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Baroo Nursing Pillow with removable cover

1 - Breast Feeding
Baroo Nursing Pillow - pregnancy and support nursing pillow helps to ease pressure points offers back support during pregnancy provides support and comfort during breast feeding resting place for baby to lie back and relax.
Fantastic product, great support for breastfeeding and for your baby. Good quality and you will use it non-stop! As a first time mum this product has been such a great help!

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DreamGenii® Breastfeeding pillow and Baby Nest

1 - Breast Feeding
Midwife approved, award winning Breastfeeding Pillow designed by dreamgenii® to comfortably support mothers and babies.  This unique pillow is ergonomically shaped to support your lower back by encouraging a firmly supported upright feeding position and to elevate babies to the correct height and position for breastfeeding without you having to bend forward. This relieves strain on shoulders, back and tummy which is particularly important following a caesarean section. Unlike some other breastfeeding pillows, the dreamgenii® Breastfeeding Pillow is designed to comfortably fit the majority of breastfeeding women.  Its ties can be used to adjust the pillow to fit and to secure the pillow around you whilst feeding, as well as to make a secure nest for your baby.
s your baby develops and is learning to sit up and support themselves, the pillow can be used as a safe, comforting and secure baby nest which will aid babies in learning to sit upright and eventually hold their own weight in the upright position. 
Water resistant wipeable inner pillow with a beautiful patterned pillow cover.
It’s an excellent product that I have found invaluable when feeding my little one. A must for any Mum (or Dad) to a newborn.

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DreamGenii® Donut Breastfeeding Pillow

1 - Breast Feeding Donut Breastfeeding Pillow - Floral
This pretty, compact breastfeeding support pillow is filled to give exactly the right level of support to ensure that your baby has a comfortable feeding position. 
This pillow will brighten up any nursery and can be used as a support to help your baby to keep upright while they are learning to sit up on their own. 
00% cotton cover.

The quality is excellent. This product is excellent for the money. I would buy it again and recommend it to others. It is very comfortable to use and I really liked the design. 

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Flopeze Breast Feeding Pillow

1 - Breast Feeding

Flopeze nursing pillows are uniquely designed and will appeal to your baby, infant or toddler with it's bright and friendly designs. It has multiple uses throughout the developing years and is a great friend to have around.


A delightful pillow with good rigid support ensuring the right position for feeding baby.

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Floppeze Nursing Pillow

1 - Breast Feeding Floppeze Nursing Pillows are uniquely designed and will appeal to your baby, infant or toddler.  It has multiple uses throughout the developing years.  Ideal for - Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, Burping, Laying, Sitting Support, Travelling/Booster, Sleeping & Convalescing/Lap.
This pillow is a must for all mums - whether feeding by breast or bottle, whether their child is a baby, a toddler or older.

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Harmony Duo Solo Feeding Cushion

1 - Breast Feeding The Harmony Duo Solo Feeding Cushion is THE ultimate helping hand that makes feeding your baby easier and more comfortable. An innovative reversible cushion giving you feeding flexibility.
The versatile and unique, double-sided design allows you to choose, change and combine feeding methods. Use the white, gently angled side for breastfeeding or flip to the flatter blue side for bottle feeding - it’s that simple!Designed for ease, comfort and improved posture, the cushion eases the strain on your body by safely lifting baby to the right level for feeding. The unique dual core foam and ultra-hygienic cover provide lasting protection and superior comfort, ensuring a happy, healthy and harmonious experience for you and your baby.For Breastfeeding (white side)
Builds breastfeeding confidence and close bonding with babyAngled top encourages correct positioning and helps latch-onDeep, firm base elevates  baby for safer and easier breastfeedingProvides postural support to ease strain on arms, back & neckProtects delicate abdomen area after a caesarean sectionFor Bottle feeding (blue side)
Flip to the flatter blue side for trouble-free bottle feeding!Memory foam gently cradles your baby in superior comfortTemperature & pressure-sensitive foam moulds to baby's bodyFlexi-fit design adjusts and secures closely around your waist  Provides a real helping hand - it's so easy for anyone to use!For Both
Provides postural support to ease strain on arms, back & neckFlexi-fit design adjusts and secures closely around your waist  Includes detachable 'stay-put' contoured lumbar supportProtects delicate abdomen area after a caesarean sectionThe ULTIMATE aid for flexible feeding!
Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Authority – Class 1 Medical Device    
It has been a very enjoyable experience using this product. It is also very useful when having a toddler as it leaves me one hand free to interact with him as well rather than both hands taken.         

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HushCush Nursing Pillow & New Outer Cover

1 - Breast Feeding HushCush is the newest innovation in nursing products. This unique nursing pillow is cleverly designed to slide onto your forearm, offering extra comfort and support when nursing, soothing or cradling an infant. Soft, cushioned sleeve provides a snugly place for baby to feed and rest. It has a soothing effect and works well when transitioning baby to a comfortable, restful sleep. The sleeve stays securely in place, allowing you to hold the baby close, in the tummy-to-tummy position for optimum comfort and help to promote a good breastfeeding position for healthy latch. Baby's head is supported higher than tummy to aid digestion and may help reduce reflux. The padding helps eliminate pressure and perspiration on your arm, offering a soft cloud, so there is no stress point under baby's head or mum's arm. Small, light and highly portable, HushCush makes it easy to take everywhere! You can really relax and ALWAYS feed your baby in comfort, regardless of where you are. No matter what the challenges, the HushCush provides the softest, cosiest place for "cuddles, kisses and comfort" Extremely helpful for :
Feeding on the go - Traveling- Helps to promote a good breastfeeding position for healthy latch - Emotional instability - May help reduce reflux and aid digestion - Transitioning baby to a restful sleep
HushCush features :
Ideal for breast or bottle feeding - Has a soothing and calming effect - Reduces neck, back and shoulder stress - Elevates baby to the diagonal position for nursing; aiding digestion - Supports the ideal tummy-to-tummy position - Maximizes both baby's and mother's comfort - Suitable from birth - British design - Small, light and discreet - Highly portable - Comes with a handy strap for easy transport 
HushCush Outer covers New Arrivals available online

HushCush Donate 10% of every online purchased HushCush online store to Bliss Charity 

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2016 - Bizziebaby GOLD Award Winners 2017 Nursing Pillows Category 
Really pleased with the product. We used it every day and it made such a difference to the ease of feeding times. Grace felt really snuggled in and I felt like she was fully supported. Even better was how easy it was to put her to bed compared to before by putting her in sliding her from the pillow.

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Little Bird Told Me 3 in 1 Nursing Cushion

1 - Breast Feeding
This versatile nursing cushion can also be used as a support for baby while seated or during Tummy-Time play. Comes with two separate activity toys that can be attached to the cushion to engage baby.
Suitable from Birth.
It is amazing. It is a fantastic product and we loved it and if we have more children we will definitely buy more. It's a great idea and makes them last longer with the toys as you get more use! I would highly recommend it.    

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Original Nursing Pillow

1 - Breast Feeding What you need to know: Supports the baby correctly during feeding timeCan be used all the way from the very early stages of pregnancy right through to the crawling periodEases the back pressure during the latter stages of pregancy. Relieves pressure on your arms while feeding.
Babysoft Outer Fabric
Stretchy, Flexible & Exquisitely Soft
This fabric is exquisitely soft and snugly for the ultimate comfort for you and your baby. It comes in 7 colours including Sky Blue, Black, Cream, Chocolate, Coffee, Pink and Purple.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 14/154 and Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2016 
I would recommend as it is a good quality item and has proved very useful. Product is well made and fit for purpose. Good quality item that has proved very handy and convenient.

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The Boppy Breast Feeding Pillow

1 - Breast Feeding
The Boppy infant pillow gives mum the correct amount of support while breastfeeding, whatever her position; it helps her find a comfortable pose, with her back upright which reduces tension in the arms, neck and shoulders. This will prevent fatigue and aching muscles, whatever position she chooses.Boppy provides the baby with the correct amount of support, helping him to maintain a comfortable and natural position whilst sucking. A natural position is essential for relaxing and peaceful breastfeeding, and it greatly reduces the risk of the baby swallowing too much air and regurgitating his feed. 
This is a very useful product used countless times a day, so it is worth the investment.

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The Boppy Pillow

1 - Breast Feeding

The Boppy pillow comes complete with a slipcover or as a "Bare Naked” version. Boppy has an exclusive and unique collection of slipcovers so every mum can find one that suits her taste. Boppy comes in so many different patterns and fabrics (cotton, cotton-polyester or plush) that it is easy for mums to choose the one that’s just right for her.

Take a look at the spare slipcover collection; the ideal solution for ensuring you have a clean change of cover on hand, or simply because you feel like a change

extremely useful with feeding in saving my arms from aching and will be even more useful in the future.

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The Original Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow

1 - Breast Feeding

Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow has a filling made up of millions of micro beads that are light as a feather. This amazing filling conforms to the shape of your body, no matter what position you are in... whether lying down or sitting up and, unusual for a pillow, it always remains firmly in place without giving way. It is antiallergenic, warm, breathable and can be washed at 140° F.

More relaxed Breastfeeding. Safer: 15" of support in the middle!Less strain on neck and shoulder. Amazing back support. Suitable for all common feeding positions. Perfect for twin feeding

The design is very good.  I will continue to use this and will recommend.  Anything that can make life with a new born a little bit easier is worth having.

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Thrupenny Bits Breast Feeding & Nursing Pillow

1 - Breast Feeding

The Ultimate range breastfeeding pillows are the biggest so potentially can be used longer for breastfeeding and convert to a better toddler bag because of the size and the fact that they have inner pockets. They measure 65 cms across and 32 cms down. If your baby is a big beautiful bouncing baby (i.e. large!) you're better off going for this size cushion.There is now a choice of filler for your Ultimate cushion, we know some of you are buying these specifically for the firm inner crescent shaped bean bag filled with polystyrene fire retardant beads which is why, for now I'm still offering these.We are now however very pleased to be able to also offer an alternative crescent cushion to fit inside your outer bag made from a high grade Hollow fibre polypropylene which is fire retardant and hypoallergenic. This filling is still just as firm and will retain it's shape unlike the polystyrene beads which flatten over time. It is a little heavier but still just as portable as the bean bags and costs the same.I developed this particular range to be luxurious AND functional using indulgent and high end fabrics, which is why I call these breastfeeding pillows my Ultimate range. All outer bags are individually hand-made and limited edition, so designs may be updated regularly to keep up with current trends. The new Insert lining made from fire retardant polypropylene – test certificate BS5852. Hypoallergenic Polyester filling – test certificate BS5852

Cushions range from £30.00 - £70 Ranging in size from large to small for travel purposes. 

 I will continueto use it; I have no plans to wean my child yet so hopefully it will see us through to the end of our breastfeeding journey as well as any other children we may have.  I would recommend it. I really enjoyed this product.

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Tippitoes Nimbus Nursing Pillow

1 - Breast Feeding

Tippitoes 'Nimbus' Nursing Pillow is a European design which has been a favourite in Northern Europe for over ten years. Now introduced to the U.K. it will provide support during pregnancy and when feeding. Available in a variety of designs with interchangeable spare covers available.

A brilliant lightweight nursing pillow.  Very easy to use and comfortable for mum and baby leaving both hands free to read a book or magazine. 

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Widgey Nursing Pillow

1 - Breast Feeding

The Widgey® Nursing Pillow is a feeding aid for nursing mothers with a firm filling and removable cotton covers. Uniquely designed to hug around the mother it removes the need for the mother to clasp both the child and the pillow whilst breast and/or bottle feeding. Widgey® Nursing Pillowsare the brand leader in the UK!  This product is a lifesaver for Mums and anyone feeding baby!

Product details:

 ·         Widgey® Nursing Pillow offers comfort and support for mother and baby

 ·         Assorted covers: Animal, Cow Print, Blue Gingham, Pink Dotty, Green Dotty, Red Fossil, Blue Fossil.

Definitely worth the money as it has so many functions.

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