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Closer to Nature® Freedom™ Breast Pads

1 - Breast Feeding

Designed to be ultra-absorbent thanks to a special moisture trapping layer, which means that they are also more economical to use because you don’t have to change them so often. They’re very thin and discreet, so they don’t show through your clothing, with a sticky pad to hold them in place in your bra. The lining is silky soft and breathable so you stay feeling dry and comfortable.  Each pad is individually wrapped too, so you can put in your handbag or changing bag knowing they’ll stay clean and ready to use. Ultra-absorbent - Contoured to fit -Thin and discreet - Silky soft lining -Twin wrapped

By far and away the best breast pads that I have used, they are comfortable, soft and practical.

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Haberman Lovi Breastpads

1 - Breast Feeding
These disposable breast pads are part of our nurture & breastfeeding range of premium products designed or selected by Haberman. Super absorbent, ultra thin and ideal for use both night and day, thee wide, long anti-slip tape keeps the pad in place. Their contoured shape means they are particularly discreet.   The inner layer turns moisture into gel, making them super- absorbent whilst letting your skin breathe. Each pad is individually wrapped to ensure maximum hygiene and convenience; ideal for use whether you are at home or out and about.RRP: £5.99 (40 pcs)

I would purchase these again and recommend. These are a good product, conveniently packaged, and do the job

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Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads

1 - Breast Feeding Nursing Pads have an ultra-thin but super-absorbent contour for a natural fit that won't show under clothing. The soft, stay-dry lining draws milk away from the skin and into the core of the pad where it is absorbed by a special polymer to prevent leakage. Featuring a non-slip adhesive tape so that the pad stays in place, this is the only polymer style pad that keeps its shape when wet. So pleased to have tested these and I use them every day.

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Nature Babycare Eco Breast Pads

1 - Breast Feeding

The top and bottom layers of each Pad are in the finest Nonwoven, and made from natural tree pulp. Soft on the skin and kind to nature.
Inside, there is a rich and effective absorbency layer made from natural tree pulp and a natural super absorbent.
All these layers have the approval of the Scandinavian Environmental Society. Inside the Pad there is also a fluid-resistant and hygienic film based on GM-free 100% natural maize, a soft layer that also breathes and prevents nipple irritation. The entire product is based on natural and renewable materials.

Although these are slightly more expensive they represent value for money as they are so much nicer and Eco friendly.

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Organyc organic cotton breast pads

1 - Breast Feeding
100% Organic Cotton - Organic Cotton Breast Pads - 24 breast pads per pack100% 
Organic Cotton Breast PadsSoft and gentle breast pads, breathable and amazingly comfortable.• Organic cotton breast pads naturally absorbent, easy to appreciate during breast feeding.
These breast pads are wonderful quality, organic and soft against the skin, they last longer for me than other breast pads I have used and they are also more comfortable. A high quality product at an affordable price, organic and good for the environment. I will definitely be recommending these to new mums. 

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