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Breast Feeding Butterfly from Faye & Lou

1 - Breast Feeding The Breastfeeding Butterfly offers complete privacy while concealing your front, back and side – perfect if you’d rather those post-pregnancy wobbly bits stay under wraps! It quickly slips over any outfit, and there’s no need for nursing tops.And if your little one is easily distracted, the cover helps keep them focused on feeding, while still allowing all-important eye contact with mum. It is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable. The Butterfly comes with a matching draw string bag ,so you can keep it neatly in your bag.
The design is great as it is. I would purchase this and I would recommend. I usually use a sling for feeding but this was useful for in the house if we had visitors who wouldn’t be comfortable watching me feed.                                                                                                                                         

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Feeding Scarf From Elderflower & Delilah

1 - Breast Feeding Awarded Mumsnet Best 2016, a wide infinity scarf with stretch that allows for the scarf to be worn in several ways to feed your baby. One size fits all. Made in a beautifully soft micro modal fabric, chosen for its breathable and anti-crease qualities, for the comfort of wearing casually as an accessory as well as for feed times UV Protection Factor 50, the garment can also assist to shelter your baby from direct sunlight. Designed by breastfeeding mums for breastfeeding mums. A great multi-use, versatile product- worth every penny! I found this product comfortable for my son and I to use in public. 

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Lassig All Over Wrap

1 - Breast Feeding

Lassig All Over Wrap - Made of 100% Lyocell - Size -51 - 163cm

A very good idea especially for first time breast feeders and all in all quite simple to use.

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Loveyush Nursing Scarf

1 - Breast Feeding
Loveyush Scarf provides a Practical solution for discreet breastfeeding. It’s simple yet clever design makes it easy to wear, even with one hand. Provides full coverage for a complete discreet feeding, has just enough neck line so mother can see the baby and maintain valuable eye contact. When not nursing, it turns into a stylish scarf or a sunshade for a car-seat or a pram.
Loveyush Scarf is so versatile, can be styled in many ways. The trendy design gives an elegant touch to any outfit. Our prints are made in limited editions to give uniqueness. Watch our video to discover different ways of wearing Loveyush Scarf.  
would highly recommend it; it makes a lovely present, especially for new mums. It is beautiful and light but also really practical.      

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Mamascarf breastfeeding scarf

1 - Breast Feeding
Nervous about breastfeeding in public? Mamascarf ® is an award winning breastfeeding scarf / nursing cover allowing you to breastfeed anywhere with comfort, support, discretion and style. Designed by a breastfeeding mum for other breastfeeding mums. 100% cotton and machine washable at 30 degrees. One size breastfeeding scarf fits all, suitable for any age baby. Easy to use. Stylish and looks like a scarf. Maintain eye contact with your baby throughout the feed. Less distraction for your baby. Hidden pocket to store your breastpad.  Hides your post pregnancy tummy. Perfect baby shower gift

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2009 - Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2010/11 Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2017 

The size is also amazing for even bigger girls. Easy to use, light fabric that helps out establishing your feeding rituals without you having to be stuck home so you can stay yourself instead of becoming a feeding machine confined to your own house

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Milkscarf by MamaMoosh

1 - Breast Feeding Milkscarf - breastfeeding cover
So easy to put on you can even do it one-handed while you're still holding your baby. Made from soft, light jersey the Milkscarf has a semi-rigid neckline so you can look down and maintain eye contact with your baby as she feeds in complete privacy.     
I would fully recommend this Milkscarf. A great multifunctional product for breastfeeding discreetly and would recommend everyone has one.    

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Rumina Cape From Tamarillo

1 - Breast Feeding
Created by Mummies who know, the Rumina Cape™ is a breastfeeding cover designed for Mummies who want to look great and feel comfortable whilst feeding.
Made exclusively in London, these gorgeous feeding capes drape beautifully and feel luxurious.
Easy to use and available in a range of prints and plain colours, they keep you covered whilst feeding in public, travelling or at home.
They have a unique foldaway system which means they are small enough to squeeze into your changing bag for everyday use.
Breastfeeding covers need not be frumpy and dowdy, after all we may be Mummies, but we gals still like a bit of sparkle  
Available in:

Hello Sailor (deep dark navy), Mochaccino Baby (cream brown swirls), Damson, not in Distress (rich vibrant raspberry), Dandy Highway Mum (black & white with red flowers), Festival Goddess (cream mint brown floral)





This product feels and looks lovely and gives me the confidence to nurse when I am out and about.     

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1 - Breast Feeding The Snoob is a breastfeeding cover that outlasts your breastfeeding days. It can be worn as a scarf whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding or long after your children have grown up. One way to wear it as a scarf is to simply loop it twice around your neck.When you are ready to breastfeed unloop it once so it hangs in a long loop around your neck. It can then be used to cover you and your baby as much or as little as you choose. Can be used when tandem feeding twins. 
No need to take it off when moving baby to the other breast. No need to remove it when winding your baby.
It can double as a blanket if your baby is sleepy after feeding.   Lightweight cotton jersey so perfect for any season.  100% cotton jersey Machine washable at 30 degrees 
Do not tumble dry One size fits all Made in the UK Safety note: IT MUST NOT BE USED TO CARRY YOUR BABY         
It can be used when breast feeding and for when mothers finish feeding as a beautiful scarf. I would recommend to all breast feeding mothers.   

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