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Aquapax Natural Mineral Water

1 - Food What is Aquapax?  At Just Drinking Water we produce Aquapax, one of the purest natural mineral waters on the planet. Itís packaged inside a beautiful 500ml carton thatís mostly made of wood, a natural and renewable resource. Aquapax natural still mineral water tastes amazingly fresh and pure, just as natural water should and won the 2008 QATRAH award as Best Bottled Water in the world. With a near perfect 7.1pH balance, it is low in minerals (thatís a good thing) and ultra low in nitrates, making it even suitable for infants. Try it and taste for yourself.
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I would recommend as not only does the idea that the water is filtered more effectively and tested more stringently than other bottled waters, but I much prefer the packaging.                 

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