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First Tailball Net Set

1 - Travel Products & Acces... First Tailball Net Set - Unique Tailball Streamerball - Includes 2 lightweight checker bats, everything packs into base, easy to carry, easy to store.  Suitable for ages 3+ Years.  Who can Play? Anyone who already has good hand-eye co-ordination or wants to develop it.  The streamerball tails slow the flight of the soft foam Tailball.  The checkerbats are lightweight and sizes for small hads to grip easily.  Play anywhere on any surface. Overall it is just great fun and good value for money for use inside or outside.

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First Thomas Swingball Game

1 - Travel Products & Accessories First Thomas Swingball - The perfect introductin to Swingball for the youngest players.  Colourful Thomas the tank engine graphics - Soft, safe foam ball - Coloured lightweight slim grip checkerbats - Everything packs into base - Easy to carry, easy to store - All surface base - Suitable for ages 3 Years Plus - Thomas & Percy move back and forth as the game is played -Pole printed with rail tracks.  

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Go Vinci Hard Back Activity Backpack

1 - Traved Products & Acces

The Go Vinci Hard Back Activity Backpack from Mookie Toys is Stylish and comfortable design complete with colouring sheetAll-in-one backpack, drawing table and mobile art display, simply draw, place and goDurable cover doubles as solid work surfaceSafety reflectors on shoulder strapsAmple storage for on the go essentials

A lovely colourful backpack, versatile and durable with plenty of room inside.

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Huggleme Pillows

1 - Traved Products & Acces

Your truly huggle and travel companion. A pillow that can go where you go!They can be used for the beach, whilst camping, picnics, sailing, relaxing in front of telly , playing computer games or when sleep. The huggleme pillows are great for journeys by car, train, plane, and boat.Made of soft, durable stretch fabric, containing thousands of ultra micro-polystyrene beads for superior comfort.Huggleme pillows are easy care.Hypoallergenic and fully machine washable on 30 degrees delicate cycle.Kids love it, everyone love it.

I would purchase this item and definitely recommend as it would make a lovely present too. Practical, Funny & huggable!!

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Jofli The Travelling Teddy Bear

1 - Traved Products & Acces Jofli The Travelling Teddy Bear - Not just a travel bear and not just for children. A unique gift, an educational toy, and the perfect companion for all your adventures.
Premium quality design
Detachable backpack with story, log book & pen
ID registration for interactive online features
Removable hat and scarf
Overall, a fantastic creation! Jofli is both loveable and educational.

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Mookie Catcher Game

1 - Travel Products & Acces...

No one does fun like Mookie both indoors and out, we have got the perfect accessory for every game.

A more classic version of Catcherball, without the sticky fingers, but just as weird and wonderful as the ball flies between and fixes onto the brightly coloured panesl; A great game for improving hand-eyecoordination.  Suitable for children aged 3 years plus.  Includes nylon look ball and 2 catch discs.

This was a great toy to test it kept Cody busy for hours, well worth the money.

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Pillow Pets

1 - Traved Products & Acces
Pillow Pets are the ideal  naptime companion.  Made of high quality, super soft chenille making them super cuddly. Extremely versatile and very cuteVelcro fastener, can quickly and easily be folded and unfolded. Pillow pets are a favourite with all ages; from toddlers to teens, expectant mothers to grandmothers.
Available in Bumble Bee or Ladybug
I would recommend it to everyone. It's a lovely product and my daughter adores it, so much so I have bought her a different character of it, so she can give the other one to her brother. They are sooo fluffy and cuddly…wish I had one!

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Swingball Centre

1 - Travel Products & Accessories The Swingball Centre with 4 great games in 1 it is your own private sprots club that amazingly can just be packed away in 2 clever carry-cases.  Wherever you want to play you have the choice of Volley Ball, Shuttle Ball, Tailball Tennis & Junior Swingball. Also with the all surface bases you can play anywhere, anytime on any surface. This is portable as all components pack down into 2 carry-cases.  Suitable for ages 3 years plus.   Four fun games in one box - a great toy for sunny summer days.

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Swingball Flying Rocket Ball

1 - Travel Products & Accessories Taiball is the great new range of products from the people who bought you Swingball.  Each item features the unique Tailball streamer set, which slows and stabilises flight making throwing, strking & catching easier.  Designed as a progression to shuttlecock play - Unique Tailball slows down flight - Creating an almost slow motion effect in play - Tailball makes play easier for children - Makes a swooshing noise in flight -Suitable for children aged 3 Years Plus.   A great toy for families with children of different ages, as they can all play together. 

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Trunki 4 in 1 Travel Toy Box

1 - Traved Products & Acces

Make tidying fun for tots with the 4 in 1 Trunki Travel Toy Box; the world’s first ride-on, push-around, travelling toy box! Take toys and games with you wherever you go; simply lift off the lid, stash the toys and away you go. With the lid on, turn the whole thing over and it ís a ride-on toy box! It also doubles up as a rocking cradle to help Ted get a well earned rest and if you own more than one toy box clip them together to make a Trunki train! Lightweight, durable and fun, with generous space inside, the perfect solution for toys at home and on the move.

A great product that is functional but sometimes the fact that the children can ride it is annoying as you find the box with toys strewn everywhere in various places around the house – obviously this is a good sign that the children are enjoying it.

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Trunki SnooziHedz

1 - Traved Products & Acces
Trunki SnooziHeds are available in a wide range of Animal styles.
SnooziHedz features
Cosy fleece blanket Handy pocketTrunki Grips™Inflatable insertPlush soft pillowTravel pal for the journey!
Pippin the Penguin is the ultimate travel essential for the car, plane or train. The cute character simply unzips to reveal an inflatable insert for the pillow and a plush fleece blanket, ensuring little ones are comfy and warm from head to toe. The blanket also features a pocket for teddy to take some shut-eye too.SnooziHedz features the unique Trunki Grip™ on both the pillow and blanket. This enables parents to connect the blanket to the pillow preventing it from sliding off in transit, leaving parents to relax safe in the knowledge their little one is tucked up and toasty!50p from every Pippin sold will be donated to Bristol Zoo to help penguin conservation in South Africa. You can find out more about their work here

Both my children who are 4 & 22 months have loved this blanket & pillow.

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Wandering Monkey Activity Pack

1 - Travel Products & Accessories

A totally unique and original offering to Travel for children from 3 up. Ideal for occupying children?s time while travelling or at their destination with loads of activities to do. Contains games, stickers, felt pens, stencils, postcards, diary and puzzles to solve! The ultimate choice for a travel/Holiday activity pack.

Great idea, easy to use and ideal size to be carried with me too

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