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Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System

1 - Bathrooms

Hands may come into contact with millions of germs every day. But have you ever thought about those germs ending up on your soap pump? Fact: Your soap pump can harbour hundreds of bacteria.Introducing the DETTOL No-Touch Hand Wash System, it automatically senses your hands and dispenses just the right amount of soap that kills 99.9% of bacteria. For use in the kitchen or bathroom, the antibacterial hand soap is enriched with moisturising ingredients to care for your hands. Available in three premium fragrances: Hydrating Cucumber Splash, Cleansing Green Tea & Ginger, and Refreshing Grapefruit Essence.

It is a hygienic sensible answer to hand washing which smells wonderful and leaves your hands feeling soft and clean.

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Earth Friendly Kids Minty Lavender Hand Wash

1 - Bathrooms
  • Easy to use pump
  • Encourage cleanliness
  • Kids will love the aroma
  • a lovely bubbly soap that gets the job done with no harsh chemicals, has a lovely smell, it’s good for the environment and the kids really liked it

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    Earth Friendly Kids Zingy Citrus Handwash

    1 - Bathrooms

    The products use natural and organic ingredients and do not contain sodium lauryl/laureth or any parabens. This new kids category of products builds on the continuing success of Earth Friendly Baby, and provides the same level of gentleness and affordability that has made the range so popular. We also have the help of some really cool earth friendly superkids...

    Products are available from selected Waitrose stores and other wellbeing outlets

    • Easy to use pump
    • Encourage cleanliness
    • Kids will love the aroma
    I think the quality of the product was good, it functioned well as hand soap and felt good to use.

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    Goldbug Toilet Paper Saver

    1 - Bathrooms

    Fits most standard toilet paper holders. Young children are fascinated by things that spin, especially when they are the ones doing the spinning. Young children are also not very good at estimating how much of something they need to take. Goldbugs Toilet Paper Saver. It baby-proofs your toilet paper and also saves you money and paper by preventing your child (or pet) from unrolling the toilet paper. It also reduces the risk of paper ingestion. Its great for toilet training: it accustoms your child to take a measured amount of paper -- yet it allows others easy access. It also protects the environment by preventing unsanitary toilet clogs. Goldbugs Toilet Paper Saver is simple to use and fits most standard toilet paper holders. It requires no assembly; simply insert the unit into the toilet paper roll, pull the band across, and then insert the cap - theres no need to remover the paper to install it.

    Easy to use, very practical and effective.

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    Method Flushable Wipes

    1 - Bathrooms

    Ever feel like certain people using your toilet could use a little coaching? Practice? Aim? Set this hardworking package of wipes nearby, and you (or ahem, he) can wipe and flush at any moment for an instant clean. Great for clean-ups all over the bathroom including sinks, countertops, taps and tiles.

    I was initially wary of reviewing just a wipe but after using them I’m a total convert, I wish they had these for every room in the house!

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    Method gel hand wash – DESIGNED FOR GOOD

    1 - Bathrooms
    help raise awareness for the fair treatment of animals
    we believe that guinea pigs should never be used as guinea pigs. that’s why we never test any of our products or ingredients on animals, never use animal by-products, and make products that are safe for cleaning up after your pets. our newest DESIGNED FOR GOOD hand wash duo helps raise awareness for the fair treatment of animals.mimosa sun
    sometimes you just need a day to lay in the sun, preferably under the swaying branches of a mandarin tree, but it’s hard to find the time to get away. now you can enjoy the same restorative effects in the form of a sweet nectar of orange, peach + lily of the valley. all without the requisite SPF-slathering to kill the buzz.

    botanical garden -despite our grand desires, very few of us are lucky enough to have sprawling manicured gardens. what we do have is the scent of the botanical garden of our dreams, full of spider lily, water lotus, bamboo and lush moss. it’s almost as good as the real thing. except we’re still without a place for all our nude sculptures.

    I would consider buying this product now. I have already showed it to my friends. This is a really lovely hand wash with great values behind them. 

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    Method hand care Gel hand wash

    1 - Bathrooms
    Method hand care gel hand wash in lavender
    You don't have to be anti-bacterial to be pro-clean. Soap's job is to clean. Not kill. So why do so many brag about their 99.99% death rate? If microbes can't take it, what makes you think your hands can? At method, we make hand washes that are Triclosan-free and as safe as they are stunning. And no one has to get hurt.
    find out what it's made of
    While antibacterial cleaners are popular they often contain harsh chemicals that are dangerous around children. And, if used excessively they may actually promote the development of super-bacteria that ordinary cleaners can't kill.
    Also Available in Sweet Water, Pink Gragefruit and Waterfall

    Nice product, pretty bottle and produces a good lather on use.

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    Raw Organic Liquid Soap

    1 - Bathrooms

    This is a luxury liquid soap:with good cleansing properties a little goes a long way: contains organic moisturisers – including honey extract. With an organic emollient skin conditioner: distinctive fragrance from organic essential oils. Contains only pure vegetable liquid soaps based on organic olive and coconut oils. The refreshing odour of the product comes from organic juniper, bitter orange and lavender – and not from anything synthetic – and is released when the soap is used. There are no preservatives and none of the ingredients are animal based. This product has been dermatologically tested and did not cause any skin irritations or allergic reactions. This product contains Maris Sal (sea salt) which cannot be organic as it is a mineral. Ingredients Aqua, Potassium oleate*, Potassium cocoate*, Glycerin*, Honey extract*, Hordeum vulgare (Barley) extract*, Citrus aurantium amara (Bitter orange) leaf oil*, Lavendula angustifolia (Lavender) flower oil*, Juniperus communis (Juniper) fruit oil*, Alcohol denat*, Maris sal (Sea salt), Potassium citrate, Palm kernel acid, Potassium palm kernelate, Linalool†, Limonene†, Geraniol† - 96% organic ingredients.

    This organic soap is very refreshing, easy to use, gentle on skin even very sensitive skin and just loved it. 

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    Soapy Soles™

    1 - Bath Time

    Now you can wash your feet while standing up - with a Soapy SoleTM on the bottom of the bath or shower. The secret is hundreds of soft little nodules that wash, massage and generally give your feet a treat without you having to bend or stretch.

    Product number: BA1224

    I think this product would be great for someone who has limited movement or back and balance problems. It’s reasonably priced and very useful and enjoyable to use!

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    Splosh Hand wash Mint & Green Tea

    1 - Bathrooms The Splosh hand wash gel, aside from being the world's first to be made from a concentrate with a dash of water from your hot tap, has another claim to fame. It's one of the most moisturising hand wash gels you can find. After a good wash with its soapy lather your hands will feel as smooth as that proverbial baby's bottom.refills
    The refill box contains eight concentrate sachets and costs £5.95. The sachets inside make up four 250ml bottles (two sachets go into one bottle), which equates to less than £1.49p a & green tea
    A classic fragrance with a Splosh twist. The natural mint is as invigorating as a brisk walk in a spring garden while the green tea is both sweet and soft. Perfectly refreshing.
    Love the idea of using refills, saves the environment with all the unnecessary waste. More fragrances needed but overall a great product and concept.

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