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Coconut and chocolate Travel Play mat

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Baby will always have their own space to play. They fold up and are easy to take with you on your adventures. If that round the world on holiday, round to the Grand Parents, baby groups or meeting mums for coffee! 
The travel mats are designed for new-born to crawling, they include a name or snuggle toy. They are designed with sleepy, just beginning to explore babies in mind, so the letters come without rattles and noisy parts. This is so, if baby falls asleep, they wont be woken by a letter in their hand. They are designed with little hands in mind, to start exploring. They are not designed as bright loud plastic play mats, like others on the market, which can bombard the senses of tiny babies. They are made to be soft, and calming, easy to fold and take with you. Allowing other items to be folded up for travel with them. Once baby is more on the move and needs a little more space, then we recommend the full size, this can have rattles and noisy fabric included with it.  You can also add to your play mat be it full size or travel, with matching items. Our toys, come in three types. Tiny, which is for new-born up, little hands and quiet. Play, these are a little bigger and noisy. Toddler, these are larger and for on the go toddlers. Please note, that each one is a total one off, designed and drawn out just for your baby. We do welcome feedback, and know that our customers keep these mats for the years to come. They are used not only to pop to friends but to head off around the world. 
 I loved the colour of the mat. This mat definitely helped my son with his development; my son was able to have more floor time at more places meaning he was able to practice rolling over, which he has now mastered.  

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