
    Box Contains
    153 Trix cards, 6 guessing cards, 24 counters, 1 scoreboard, 1 rule sheet

    I would recommend as there are not many simple, kid friendly games around for older children that don’t cost a fortune or take up a lot of time. Great fun game for older children who enjoy testing their brain. 

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    Wing It Board Game

    1 - Toys WHAT IS IT ABOUT?
    Race around the British countryside to be the first to spot unusual birds and at the same time hamper your opponents (in a variety of evil ways)to prevent them from getting there first. A wonderfully cunning family game that combines education, double-dealing and fun.A surprisingly underhand game, produced in conjunction with the RSPB.All the bird cards are painted by the official RSPB artist and are a collectors item in themselves.WHERE DID THE IDEA COME FROM?
    A couple of years ago at the Toy Fair, a fellow exhibitor and avid bird watcher disappeared for the day as there had been a rare bird spotted on the coast of Norfolk. On his return, he insisted we should create a game based on bird watching, because it is such a popular pastime.After a little research we discovered that the RSPB had over 1 million members. An untapped market, perhaps, so Stuart and I thought we’d give it a go.Early versions involved a rogue birdwatcher with a shotgun, but we thought this was a bit extreme. However, there is still plenty of mischievousness in the game to keep all those non birdwatchers thoroughly engrossed. 
    The quality is excellent; nice images and good information. I think it offers fantastic value for money. I liked the way it introduces my child to birds; unusual game in a positive way. The text on the bird cards is very clear and well written. I would buy this game and tell family and friends about it.

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    WiseUp Board Game

    1 - Toys

    Wouldn’t it be nice to introduce our children to a safe world whilst having fun – to take them on a journey through everyday life, testing their knowledge on everyday situations? Using the WiseUp Children’s Safety Board Game and the 6 TC Kids characters in this Children’s Safety Game, you will be able to educate your children on a whole range of children’s safety issues and help them learn how to live and play safe both inside and outside of the home. The game has been tried and tested in several primary schools around the UK and is now available to the public. WiseUp the Children’s Safety Game includes 250 questions on:-Fire Safety -Road Safety -Stranger Danger -Roller Skating -Emergency Services Information -Basic First Aid -Safety Related Statistics -Disability Awareness -Bullying -Water Safety -Electrical Safety -Firework Safety -Internet Safety -Cycling - Skateboarding -Nutrition -Drug/Solvent Abuse -Safety Signs -Sporting Interests -Racism -Chemical Awareness And many more...The Children’s Safety Game includes:- 1 x folding board
    4 x pack of 50 question and answer cards -1 x pack of 50 risk cards -1 x 50 signs sheet -4 x pawns -1 x dice -1 x 1 dice shaker
    1 x pencil.

    A good educational game that will surely benefit your child.

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    X-tiles Game From Tactic

    1 - Toys Try to get rid of all your tiles by placing them on the table! Just remember the X-Tiles do not behave as you might expect... Comes with a set of unique X-shaped colour tiles. This is a simple but captivating game for the whole family! 
    Suitable 7 years +
    2-6 Players 
    Now we have played this game I certainly would purchase and recommend to others. I would recommend this to friends and family. Highly addictive! I really do not think the packaging shows just how great this game is. Great game for all the family, highly addictive and great for using your logic to beat everyone!

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