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BelleBelly Breastfeeding band

1 - Breast Feeding
BelleBelly is THE essential wardrobe item for breastfeeding.
What is a BelleBelly?
It’s what you’ve been waiting for – a belly band designed to fit you when you breastfeed. It’s A-line shaped (smaller at the top and bigger at the bottom), and full length (from underbust to hips).
Use a BelleBelly to turn all your tops into nursing tops, expanding your wardrobe and saving you money.
It’s also a must have for pregnancy to fill the gap between your tops and your bottoms when your bump gets bigger.
How do I wear my BelleBelly?
Put it on over your head before you put on the rest of your clothes. Wear it tucked in or out at the bottom for a ‘layered look’. Wear it every day. No more only going out between feeds, put on your BelleBelly and be ready wherever you are.
When it’s time to feed, just lift up your normal top and your BelleBelly’s got you covered.
BelleBelly made of Natural fibres with plenty of stretch
It’s 95% cotton so it doesn’t make you sweaty – keeps you cool in summer and warm in the winter.
It’s also 5% elastane which gives it the stretch your belly needs as you’re growing your baby. And the spring it needs to return to it’s original shape just like your belly.
It’s available in 3 sizes – Small, Medium and Large:
Small designed for UK dress sizes 8 to 10
Medium designed for UK dress sizes 12 to 14
Large designed for UK dress sizes 16 to 20

The coverage of the band was great and covered my hips which meant it was possible to wear shorter tops and feel at ease. It is very discrete and is not bulky.

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Boob Fast Food Swimsuit

1 - Breast Feeding
 A super multifunctional swimsuit for both pregnancy and nursing. Adjustable shoulder straps that can be varied in several different ways or removed completely. It features our clever nursing function that allows for discreet and comfortable breastfeeding. Upright drawstring at the front nursing overlap. Adjustable pull strings at both sides provides room for the growing belly and gives a flattering fit post pregnancy. Nice and soft in 80% polyamide and 20% elastane. Chlorine resistant. Machine washable, 40° C, without fabric softener. Made in Turkey
Available in Black, Framboise & Safari
I would recommend this in fact I already have to other swimming mums! Also the swimming teacher is thinking of recommending it to the swim school to stock in their online shop. A comfortable and flattering swimsuit that made me feel confident in the pool made of good quality material which washes well and feels like it will last.

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Closer To Nature Cooling Pads

1 - Breast Feeding

The breast cooling pads are a handy 6 pack. The pads are sterile  and are individually wrapped. The advanced technological hydrogel used in the pads is suitable to go in refrigerator to cool and soothe sore breasts. The pads moisturise the skin and maximise healing.

  • Helps prevent and heal cracked nipples
  • Maximises healing
  • Moisturises skin
  • Cooling, soothing and refreshing
  • Individually wrapped
Overall I love the product; it cools well and does provide relief when you need it.

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Cupcake Nursing Bra & Knickers

1 - Breast Feeding
  • silky soft microfibre with stretch graphic lace means the bra will adapt to your changing shape
  • soft bamboo lining for total comfort (bacteriostatic and 4 x more absorbent than cotton)
  • plastic clips that open one-handed for easy feeding
  • 6 row hook and eye to ensure long-lasting wear
  • fully machine washable at 40 degrees
  • Bright, young, fun and sexy yet still practical

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    Cuski Great Swandoodle

    1 - Breast Feeding Introducing The Great Swandoodle – the largest (140 x 140cm) Multi-Use luxury bamboo muslin blanket for Mama & Baby available! This is the Creme De La Creme of all GIANT muslins.*Exciting News: Using the Great Swandoodles & Mini Swandoodles has reduced flair ups with children/babies who have allergies/asthma/eczema. Made from 100% bamboo rayon which is ultra soft and breathable, The Great Swandoodle has a wide range of uses:Baby shawl. Baby swaddle Baby essential. A must-have for car, train or air journeys as light cover Light enough to fit in hand luggage for use as a cover while travelling Modesty cover while nursing And is perfect for daytime snuggle while you’re chilling…!Size: 55 inches x 55 inches ~ 140 cm x 140 cm Wash at 30 degrees in the washing machine to become the softest swan on the block!Bamboo rayon has anti-bacterial qualities which makes it perfect for baby and temperature regulating properties, it will keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat! Beneficial to sensitive skin. Made for all year round use.

    Bizziebaby GOLD Award Winners 2017 
    As already mentioned I couldn’t get over how soft it was, especially after washing. Very durable and glad to see that the colour hasn’t faded. Very good value and I would recommend to others. I would purchase this item. Definitely recommend, especially to put in their hospital bags to have it there to keep you both warm for those first cuddles! I can’t fault this item. I love it, it’s a perfect all round cover, from your first cuddles to keeping you warm while feeding at night.       

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    Frugi Diva Dress

    1 - Breast Feeding This Organic Breast Feeding dress is so discreet and stylish that it won the gold award for Best Feeding Top/Bra in the Practical Parenting Awards this year! It works brilliantly over jeans or just fling on your favourite pair of boots! With a panel around the bust that can be lifted for quick, easy access, and ties at the back for a perfect fit.
    The most modern and practical breastfeeding dress out there.

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    Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags

    1 - Breast Feeding Storage Bags are pre-sterilised and made from food-safe polyethylene. Manufacturing process enables us to produce these medical grade bags without using plasticisers - preventing substances which could be harmful to your baby from getting into your breastmilk. Has a double zipper for a secure seal - A write-on tab outside the fill area to eliminate potential puncture and milk contamination. Come in tissue pack dispenser - easy access & storage -gusseted bottom to allow for expansion - developed specifically for the freezer. The label I found was easy to write on and easy to read. The shape of the bag makes it easy to pour into a bottle too

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    Lansinoh LatchAssist

    1 - Breast Feeding

    Have your baby positioned for breastfeeding and then use the LatchAssist™ as directed. This will enable your baby to latch on to your breast as soon as your nipple is drawn out. Small and convenient, the LatchAssist™ comes with a case so that you can have it with you wherever you are, whenever you may need to draw out your nipple for a better latch.

    It’s a simple and straightforward product that can help make breast feeding easier.

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    Lansinoh Milk Storage Bottles

    1 - Breast Feeding Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bottles are made from 100% polypropylene, the preferred plastic for breastmilk storage. They are dishwasher and freezer safe, with a specially designed sealing disk to prevent the bottle from leaking. Each box contains four standard narrow neck 150 ml storage bottles, collars and disks.  I enjoyed using the product, it was easy to use, clean and store.

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    Mama Jewels Baby Proof Jewellery

    1 - Breast Feeding

    Teething necklaces, Breastfeeding necklaces, Nursing necklaces andMexican Bola pendants all Gifts for gorgeous motherhood 

    Mama Jewels is all about gorgeous motherhood, whether it's Mum to be gifts, unique new mum gifts or breastfeeding necklaces, we have a gorgeous selection of teething necklaces and nursing necklaces too.

    We believe that Mum shouldn’t sacrifice their style and that a happy mummy makes a happy baby. Our unrivalled selection of New mum gifts, breastfeeding bracelets and pregnancy baby bola necklaces create the perfect new mum gift at any stage. 

    Anyone that has had to give up wearing jewellery for fear of either baby breaking it or hurting themselves will love this product.  Great for mums and babies. 

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    1 - Breast Feeding

    From birth, babies experience the scent of their mothers, especially during breastfeeding. Research has shown that the smell of the mother, and in particular the smell originating from the breast region, is vital as: Babies can recognize their mothers by smell alone. Babies are calmed and comforted by the smell of their mother. Pheromones from the nipple region promote healthy feeding behaviour (latching, sucking, etc) Scent helps to keep a healthy bond between baby and mother. Mamascent™ is a bottle attachment that reproduces these sensory benefits of breastfeeding for bottle-fed babies. It consists of a pad that becomes infused with the smell of the mother. A petal from the pad can be attached to a bottle to calm and comfort baby during bottle feeding.Mamascent™ is for mothers who wish to integrate a bottle with breastfeeding, enabling someone else to feed the baby. Mamascent™ can also be used for weaning a breastfed baby from the breast to a bottle and for mothers seeking an aid in how to stop breastfeeding too.

    Overall I believe this may work maybe with younger babies. The product is easy to use with clear instructions and overall a brilliant idea backed up scientifically. 

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    Milkies Milk-Saver

    1 - Breast Feeding

    Perfect for the breastfeeding Mum. The Milk - Saver collects milk from the non-feeding breast while breastfeeding. Don't let your precious breast milk be absorbed into a nursing pad and thrown away. The average nursing Mum leaks 1-4 ounces of milk each time she feeds her baby. Save every drop.
    Helps easily store extra milk. Discreet and easy to use. Keeps Mum dry and comfortable. Usable with any bra style. Durable - use it as long as you choose to breastfeed.

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    Momby Breast Feeding and Bottle Feeding Support

    1 - Breast Feeding
    The Momby Breast Feeding and Bottle Feeding Support – is an innovative light-weight baby feeding cradle that ensures baby’s correct position during feeding, compared to conventional breastfeeding pillows.
    Momby  Breastfeeding Support comes with many benefits including assisting with thesymptoms of reflux and colic and flat head syndrome. Momby ensures correct positioning of baby during breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Momby reduces back pain for mothers, as well as shoulder and tummy pain.The inventor of the Momby, leading Korean paediatrician Professor Do Kyun Kim, is a renowned medical doctor specialising in emergency medical science and pediatrics.Professor Kim holds a Ph.D in paediatrics and is widely published. The Professor is a member of the Korean Society of Paediatrics, the Korean Society of Paediatrics Respitory and Allergy as well as the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine
    The Momby is available in Blue, Pink or Yellow
    I have recommended this product to so many of my mummy friends as its just made our lives so much easier, its reduced her reflux and colic in the evening has almost disappeared. I honestly believe this is due to the positionin which my daughter is held in the support. Overall it is truly brilliant.              

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    Nutrimum Breastfeeding Cereal Bars

    1 - Breast Feeding Tailored nutrition while breastfeeding. One a day & replaces your breastfeeding supplement. 10 keys nutrients required during breastfeeding - Folic acid, Vitamin D, Iron, Iodine, Zinc, Omega 3 (DHA), Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B7 (Biotin). Source of fibre. Low in salt. Ready to eat. No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians

    Preparation and UsageDosage: One portion per day.Do not exceed recommended intake.Instructions for use: One nutrimum cereal bar per day replaces the need for other supplementation. Do not combine with any other form of supplementation without seeking medical advice.This product should not replace a varied diet.
    I would defiantly consider buying this product in the future as a treat and I would like to try the other flavours on offer. I think having a food form of supplement is a great idea during pregnancy and breastfeeding and may encourage more people to be taking the correct vitamins as some women don’t like taking tablets and also sometimes it’s hard to take a big tablet during those sickly first few months of pregnancy. I think this is a valuable option to get your recommended dose of supplements a day.

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    Pregnacare® Breastfeeding - 84 tablets/capsules

    1 - Breast Feeding

    Pregnacare® Breast-feeding is an all-in-one pack with key specific ingredients for the postnatal period. The carefully balanced comprehensive formulation of micronutrients helps safeguard healthy milk production in women and includes specific supporting nutrients e.g. calcium, and vitamins D3 and K. 

    I have taken other vitamins from the Pregnacare range but didn’t realise they had breastfeeding tablets. Very practical for forgetful new mums and provides peace of mind.

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    Rumina Pouch Breast Pad Holder

    1 - Breast Feeding The Rumina Pouch™ keeps your breast-pads clean, together & looking swish. Designed to complement your Rumina Cape™, use the gorgeous Rumina Pouch™ to store up to eight breast-pads in either half or full moon shape.  With the Rumina Pouch there will be no more loose pads scattered around! Its time to glam up your changing bag! I would buy this again and recommend it to others. It is a lovely idea; not a necessity but a lovely item.    

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