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All Surface Swingball

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The base is filled with water or sand, or another available ballast to anchor the pole during play and afterwards transforms into a sturdy carry case for maximum convenience. All the components fit easily into the base, you really can take and use this Swingball set anywhere, even indoors. All surface means it can stand on just about anything except water and thin air, but who would want to when you can have this much fun on dry land? All surface Swingball is a high-energy game that will keep you on your toes wherever you choose to play it. Exciting, tough and versatile, looks like it's game, set and match to Swingball.

This is a very good entertaining toy which helped my child enjoy exercise.

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Canopy Den Kit

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The Canopy Den Kit contains all the key components you need to get started and a gorgeous blue starred sheet for your canopy. This set also includes tent pegs so is perfect for setting up dens in the garden or park with friends. PL-UG kits are suitable for use indoors and outside and will keep children entertained for ages, the only limit is their imagination.Includes: x2 Clamps, x2 Hooks, x2 Suckers, x2 Pegs, x4 Grips, x1 Sheet, x1 Sign

I used it with my daughter Lisa and my granddaughter Jessica. Jessica loved it big time and thought she was a great explorer pitching her tents throughout the house and garden.

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didicar is a unique self propelled ride on toy for children (however adults can ride it too!!). didicar is safe and ideal to use indoors or outdoors on any hard, smooth and flat surface. didicar provides exercise in any setting and promotes physical development as well as balance, co-ordination, spacial and speed awareness. didicar provides all the above, but above all else it's just plain FUN!!  Riders from 3 years to, well there is no upper limit, will have years of fun on the only ride on toy for children that both the child and the parents can have fun on at the same time at the same level. Simply turning the wheel left and right moves the didicar, no need for pedals (or feet for that matter), motors, batteries or greasy chains.  Price:  £49.95 Available in Red, Blue, Pink, Purple and Yellow.
didicar conforms to European Safety Standard EN 71 Pts 1,2 3 for toys.Comes with a full three year warranty and the didicar Guarantee.
Fantastic product that is sturdy, well-loved and will last for a long time. They love it! Great experience, would certainly (and have) recommend to others.                

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Dino Construction Co.™ -T-rex Steer Loader

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Part dino, part construction vehicle!
Suitable for children Ages 3-7
T Rex meets Skid Loader for imaginative battling fun! Mega-morph themed construction vehicle promotes early role play. Features hand-powered mechanisms: Action head with movable jaw - Smashing tail - Dino track threads. Perfect for play indoors, outdoors and in the sand pit. Completed vehicle measures 50cm H

Great quality toy and can be used in the home and in the garden.

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Feber 6v Cars Lightning McQueen Battery Powered Car

1 - Toys Now your young ones can enjoy the ride on their favourite car, designed on Disney Cars 2 Lightening McQueen theme!!! It operates with motor and rechargeable 6V battery. Battery and charger included. It has foot accelrator and electric brake. It also have forward and reverse gears. Dimensions(cm approx): 52H x 56W x 106L. Speed 2,2 km/h. Suitable for ages 3 Years + Overall, the children love the car, and any time it is dry outside, my eldest always asks to go and have a drive in the McQueen. It does seem pricey but for what you get, it is well worth it. A very well made car, good quality, very colourful. Loved it very much. Thank you for selecting us to review such a wonderful product. 

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Feber Minnie Mouse 6v Car

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Feber Minnie Mouse 6v Ride on Car is great for little ones keen to get behind the wheel. It comes with a rechargeable battery for hours of fun. There’s a forward and reverse gear, so your youngster can zoom around in any direction, along with a foot accelerator and a foot brake to make sure they can stop and start with ease. Suitable for ages 18 Months and above it has a cute pink and white colour scheme with chunky wheels and a bow shaped seat. There’s also a Minnie Mouse image on the windscreen so your little one can take Minnie for a spin. Features: Includes a 6 volt rechargeable battery and charger. Includes forward and reverse gears. Includes a foot accelerator and electronic brake

Age range from 18 Months +  - L 88.5 cm x H 40 cm x W 55 cm 


This is a great looking sturdy little car, my kids love it and it is a permanent fixture in my lounge as I am not allowed to put it away.   

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Feber Slide 10 with Water

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A water slide and regular slide all-in-one!Simply connect your hose for cool water slide play on a hot day! Disconnect hose for regular, fun sliding action any time! Folds flat for easy storage! Fun, bright colorsDesigned for safety with high banisters 

(Water hose not included)
Technical Information
Weight: 14,5 Kg.Toy dimensions:180 cm (L) - 97 cm (W) - 129 cm (H)Box dimensions:123 cm (L) - 37 cm (W) - 56 cm (H)

It is fantastic for a really warm day as it can convert into a water slide with just the conveyance of attaching a garden hose pipe! I have been so fortunate and thankful to test this for my children and would recommend the feber slide to anyone thinking about purchasing a slide/ water slide for their children.

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Garden Games Giant Snakes and Ladders

1 - Toys Garden Games takes this very traditional family game to a totally new dimension. The giant version puts you right at the heart of the game, where you, yourself act as the counter and move up and down the snakes and ladders of the game. We have also added some new features for extra fun. You may find yourself having to stand on one leg, or taking the opportunity to switch places with any other player on the board. Or, just when you thought you were never going to win, your throw may count double and put you right back in the game.We felt that this traditional family board game could work on a much larger scale in the garden for parties and well just for the fun of it. In 1998 the idea went into planning with the Cardy family working out the board layout so that the game played well for all the family. We found that using counters was less fun than having the players be the counters themselves!The mat that we supply today with our Giant Snakes and Ladders game was designed over many months of playing and replaying the game to ensure that the ladders and the snakes were placed in just the right locations to ensure that the board play was fun yet challenging. So to say the game is tried and tested for fun would be and understatement!!!!After many months of testing and reworking the Garden Games Giant Snakes and Ladders game went on sale in the summer of 1999.Garden Games Snakes and Ladders set comes with a Three metre square PVC playing mat with reinforced eyelets and edging. Perfect to get everyone up and playing! The set also includes lawn pegs to secure the mat to the lawn or grass area and a huge inflatable traditionally numbered black and white plastic dice.       

We used the game whilst friends were round and they too were impressed by it. It is a great family, outdoors game. It kept the whole family active and entertained for quite sometime.  

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Astronaut Super Soaking Space Blaster. Shoots in multiple directions. Fires over 30ft.
Suitable for children aged 6 years Plus

Overall my son loved this water blaster. It is different to what he has had before as this has a backpack part and this one is so much easier for him to play with.

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Mookie Pro Swingball

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Pro Swingball is the ultimate Swingball, perfect for older children and adults who enjoy hitting a real tennis ball.The All Surface base allows you to play on any surface, simply fill the base with water or sand and you're ready to play! Check out these reasons to buy it!Swingball Pro is taller!Swingball Pro is faster!Has a real Tennis BallStronger Power BatsMore stable Base.
Winner of the Bizziebaby Silver Award 2088
Winner of the Bizziebaby Gold Award 2011/12

The children love playing with this and it has been good for taking on picnics as it all folds neatly away in the carry case. It is good for children and adults.

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Mookie Soccer Training Set

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Mookie Soccer Training Set, fun and great for childs reflexes and concentration development.

My children and I loved this toy and I am very pleased with it!

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Mookie Soft Tennis Set in Carry Case

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Mookie Soft Tennis Set in Carry Case.  Comes complete with carry frame.  Suitable from 3 Years Plus.

A fun product for children 5 plus and adults.

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Mookie Stride Scooter

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The stride scooter from the Urban X range is a revolutionary new scooter featuring a patented new way to ride. Cruising is a blast with the stride scooter's unique yet intuitive pedal propulsion system. Just step on, step up and GO!!

Durable steel frame complete with eight inch rugged PVC back wheels for gripping the road. Complete with mountain bike inspired hand braking system to ensure maximum user safety, the cable break system will ensure a quick stop.

 Overall, a real top product that is great fun and good for fitness for the whole family.

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Mookie Swingball Netball

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A junior netball post which is adjustable up to a height of around 2.5m. This children`s netball hoop comes complete with a net, ball and pump. Everything packs neatly into the base for easy storage and transport, take it to Gran`s for the weekend or pop it in the car when you go for a picnic.To set up your netball post simply fill the base with sand, water or some other ballast, assemble the post, blow up the ball and you are ready.The adjustable height makes this set suitable for kids aged 4 years and older.Play anywhere on any surfaceHeigh adjustable up to approx. 2.5mDurable metal hoop and pole constructionVinyl ball and pump includedSuitable for children aged 4 and aboveAll surface baseEverything packs into baseEasy to carry, easy to store

Great product can be enjoyed by all the family and is transportable for fun and games anywhere!!

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Mookie Tailball Backpack Attack

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It's easy to play, just like tennis but with a unique foam Tailball--whacking and smacking fun for all the family. Each player takes a turn to serve the Tailball to the opposing players who must hit the Tailball back over the net. A point is scored if the opposing player allows the Tailball to touch the ground. The unique flight allows you to hit the soft ball as hard as you can without losing control. It can fly high up in the air and will always land the right way up, ideal for developing hand-eye co-ordination. The Tailball streamers slows and stabilises making throwing, striking and catching easier.

Good fun for all the family, compact- ideal for the beach or caravan

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Mölkky Game

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Mölkky in a cardboard box with handle. Set the pins in a formation and throw the Mölkky skittle. To win the game you must score 50 points exactly – go over 50 and your score will go down to 25.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2018 Outdoor Toys Category 

I would recommend as children and families would enjoy it. Both of my children really enjoyed playing molkky. It’s well-made and the packaging is great - very sturdy. It’s a good game to take to the beach or picnic.

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New Modern House from Feber

1 - Toys New from Feber, the Spanish outdoor toy specialist, is the spacious Modern House, a beautiful, brightly-coloured play house for young children. With white panelled walls, a yellow front fascia, an orange tiled roof, plus opening and shutting orange front door and windows, it is the ideal outdoor garden retreat. Children love pretend play and emulating adults, creating their own imaginary world, where they can hide away and play in their very own house. The Modern House helps children develop their imaginations, interact and communicate while stimulating strong physical and mental co-ordination. Of sturdy construction, it is easy to assemble and disassemble and its bright colours are resistant to sunlight and temperature changes. The Modern House measures 115cm long, 100cm wide and 128cm high. 
Suitable from 36 months, the guide retail price of the Feber Modern House is £149.99.
It is a good size so will remain suitable for my son even as he grows. It is sturdy and as it is constructed of only a few parts held together by nuts and bolts it can easily be maintained by just tightening the bolts every now and then if needed. I am particularly happy that there is an opening to the house on each of the sides (1 door and 3 windows) so that when there are a few children playing in there they can always been seen! I think the style of the house is modern and suits my garden. This house has quickly become the centre of our garden play.

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Ogo Sports Disc 12"

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Ogo Sports Disc 12" - Catch and throw balls up to 150feet - Acts as a throwing disc by itself - Can be played by 1,2 or more people - Adapts to many sports activities such as volleyball, tennis and baseball - Awesome with water balloons - a blast at the beach or pool and it will not sink - provides unlimited possibilities for inventive play.  Ages suitability 4+

Ogo Sports Disc 12" £12.99 - Ogo Sports Disc 18" £17.99

Brilliant outdoor fun for everyone from toddlers to grannies!

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OGO Sports Disc Youth Sport Direct

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A fantastic outdoor activity game for all the family. The Ogo Sports disc adapts to various sports activities such as volleyball, baseball and tennis. Can be played in the garden at the park and even at the beach!
Contents: 2 x Ogo Discs1 x Koosh Ball

The kids love it and so do the adults it has kept us entertained for hours. Just wish I had one years ago!

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One World Futbol

1 - Toys The One World Futbol is a nearly indestructible ball that never needs a pump and never goes flat—even when punctured multiple times. Whether for use on the street, at the beach, at home or on the roughest landscapes in the world, the One World Futbol will last for years.Because of its durability, the One World Futbol enables players, organizations, adults and youth to play anwhere on any surface and save money and resources by eliminating the constant need to replace ball. The One World Futbol comes in both an adult size 5 and a youth size 4.
Read more about the nearly indestructible One World Futbol. 
We have had a lot of fun testing this product on family days out; it has been most useful as the ball has not softened or popped even when played with on tough grounds. It also saves a lot of time and messing around with pump. 

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PaperPod Fort

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With its drawbridge and four turrets the fort can be defended against invaders for days. Then folded away ready for the next attack!

Flat Pack Size: 69.5 x 36 x 4.4cm
Assembled Size: 70 x 70 x 35cm
Weight per unit: 1.8 kg

When Cameron first saw the Fort set up he said WOW mommy can I play with it?

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PaperPod Rocket

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The Paperpod Rocket - Made In The UK

The Paperpod Rocket is a fantastic resource to encourage role-play and stimulate your child's imagination.Your young astronauts can decorate both inside and out before zooming off to distant planets to enjoy their own space adventure. Flat Pack Size: 92cm x 90cm x 5cm. Assembled Size: 70 x 70 x 170cm. Weight per unit: 5 kg. Delivery: Courier delivery. Price Includes £5.20 P&P.

The product was large, with the windows at a perfect height for my daughter to look out of. My daughter enjoyed going in and out, and hiding things in it.

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Peppa Pig Playground Ball

1 - Toys Peppa Pig Playground Ball - Tough durable material (100% rubber) - suitable for all surface play - Re-inflatable - Size Approx 41cm - Suitable for 2+ Years - Great to play with friends!  Roll it, throw it, catch it, bounce it, sit on it, roll on it, the fun is endless!!  Lightweight. It's a nice variation on an essential piece of basic play equipment (ball). I would also recommend it to others too. We found it slow to warm to it, but lots of fun by the end. 

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Peppa Pig Trike

1 - Toys A trike that will grow with your child - Suitable from 12months - 3 Years. Maximum weight 20kg. Extrra wide wheels for stability, self locking push bar, storage at back.

A great Trike and designed to grow with your child so will last a few years.

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1 - Toys Scramble Bug is a unique ride on as it moves in all directions (360 degrees) for a more fun and stable ride for the 1 - 3 year old market, enabling them to develop necessary pushing and steering skills required to ride tricycles. The Scramble Bug is ideal for children to learn how to move around freely with the stability of handle bars that remain fixed. Folds and unfolds in three simple steps, folding down to a compact size for portability. Omni directional for complete freedom of movement as the Scramble Bug has incorporated castor wheels and clean, hi-tech styling inspired by insect anatomy including coated wheels for a quiet ride. No assembly required just a few quick movements and the ride on has an appearance of a realistic insect. Fold the back legs down, fold under front wheels and handle bars and the Scramble Bug is ready to store or transport. It was well packaged, easy to assemble and my son loves playing on it. You can't get better than that.    

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Scuttlebug Folding Tricycle – Suitable from 1-3 Year Olds. Lightweight, easy to fold and store. Benefits from front wheel steering for greater manoeuvrability, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  Smooth, quiet and easy to ride and has a unique 3 step folding action. Helps develop balance and steering skills.  Easy to fold and transport.  Safe-Reliable & Durable. Available in Beetle, Bumble Bee, Dragonfly & Flowerbug

My initial impression of this product was fantastic. It is very colourful and attractive to a child’s eye. The scuttle bug came assembled but it folds away flat. The folding and unfolding of this product is very easy and not time consuming as is a lot kids toys.

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Smart Trike All In One Stage 2

1 - Toys Smart Trike All In One is a one of a kind innovation, especially designed to meet the multi-functional nees of the child at a very young age.  This modular product is used for home and outdoor use and consists of 6 stages.  Initially the product starts as a rocking cradle, proceeds to a push along and a push along ride-on, then advances to an independent ride on and finally transfors to a scooter.  It includes a washable quality seat cover and is available in a variety of colours.  Suitable 6 Months - 2 Years Plus. A really great product from Smart Trike.

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Smart Trike Deluxe

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Smart Trike "Deluxe”, is a "Right Start Best Toy” Award” winner. The unique 3 in 1 multi-featured tricycle is designed for quality and functionality for a baby 10 months and up. The Smart Trike Deluxe is equipped with an adjustable telescopic 5-position steering handle that allows the parent to take control of the trike while the child is learning to ride. It also includes a bottle holder and play phone for the child's amusement. The built-in clutch gives the option of ride control to the parent or to the child. The product includes a washable, quality seat cover available in a range of colors together with a useful functional bag.

Overall we love the smart trike, is lovely to use even doing the school run or nipping to the shops as is so easy to push and she loves to be sat in it. I am looking forward to getting a lot of use out of this in the summer.

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Smart Trike Plus - Unisex

1 - Toys The ultimate steer & grow trike. A trike developed to grow with your child. Designed for safety and comfort featuring detachable safety harness, seatbelts, detachable sunshade, high back rest and fold away footrest. Removable parent steering handle allows the parent to control the direction of the ride. Suitable from 10 Months through to 3 Years Plus. A brilliant trike which is easy to use, versatile and will last.

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Smart Trike Plus Girls

1 - Toys The ultimate steer & Grow trike.  Developed to grow with your child.  Designed for safety & comfort featuring detachable safety harness, seatbelts, detachable sunshade, high back rest and fold away footrest.  Removable parent steering handle allows the parent to control the direction of the ride.  Suitable for toddlers as young as 10+ Months  and grows with the child throughout its developing years up to 36+ Months. I would highly recommend this product, brilliant value for money and grows with your child.

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Smart Trike Recliner Stroller, 4-in-1

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Smart-Trike Recliner Stroller, 4-in-1 At 6 months it’s a stroller.

At 24 months – remove the handle and it’s a tricycle! Give your child a head start in life by fostering confidence and motor skills with the first tricycle ever designed for babies from 6 months. This award winning best seller tricycle grows with your child.Adjustable, tilting recliner seat for happy naps. Adjustable, detachable parent steering handle for full parent control during the first stages. Double foot rest – one for 6 months (later removed) and one for 10 months. Stroller rubber wheels for extra smooth rides, anti -roll over bucket, parent brake and a press-out clutch for free-wheeling (protects baby’s feet). Sturdy – Full metal construction. Designed for babies from 6 months and up to 36 months +.

The seat and the padded straps are comfortable and the safety bar will ensure a peace of mind for the younger ones.  The steering is very good and the handling extremely stable.  It is like the Rolls Royce of trikes.

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Smart Trike Zoo Collection Trikes

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Mookie are proud to present the latest Premium range from Smart trike, the Zoo collection.  This unique 3 in 1 multi feature tricycle suitable from 10 months provides a safe way of travelling from and early age.  It grows with the child to the age of 3 years plus.  Parents steer the product with the unique telescopic, adjustable handle.  The built-in clutch gives the option of ride control to either the parent or the child.  the comfortable, washable seat cover and fashionable material prints, inspired by the natural world, animals and creatures, gives it a fun, trendy look.

Very easy to steer with the adjustable height steering handle.  Good quality and safe.

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SmarTrike’s 5 in 1 Recliner Infinity Tricycle

1 - Toys SmarTrike’s 5 in 1 Recliner Infinity Blue Tricycle is designed for babies from 10 months to 3 years. It adjusts and grows with your child so you can get longer use out of it. SmarTrike’s 5 in 1 Recliner Tricycle has a full metal construction and built-in suspension that gives baby a 100% comfort ride.With the lightest touch the Recliner Infinity Tricycle manoeuvres like a stroller. The smart patented Touch Steering technology is engineered to the very last detail for parent comfort. The unique navigator button on the mudguard lets one switch from parent Touch Steering to child ride-control.The functional washable, padded seat cover is stylishly coordinated with the extendable canopy, the parent bag and the large, multi- purpose storage bagStage 1: Sleep mode - High back seat reclines, baby rests in comfort and security.Stage 2: At 10 months baby safely uses foot rest & sits comfortably in padded seat.Stage 3: At 18 months baby can sit upright independently, remove the safety bar. Parents continue to push and control the trike. Baby enjoys the ride while developing confidence, balance and motor skills.Stage 4: At 24 months it becomes a training trike where kids learn to pedal.Stage 5: At 30 months you can remove the parent handle, close the safety clutch and it becomes an independent trike that kids pedal by themselves. A really good feature is that you can switch off the pedals which are great if you have a younger child that can’t pedal yet. The bags that attach are super handy for storing things like keys etc. in the smaller one and shopping or nappy change stuff in the larger one. I like the fact that it has as a sun canopy but maybe a rain cover would also be useful on future models? All in all I would give this product 5 out of 5 anything that brings my girl that much in enjoyment is good in my book. 

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Spooner Board

1 - Toys

The ultimate fun board ride it-jump it-spin it-slide it, any surface, any space. Practice tricks, improve boarding skills, excellent balance training and core work out.


 I have been telling everyone about it. It is great family fun, excellent for exercise, balancing. It's durable, and keeps kids entertained as there are many ways to play on it.

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Teepee Play Tent (great for indoor and outdoor)

1 - Toys
Teepee Play Tent (great for indoor and outdoor) 

Teepee Wigwam play tent made with natural cotton canvas and wooden poles for wonderful durability and strength. The thick cotton canvas has a waterproof coating so it's perfect for indoors and outdoors in the garden, and the thick wooden poles are really easy to assemble using sturdy plastic connectors and pre-sewn fabric pockets to provide a strong and stable support. Available in a range of styles ideal for boys and girls. This will  inspire lots of imaginative play and providing a space for siblings and friends to enjoy playing together  and provide a long lasting play area for the children.

Lovely fun product that will stand the test of time through play & creativity. Really lovely product. Well made, simple to use. Takes up quite a lot of space however that means your children have plenty of room inside to enjoy their adventures. 

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Throwall from Youth Sport Direct

1 - Toys Endorsed by UK Athletics the Throwall is a fun and unique product that children will really enjoy using. It encourages children to be creative and also can enhance the development of their fundamental throwing skills.£12.99 (excluding delivery)Throwall is unique and its all encompassing design enables the user to mimic the principles of Javelin, Hammer and Shot Putt to name a few. Throwall has a dart shaped head which is ideal for practicing shot putt and American Football passes. The rear grip handle designed for hammer and discus practice is life like and effective in its sport skill development. The padded shaft mimics javelin and dart games and the product is flight tested for accuracy and stability, encompassing a soft PU head for safety making the product an all round benefit for the user. Schools and youth groups are the perfect places to encourage this interest and inexpensive sports related toys and games will be a valuable resource. This is a fun introduction to field athletics.

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Wurlybird Junior

1 - Toys Wurlybird Junior - Suitable for children aged 3-8 Years - Shoulder harness - Designer high-sided seats - Designer hand safety holding bars - Foot rests - Rubberised non-slip feet on sprung legs (non-folding) -6 foot span.  Both models use the same unique patented rotating mechanism and can be used by one rider or two.  Feel confidence and comfort with ergonomically high-sided seats, foot supports and soft easy grip handles.  The easy-to-operate handles providing self propelled action, fast or slow.  Wurlybird Flyers built-in safety features are compliant with international safety requirements. This is a fun, eyecatching toy, very interesting design and keeps your children amused and happy.   

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YBIKE Extreme

1 - Toys

A fantastic new bike made especially for kids. The YBIKE Extreme has been engineered with safety in mind and designed to help improve your child's balance and co-ordination skills.

This pushbike is tough. The YBIKE Extreme sports an all-aluminium frame construction (which makes for a bike that is resistant to corrosion), lighter weight and a superior finish.

When it comes to kids, safety is the main concern. For this reason, the front wheel is considerably further forward, affording a bigger turning circle, which reduces the risk of falling over the front when turning. The YBIKE Extreme body is designed for better clearance of obstacles and the larger wheels produce a safer ride on uneven surfaces.

any child can benefit from it and its good fun!

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YBIKE Original

1 - Toys

Enjoy the freedom of the outdoors and the joys of cycling from as early as 2 years old. The YBIKE will help your child develop an early sense of balance and control, along with independence, self-confidence and happiness! Kids who tested the bike for 20-30 minutes twice a week showed the following improvements: Substantial improvements in both static and dynamic balance -Substantial improvements in bilateral coordination -Observable improvements in physical self-confidence (testing by Prof ES Bressan, Dept. of Sport Science, Stellenbosch University)Recommended age 2 - 4 year olds, but can be used by most kids over 2 years old and weighing less than 50kg. Many 5 - 8 year olds enjoy playing with YBIKE!

This is a lovely product that requires a little skill, but that most children have found easier and more enjoyable to use on their own than trikes and scooters.

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Pewi is a new innovative "Walking Buddy/Ride-on for the toddler market". Beginning as young as 9 months Pewi is the coolest, sleekest walker around. However, unlike traditional Walkers on the market where the child is typically sitting in the walker the Pewi actually enhances body and space awareness. In a traditional walker a child does not learn to fall as he or she typically just sits or hangs in the unit. With the Pewi the Child stands freely in front of Pewi using it only as an aid. They can easily let go of Pewi and sit on the ground or knock other items themselves. This freedom of movement at a young age has proven to stimulate body in space awareness a key for balance and motor skill development.

All of my friends commented on it, the kids loved it, it is a great toy and would definitely recommend! A very good toy, much better than your usual ride along toys!

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