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Animatazz by Drumond Park (age 8+) – this cool kit provides everything needed for kids to make their own impressive animated films. A winner on Dragon’s Den in Ireland, this innovative new product is now taking the UK by storm.  Kids create their own ‘stars’ by covering the poseable figures with modelling clay, photograph their individual movements with a digital camera - then upload the results onto their PC or laptop using Movie Maker or similar.  The film can be edited and sound added - then it’s ready to email to friends, or posted on YouTube, Facebook etc. A truly amazing and totally unique new concept which will keep everyone enthralled for hours and hours!

Very pleased, We really enjoyed playing and making movies using this product, its a great way to see your imagination come to life!

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Articulate for Kids - The Fast Talking Description game!

1 - Toys Articulate - the spectacularly successful description game can now be played by kids as young as 6 and as old as 12. This game can also be played with the adult version.
Articulate for Kids is the same fast moving, lively, gripping fun as the adult version. Played in teams, the idea is to describe as many card entries as possible to your team mates in 30 seconds without giving "begins with" or "sounds like" clues.Compiled by an educational specialist there are 336 cards with over 2,000 entries in the same six categories as the original Articulate!Complete with it's own board it can be played alone or along with Articulate! So there's no escape from all those fast talking kids.For 4 - 20 Players
Ages 6 - 12
Overall though a great game and I would definitely purchase knowing now how entertaining it is!

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Bakugan Battlers Starter Pack

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Special Attack Bakugan are the most action packed Bakugan yet, bringing a whole new level of excitement and energy to the battlefield. New dynamic, features make each roll more intense. Enhance your gameplay, add to the overall drama of each battle and brawl like a master with Special Attack Bakugan.

My son is very happy with this product as he does enjoy rougher game playing; these are solid items and can handle being thrown around

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Bananagrams Game

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Bananagrams is a FAST and FUN word game that requires NO pencil, paper or board.  All you need is a table.  One hand can be played in as little as 5 minutes making Bananagrams a great family fun as well as being educational!  Bananagrams portability makes it perfect for travel. The whole game is contained within a fun yellow banana shaped pouch that's just the right size to throw in your handbag.... So just grab the pouch and go! The rules are pretty straight forward. Depending on how many players you have, put all the tiles face down and take a certain number of letter for yourself from the bunch. One player shouts 'Split' and everyone turns their tiles over. Then its up to you to try and connect all your letter into intersecting words. You can re-arrange them as many times as you like until you have used all your tiles. Then you shout 'Peel'. This means all players have to take one more tile from the centre bunch.  This continues until all the tiles are gone. The player to connect the last tile is the winner.  If you are the lucky one you shout 'Bananas' and the game is over... But be careful, a single spelling mistake will make you a 'Rotten Banana!' 

We all really loved the fact this comes in a banana shape case.  Design is great and would make a super gift.

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The Original bubble you can touch and hold. Now you can Catchabubble, stackabubble, connect and collectabubble. These amazing bubbles can last for days.The amazing new Catchabubble solution produces thousands of bubbles that last for ages!Unscrew the stopper and slowly remove the bubble wand from the tube, allowing excess solution to drip back into the tube. Aim the bubble wand upwards and blow gently for a stream of bubbles. Wait a few seconds for the bubbles to harden. Then try to Catchabubble, stackabubble, collectabubble, connectabubble, they're irresistabubble, and they can last for hours for children and their parents too. Suitable for Children Aged 5 Years Plus.  Catchabubble is 100% water soluble but may leave residue on fabrics and other absorbent surfaces. To remove simply use hot water. Bubbles are non-toxic but taste BAD! Young children should NOT use without adult supervision.


If older kids enjoy bubbles and want a fascinating twist on your "bog standard" bubble this is the gift for them! A fascinating twist on the common bubble, lots of fun!

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Use Chatman for Chat: Chat one to one; tell him something and he’ll tell you how he feels about it. Let Chatman join you as your buddy in online chats with your friends. He’ll read what your friends write and give you his own point of view! Chatman is compatible with all major IM platforms including Facebook, MSN, Yahoo and AOL. Chatman has 3 personality options with over 500 actions and over 25 customisable moods. Create new custom personalities by recording your own recorded messages, sounds or ‘chit-chats’. Share ‘chit-chats’ online and download all new personalities, features and applications at

Chatman is suitable for children Aged 8 Years Plus

You Can also follow all updates for Chatman by clicking onto

A great idea that is fun to use, educational and helps to ensure a safer way for children to use the internet. I great quality product that, looked good, was durable and fun to use. It was “hassle free” and did everything that was expected.

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1 - Toys The lightning fast game of Chicken Charades! You only need to know two things – you’ve got to be fast (you only have 10 seconds) and you have to use the rubber chicken to act out your word. Be the player with the most number of points to win the game!Age: 8+ yrs
Number of players: 3+
We had 3 generations playing and everyone enjoyed it. I would recommend. Great fun for the whole family

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Conversation Cubes

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Get your child talking by rolling these appealing cubes!
Ages 6-10
Item No.: LER 7300
Spark discussions that will get all of your students talking. Colourful 4cm soft foam cubes feature 36 engaging questions about students experiences and perspectives, including "Who is the bravest person you know?" and "What foods do you like?" Use in character development activities, brainstorming before writing, and to build oral language, social and listening skills. Activity Guide included.

They are great educational cubes that get you talking as a family and can be fun at the same time.

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Crafts4Kids Dress Your Doll (level 3)

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Sew an outfit fit for any summer festival with the with the Carry Red Vichy outfit from the Dress Your Doll range - the fun way to learn about fashion design and sewing clothes!This set has a front tie shirt, fringed waistcoat and denim shorts to sew - cut the pattern out of the non-fraying, soft and stretchy fabric then sew following the stitching guidelines.  Carry Red Vichy is a level 3 difficulty so children will need some sewing skills or adult input to complete this outfit.
Suitable for Children 8 Years Plus
Overall this product was packaged well with clear and concise instructions. Item was of high quality and easy to use.            

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Dobble Card Game

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Dobble, a visual perception card game suitable for ages 6 and up in which players race to find the one matching image between one card and another. The images may be different sizes and placed on any part of the card, making them difficult to spot. The circular cards feature an assortment of colourful images of everyday items.
Every card is unique and has only one picture in common with every other card in the deck.
Dobble has 5 mini-games: all of them reliant on speedy observation, creating excitement for children and adults alike and keeping every player involved.
• Fill the Well
• The Towering Inferno
• Hot Potato
• Catch them all
• The Poisoned Gift
Suitable 6 +


Great family friendly game     

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Don't Rock The Boat

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Ahoy, mateys! Arrrrr ye ready to set sail on a rockin’ adventure with a crew of 16 pirate penguins? Take turns balancing the pirate penguins on the ship without making it tip! Be ever so careful, if you rock the boat and send the penguins overboard, ye might have to walk the plank! A fun balancing game for all buccaneers!
Age: 5+ yrs
Number of players: 2-4


James and I have both loved playing this game, it has provided hours of laughter whilst exploring educational concepts in his mind.                

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Drumond Park Crazy Claw

1 - Toys The claw, the grabber, the crane... it's that perennial amusement arcade attraction on your own kitchen table! Take turns to be the CLAWMASTER, and make a grab for the ball you need. But keep a steady hand - the other players will be frantically bashing away on the paddles to put you off your grasp! (This is one game where it's just as much fun when it's not even your turn...) There are toy tokens hidden inside those balls; match the three on your card and you've nailed it! Crowning clawmaster... prize pincer... greatest grabber! Claw-tastic fun for kids of five years and above, Crazy Claw pitches concentration and persistence against out-and-out mayhem - a playroom-friendly twist on an old arcade favourite.
2-4 Players - Ages 5+
I would consider buying this game and I would recommend. Delivered hours of entertainment and great for social and hand-eye co-ordinations skills. 

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Drumond Park Og on the Bog Electronic game

1 - Toys You’re trying to steal Og’s loo rolls while he farts and fumes in his bog. Just hope he doesn’t blow his bog to bits with a gigantic fart while you’re too close for comfort!You are a group of adventurous children who want to steal Og’s loo rolls and leave him in a pickle. As you lurk around the bog, take a spin to see if you can sneak a loo roll off its pole. If your hand isn’t steady enough, Og might hear you and scare you away.But beware, if Og does a REALLY EXPLOSIVE fart he blows his bog apart – and you lose your loo roll.
Suitable 5Years + and 2-4 Players 
A very good game and nothing any of us disliked about it. I would recommend. This game is a fun, laugh out loud game for kids of all ages. 

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Drumond Park Rattle Me Bones Game

1 - Toys Take the treasure without waking Captain Boney. Just one tiny twitch and he’ll leap into action to scare you to bits.
Use the spinner to find which colour of treasure you have to take, then gently lift it off Captain Boney. If you waggle it too much, he’ll wake up and leap about, rattling and shaking to scare you away.
Collect three pieces of treasure, then try for his golden hat to win the game.
Suitable 5 Years plus - 2 - 4 Players 
It is a good game so would recommend. My son did enjoy playing but in short spells.

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Drumond Park The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

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The Magic Tooth Fairy Game "magically" changes teeth into glittering gold coins in front of your eyes!
When a kid loses a play-tooth they place it under the Magic Bed's pillow, plunge the Tooth Fairy Wand and hey presto their tooth has turned into a gold coin.Great game play recreates all the tension and excitement of losing a tooth - including that Wobbly Tooth Dilemma: do you have the courage to pull your tooth out - or don't you?

For 2 - 4 Players Suitable 5 Years Plus

I like the idea behind it, my daughter has lost quite a few teeth lately so is excited by the idea of a tooth fairy game. 

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Fred's Ooshie Box - Medium

1 - Toys We will send 6 Ooshies, a Fred's Box Pencil, 2 x design your own postcards for you to draw on (and send to friends and family - or send us one back we'd just love it) and a sticker in each box.Collect all of your favourite characters and look out for the rare & limited edition Ooshies!Fred's Box will never send you the same Ooshie twice and we stock all packs so if you order enough you should be able to get all 40 of each theme! There are lots of themes to chose from and we will add to these as soon as they become available.  The product is well made and my child loved them for his colouring and drawing. The product is well made and my child loved them for his colouring and drawing and playing with his toys. The fact they double as a mini character and a pencil topper is a bonus.

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Frenetic Board Game

1 - Toys Suitable for 2 or more players from 8+, FReNeTiC offers wide appeal, with everyone playing all the time and combines skill, strategy and luck at a frenzied pace.Players race against the clock to form as many words as possible using the element symbol tiles, adding together the atomic numbers of each tile used to create a word. For example : Ba Na Na = Banana = 78 points! Amazingly there are over 10,000 words that can be created using combinations of the element symbols of the FReNeTiC game board. FUN, FrANTiC, AcTiON is guaranteed. Despite it taking us a while to get our heads around the rules, we still enjoyed it. What makes it more enjoyable is when the kids make a word from the element tiles that you as adults hadn't spotted. It is a unique game and one I'm sure we will continue playing for years to come. 

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GeoSafari® Jr. Talking Bug Net™

1 - Toys
This clever, talking net knows which bug has been caught!
Ages 4-8
Teach children about bugs with this clever, talking bug net!Children put one of the included plastic bugs into the Talking Bug Net. The net will automatically identify the bug and provide facts about the bug. The net will then quiz children on that bug. Set includes:Talking Bug Net - Plastic Ladybird, Plastic Butterfly, Plastic Spider, Plastic Bee, Plastic Grasshopper, Plastic Flying Mantis. Talking net measures 28cmL x 14cmW Largest toy bug measures 7cmL x 5cmW Talking Net requires 3 AAA batteries

I have recommended it to my child's school who are going to borrow it for their bug topic next term! Overall a fab product. Great for learning and really good fun. Great for getting everyone involved without needing to stare at some sort of screen and good for in the car or on the go fun. Pleasantly surprised by its constant use... a guilt free way for grabbing a quite 5 minutes to yourself! 

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears from Orchard toys

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears game -Orchard Toys
Suitable for children aged 4-11 Years
Players: 2-4
Race home to stop Goldilocks from eating Baby Bear’s porridge, breaking his chair and sleeping in his bed.
They like playing with the three bears and Goldilocks as figures too as well as taking turns to build the puzzle. It's a great quality product, really thick cardboard so no worries about it getting bent.                 

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Hama Beads Ballerina Gift Box

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Hama Beads are the ultimate craft toy. Their aim has always been to stimulate creative play through producing colourful and imaginative designs with their bead systems. With a selection of different coloured beads, pegboards and gift sets there is plenty of fun to be had. Hama offers a large range of bead craft kits, including generic and top Disney licenses.

Fantastic product, lots of fun to be had

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Harumika Interior Design

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Design a beautiful lounge and use the Harumika wrap and lock technique to make the sofa and hang curtains on the wall frames. Includes selection of different sized materials, wallpapers, sofa, 2 cushions, a coffee table and stickers.
Box Contains
Lounge frame, selection of different sized materials, wallpapers, sofa, 2 cushions, a coffee table and stickers.
You can Design a beautiful Lounge! Make the sofa and hang the curtains! Selection of different sized materials!Different wallpapers and stickers! Suitable for 6 years +


We have had fund using this toy

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Harumika Pop Diva Set

1 - Toys
Enter the extravagant world of pop music and create stylish and wonderful outfits inspired by your favourite artists from Lady Gaga to Pixie Lott!The classy Pop Diva set includes purple dress form, 2 removable corsets to make different skirt shapes, 5 pieces of pop inspired fabric and belt and jewel accessories.For ages 6 years and up

It is a really nice product that can open your child's imagination.  Many hours spent designing beautiful clothes, mixing and matching fabrics. It is well worth it for those budding fashion designers! 

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How To Train Your Dragon Battle & Collapse Playset

1 - Toys

The perfect Arena where vikings can master their Dragon battling skills. Comes with a tower that has a launcher on top on top to shoot projectiles. 5 Years +

Great fun great opportunities for fantasy and role play with the ability to incorporate existing toys and figures into the game

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Lalaloopsy Tinies with Hair

1 - Toys The new Lalaloopsy Tinies™ with Hair figures see original characters with super springy, tangle free Lalaloopsy™ signature lanyard hair. Lalaloopsy Tinies ™ with Hair are available in packs of five and retail at around £9.99. I think it offers good value for money as there isn't just one and each one is different. I would purchase and I would recommend. Really cute and pretty dolls causing lots of hours of play and fun. 

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Little Big Planet Sackboy Keyring

1 - Toys

LittleBigPlanet is a unique community-based game with a hugely innovative concept behind it. Players meet on a blue and green planet scattered with individual plots - and use their character's amazing abilities to play, create and share what they build with other gamers throughout the world via PlayStation Network.

Take LittleBigPlanet with you wherever you go, with this adorable Sackboy keychain!

He instantly knew the characters and enjoyed wearing it on his bag.

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LIV Doll With Dogs

1 - Toys

Liv girls are 4 BFFs who do every activity girls love to do. You can hang out with them in real life and online. All Liv Dolls come with a detailed outfit, a long wig and now, their own puppy.

  • You can hang out with them in real life and online
  • All Liv Dolls come with a detailed outfit, a long wig and now, their own puppy
  • They are fully poseable, have unique hair play, and come with a special code that allows girls to enter the Liv world online at
  • It was great to see my daughter playing with something with a lot of interest

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    Logo Grab

    1 - Toys LOGO GRAB is a riveting and fast-paced game where everyone plays at once. A turbo-charged game of Roll, Spot and Grab!
    Lay out a 3x3 grid of LOGO cards – then roll four 'letter dice'. Everyone tries to match a dice letter with a LOGO card and GRAB THAT DICE.Now comes the brilliant new TWIST!If the dice is silent – you keep the LOGO card. BUT if the dice RINGS – you LOSE A CARD!Only two of the eight dice have bells inside – but it’s shocking how often they seem to pop up!The first player to collect two sets of three cards WINS!
     I would recommend as it would make a great present and is easy to take with you if going away or to someone's house. We all loved this game it is one of the kid’s favourites now. 

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    Loom Twister Loom Kit

    1 - Toys This must-have accessory is great fun for kids to teens. Have loads of fun creating your own unique friendship bracelets, charms, rings and more with easy to follow, simple instructions. There are endless cool, funky designs to make and so many various combinations of colourful bands to use! Each set includes a Loom Board, 600 assorted bands, Loom tool,25 S- Clips and Loom charms, all neatly packed in a handy Looms storage case. There's so much Loomtastic fun to be had creating your own individual designs.

    You can find out more about all the Loom Twister products available and stockists Natuionwide by clicking onto

    This is a very easy to use toy, which encourages creativity and my daughter has never lost interest in this product it keeps her entertained all the time and allows her to create new things. My daughter loves wearing her creations and we took more bands on holiday with us and it kept all the girls entertained. This is excellent and we love it.

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    Mattel Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Stunt Set

    1 - Toys Get racing with the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Basic Stunt Set. Take your races where they've never gone before - off the floor and onto the walls! Stop bouncing your head off the wall and start racing off the wall with all your friends. Stunts, speed, turns, and tricks, powered by gravity and set up any way you can imagine it.Mix, match, and combine with other Wall Tracks sets to create an all-new Hot Wheels competition. Complete track set is safety-tested and easy to hang with safe-for-walls Command™ Strips.Note: Includes one car. Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles. This is an assortment. You will only receive one of the products illustrated.FEATURES:Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Basic Stunt Set - 3 AssortedGreat gift idea for the little car enthusiast in your home.Command strips won't damage walls.Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Basic Stunt Set includes: One die-cast Hot Wheels® car.Full-colour hanging template for easy set-up.Command Strips from 3m.Connects to other Wall Tracks™ sets.Manufacturer's recommended age: 4 and up.Requires assembly.Note: Includes one car. Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles It is really good to find a car track that doesn't take up floor space and need to be constantly cleared away to prevent tripping.

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    Mechanics Gravity Shoot and Catch

    1 - Toys
    The motion of the Mechanics models wins out over gravity thanks to the magnetic engine: this pushes the Geomag spheres upwards and channels them through a circuit of incredible magnetic tricks. Magnetism and gravity have never played so well together.
    Suitable 7 years Plus 
    Good fun product that sparks the imagination.

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    Mighty Beanz 6 Pack & Flip Track

    1 - Toys

    Use your flip track and your beanz to play tons of cool games and perform a bunch of awesome tricks. Each Flip Track comes with an exclusive bean, an obstacle and trick booklet.

    The set of beanz that came are very colourful with great graphics

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    Nubie Doodle Doll

    1 - Toys Doodle Doll by Manuella's Picnic - Nubie Doodle doll available in boy or girl doodle doll that can be scribbled on.  The doll is made of special water-resistant paper. It comes in a cardboard box with a set of permanent markers to create a lifelong keepsake. (cm) 45H -Age range:  3 Years plus
    Material: Water Resistant Paper
    Other features: Height 45cm. Washable at 30 degrees
    A good quality doll and does allow your child to be a little more creative.

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    Orchard Games Animal Safari

    1 - Toys

    Animal Safari Game - Ages: 5-11 Players: 2-4

    Go on safari to find the most animals in this fun, tactical, maths game.

    How many animals will you see? Roll the dice and choose how to move, collecting animals as you go. Be careful, other players may take your animals before you reach the safety of the camp!

    It is a very good product, easy to understand & very enjoyable to play, especially for a group of children.

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    Orchard Games Football Game

    1 - Toys
    Orchard Games Football Game
     Ages: 5-11
    Players: 2-4
    Score the first goal to win the game!Watch the ball pass backwards and forwards as you race to score the winning goal in this exciting game of football!
    Available to purchase online 
    I would recommend as a great game for little football fans.             

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    Orchard Games Pop to the Shops

    1 - Toys

    A fun shopping game. Help children learn about handling money and giving change, by playing this fun shopping game.  Go around the board from shop to shop, using plastic money to buy lots of different items.

    Suitable for Ages: 5-9 - Players: 2-4

    It is a simple idea made fun, well thought through, well made and for the cost would highly recommend.

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    Orchard Toys Magic Cauldron Game

    1 - Toys Add and subtract to fill your cauldron!A unique way to make learning addition and subtraction exciting!Fill bubbling cauldrons with weird and wacky ingredients as you solve the sums. Check the answers by rubbing the heat sensitive 'ghost' patches on the cards to see if you are right.
    Suitable Children 5-8 years 
    Players - 2 - 4
    I would be more than happy to recommend this product to friends and family and I think Noah would show this toy to friends and family that visit and offer to play. Fun, mathematical game to help build confidence in children learning sums with a magical way of revealing the answer.

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    PaperJamz PRO MIC STYLE 1

    1 - Toys

    Paper Jamz Pro microphone lets anyone sound like a pop star! Download the free app. Add your own music. Sing like a star.

     It is a great toy to keep the whole family entertained. I am sure we will have loads more fun with it.

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    PaperPod Fort

    1 - Toys

    With its drawbridge and four turrets the fort can be defended against invaders for days. Then folded away ready for the next attack!

    Flat Pack Size: 69.5 x 36 x 4.4cm
    Assembled Size: 70 x 70 x 35cm
    Weight per unit: 1.8 kg

    When Cameron first saw the Fort set up he said WOW mommy can I play with it?

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    PaperPod Rocket

    1 - Toys

    The Paperpod Rocket - Made In The UK

    The Paperpod Rocket is a fantastic resource to encourage role-play and stimulate your child's imagination.Your young astronauts can decorate both inside and out before zooming off to distant planets to enjoy their own space adventure. Flat Pack Size: 92cm x 90cm x 5cm. Assembled Size: 70 x 70 x 170cm. Weight per unit: 5 kg. Delivery: Courier delivery. Price Includes £5.20 P&P.

    The product was large, with the windows at a perfect height for my daughter to look out of. My daughter enjoyed going in and out, and hiding things in it.

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    PlayMais Pirate Ship Set

    1 - Toys

    PlayMais is an eco-friendly, green and fun new modelling material. Play with it, build with it and get creative  with it.  PlayMais is a revolutionary craft toy using 100% natural ingredients.  Sweetcorn and plant dyes are moulded into a colourful building material, which, using just a dab of water, stick to each other. Like all simple ideas, its brilliant! Once you start you can’t stop – this is THE ideal crafting toy for young artists! Not only is PlayMais fully biodegradable and eco-friendly, all of the packaging and box contents are too – even the cutting tool in each pack is made from the cornstarch! PlayMais has already won awards in its native country Germany, and is taking the UK market by storm, currently holding accolades from the NATLL Good Toy Awards, the ToyTalk Awards and Creative Play

    We loved this product. From my husband and oldest child, down to the youngest, we’ve all had a great time with the playmais and it lasted really well, both in terms of amount of product in the box and lifespan of creations.

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    Playteachers Game

    1 - Toys Hands up if you love to playteachers... ask this question to any group of children and loads of hands shoot up. Kids love school... especially when they're the teachers.playteachers is a role play game which provides children aged 4-10 years with the opportunity to create their very own mini classroom. It can be played with friends, family or even dolls and teddies.With our new playteachers packs imagination has no limits as children can have fun creating their own school using the props enclosed with each pack.
    the children's game which encourages imagination through playbuilds confidencedevelops speaking and listeningis perfect for a mini teacher-to-be

    Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2016 and Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2017 - Toys 5 years Plus Category 
    Nothing I disliked about this game. Great value for money. I would purchase and certainly recommend. Lovely set for role play, great preparation for school.                                                                              

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    POP for Sight Words™ Game

    1 - Toys Practise key word recognition with this entertaining grab-and-go game!
    Ages 5-9
    Students will grab handfuls of fun as they recognise and read aloud high frequency words. Fast-paced game play is great for improving fluency. Includes 100 popcorn cards: 92 high frequency words and eight 'POP' game-play cards. Appealing popcorn storage box measures 7cm W x 16cm H. For 2-4 players.
    Very impressed with this. At first quite concerned that it might not hold Oscars attention but it has far exceeded my expectations.

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    1 - Toys

    Race your opponents to pump air into your 3ft tall inflatable characters which bob and weave as the slowly rise up. The first pumpaloon to fully inflate and sound it’s whistle is the winner! A great game for 2 – 4 players.

    We had easy family fun with a little exercise and healthy competition. It is an easy concept so you can all play straight away with not too many restrictive rules. Great simple safe healthy fun.

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    Save Our Friends Teddy

    1 - Toys The African Friends ethical range of cuddly, super-large toys are our way of showing we care about the animals across Africa who are under real threat of extinction. So many of our friends - lions, elephants, zebras, cheetahs and many more - are in jepoardy due to dwindling natural habitats, disease, loss of prey and most harmful of all, the impact of man. By sending on of our African Friends to your friends or family, you will make a positive contribution to the Born Free Foundation, a charity who's dedicated work across the world helps to protect the threatened species and to stop individual animal suffering. I love this product, and the help that he provides you with when you buy one. I will definitely be buying more for my girls at Christmas time!

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    Speye Know The UK Game Junior Edition

    1 - Toys

    Welcome to Know the UK Game, this is a brand new, fun and educational game made in the United Kingdom (UK) about the United Kingdom.A fun 3 in 1 game for children, friends and the family to play.Children and adults can improve their UK geography knowledge by assembling the hexagonal pieces to complete the jigsaw. OR Answer the knowledge question cards on: Maths, English, Science, UK Geography, UK History.To add fun the challenge cards test each player's cognitive skills, memory, language and speech abilities. OR The two can be played together as a board game by answering knowledge and challenge card questions correctly, then placing the hexagonal jigsaw pieces on the board to complete the map of the UK . The player has to say the name shown on the jigsaw piece as it is placed on the board.The knowledge and challenge cards can be used in the classroom, at home or on that long journey.Each box contains:1 UK map boardHexagonal UK jigsaw piecesKnowledge cardsChallenge cardsKnow the UK Junior Game boxes contain 2 levels of question cards for ages 7 to 11 years (approx)

    I would consider purchasing this to support educational purposes. I would recommend this game to schools. Educational game to support knowledge and awareness of the world in a geographical sense.

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    SpongeBob Shell Sham Game

    1 - Toys On your turn, try to catch a character with the rodCatch the character with the ring, and lift them out of the sea.When you manage to catch a character, keep it and pass the rod to the next player.Catch more clams than other players do to win the gameFun family game with a Spongebob theme!
    Suitable for 508 year olds and 2-6 players 
     I would purchase as a gift and have recommended to family and friends with SpongeBob mad children. A great game to keep children entertained as well as all the family and ideal for SpongeBob Fans. 

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    1 - Toys
    A card game that helps children have fun while picking up the language and rhymes from the story. Players follow rhyming patterns but have special cards to help them out. There is an additional, bonus card game inside where the characters in the story are collected and the first player to have the set, wins.
    Age: 4+Number of players: 2-4
    The quality is very good. Represents good value for money. I would purchase this and highly recommend. Easy to play and kept my son entertained- fun for all! 

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    The Guiness World Record Skipping Rope Set

    1 - Toys
    • Counting Skipping rope set includes rope and book
    • Set contains a skipping rope which records each revolution
    • Includes mini Guinness Book of Records containing facts and fitness based records
    • Try and beat the record of 332 skips a minute
    • All you need is this and lots of stamina!
    Great for getting the competitive moods flowing with the older children and getting everyone to join in to try and beat each other’s skip counts!

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    The Guiness World Space Hopper Set

    1 - Toys
    Turn one of your favourite childhood activities into a world record attempt. Our Space Hopper Set contains a mini book and full sized Space Hopper to help you break the current 100 m record of 30.2 seconds. And if you can gather 1,009 people together for a mass space hopper bouncing session you will have broken that record too!
    Good value also for a fun product that can be used by one person upwards!

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    Who Put the Marmite in the Fridge Game

    1 - Toys WHAT IS IT ABOUT?
    We should all know that Marmite does NOT belong in the fridge, so in this pairing game you must try and avoid being left with the Marmite Jar.Watch out though, your opponents will be trying to offload the marmite jar into your possession at every opportunity.WHERE DID THE IDEA COME FROM?
    ‘Who put the Marmite in the fridge?’ was and still is my daily question.My wife, being French, puts everything in the fridge, including the Marmite. And this annoying habit has now been passed on to my children.Frustrated at trying to spread a lump of hardened Marmite, I invented a game in an attempt to educate them about what should be in the fridge.It hasn’t worked, but a great little game has come out of it.AND HERE’S A BIT MORE INFO….
    A fast, fun, action game of matching the food pairs – just don’t be left holding the Marmite Jar as this should never go in the fridge. If you have it in your hand you need to get rid of it by fair means or foul, bluff or double bluff…..
     I would recommend this game to others. It is a fun game which my child enjoyed playing. 

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    Whotchilli Game

    1 - Toys A little box full of multiple, new & unique card games for you to enjoy at home or on your travels.The games are for 2-6 players, aged 6+ and they take between 5-30 minutes to play.  


    I definitely would buy and recommend. Won't lend it out as I won't get it back. Everyone loved the game and we all had hours of fun and variety. Small enough to play on the move too. 

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    Yellow Moon Beastly Body Bits Puzzle

    1 - Toys

    Take a tour of the human body with a little help from the famous Horrible mad scientist Baron Frankenstein! Spot the Monster's body bits, answer the bloodthirsty quiz, test your teacher and discover how the body works. Plus, learn all about beastly body snatching in the 8 page Loony Leaflet! 300 pieces. Puzzle size 470mm x 670mm. Age 7+.

    My son loves all the horrible histories stuff, so this puzzle was perfect. All in all a very informative, imagination provoking puzzle!

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    Yellow Moon Don't Say It Game

    1 - Toys Where a slip of the tongue can lose you the game! Race against the timer to get your teammates to say a particular word - you can give them clues, but there are certain words you can't say! Could you describe a balloon without saying 'pop', 'blow' or 'float'? Requires 3 x 'AAA' batteries (not included). 2 or more teams. Age 6+. A good simple game that gives lots of fun.

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    You Cannae Push Yer Granny off the Bus Game

    1 - Toys WHAT IS IT ABOUT?
    …but you can push someone else’s off…! Battling Grannies fight it out to be the last Granny on the bus.Can you defend yourself using your tartan shopping trolley and then bash another unfortunate Granny over the head with your handbag.A great kids game especially if Granny is playing.WHERE DID THE IDEA COME FROM?
    I used to sing this classic Scottish children’s song to my children. My wife thought it would be a great title for a children’s game. I couldn’t have agreed more. A game about pushing Grannies off the bus… what’s not to like? Not very politically correct, I know, but it’s all just a bit of fun.
    The quality is very good quality. It offers very good value for money; similar priced games around. This was such a fun game. I would buy this and would also recommend to a friend. It is a very entertaining, fun, family game.

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    Zibits Robot

    1 - Toys

    Zibits Mini Robots - Mega Fun! Each robot is remote-controlled, has great light and sound effects, is highly manoeuvrable, can spin 360 degrees and there are 12 funky styles to collect. With many different accessories and playsets to collect, you can connect them all together to build your own Zibit world.

    After testing this we have been and purchased more…apart from Dex, we already have 4 additional Zibits living with us as well as 2 additional sets too. I would definitely recommend this to others. Good quality and brilliant value for money.

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    Zipit Animal Bag from Fizz Creations

    1 - Toys The biggest of the Zip-It Animals range that can carry just about anything! This mini shoulder bag is great for kids to take to school, to swimming lessons, for sleep overs and more importantly to play with!
    Available in Frog, Bunny and Monster 
    I would recommend this as it is something you would purchase as a present. Very good quality, practical but also has the novelty factor. Something that my daughter would have chosen if she’d seen it in a shop.

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