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B Kids Dedee Bath Organizer

1 - Bath Time
The soft fabric and easy-grip handle design makes this organizer wonderful for storing toys and other items. Keeps the bathtub nice and tidy for your toddler. Also acts as a tote bag for outdoor use.
Suitable 12 Months Plus 

My daughter loves this and will not have her bath without her Dedee Duck present.

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B Kids Ducky Spout

1 - Bath Time Ducky spout comes with suction cups to easily stick this to the side of the bath or on the tiles. The two pouring scoops can be unhooked and used to pour water onto the ducks head. The water will then cascade out of Ducky's beak and moving his head from side to side will pour the water onto his feet. The water will then make the spinner go round or dribble through depending on which foot it lands on. A simple toy made of strong duarble plastic and guaranteed to make bath time fun for your child.  This is a fantastic bath time toy, the duck is a nice shape and brightly coloured. The cups are fun and my daughter loves using them, she gets very excited when the water goes down and spins the wheel.

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B Kids Shape n Slide Pals

1 - Bath Time
B Kids Shape n Slide Pals is a colourful floatable toy. 
Shape n Slide Pals Fun bathtime Turtle Shape Sorter which helps develop learning skills.
Suitable for 12 Months Plus

 This is a very good quality toy and very well made. Very good value for money.

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B Kids Splash n Slide Water Park Wonder

1 - Bath Time Cool off at the Splash 'n Slide Waterpark Wonder with Dedee Duck and his penguin friend.    
A floating water slide and spinning water wheel keeps young hands active and happy in the tub. Adds great bath time fun for toddlers.    
My child and I had a great time reviewing this product and feel that it is a great fun bath toy, simple but bright, attractive and entertaining; I think it achieves everything that a Childrens product should do.

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B Kids Stacking Block Tub Boat

1 - Bath Time
Soft bath tug boat for floating and stacking play.Objects come in different shapes with a variety of face types.A Balance-or-tumble toy design enhances manual dexterity.
Suitable 6 Months Plus

Overall the product has been a success – it has entertained my daughter for hours just by having different colours, textures and funny eyes and the ability to squeezethe toy.

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Baby Elegance Small Polka Duck

1 - Bath Time
Designed to make bath time a little more fun!!!
Available in Orange, Blue and Yellow
Also available in large size.

Nice and colourful for younger babies. 

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Bath Fun Bubble Blower from Munchkin

1 - Bath Time

Cute penguin design bubble blower. Continuous bubble flow shoots bubbles up and away from child’s face. Can be used with most bubble bath solutions. Securely attaches to bath wall with suction cup or to ledge with grippy base. Hours of bathtime fun

Very easy to use, pouring bubbles in is simple and a big enough button for children to use. Bubble liquid goes quite far too so it's not costly at all. I have recommended this to other mums and won't hesitate to continue to do so. I have a very happy house at bath times. Thank you.

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Bath Fun Monster Truck from Munchkin

1 - Bath Time

Monster sized fun for the bath!

Floats, rattles and rolls!

Floats on water, rolls on land

Helps develop motor skills

2 designs (sold separately)


It is easy to clean after use too. I think it's very well built and looks the part; it's an excellent toy for the money. I have already recommended it to others. I was very positive about it. It's one of the best bath toys I've seen for a bit. 

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Bath Toy Scoop from Munchkin

1 - Bath Time

If, like most parents you want bath time to be fun but not left with toys in the bath then why not try the Bath Toy Scoop from Munchkin. It provides a quick and easy way to pick up bath toys and, with a clear top you can see which toys are inside. Practicality is paramount with this product which is why it features holes in the bottom to allow for faster water draining and includes a wall mounting hook for convenient storage and draining.A quick and easy way to pick up bath toysTinted clear top allows you to see the toys insideHoles in the bottom allow for faster water drainingIncludes a wall mounting hook for convenient storage and draining. 

 The design allows you to scoop up the toys at ease and also allows all the water to drain off the toys. The sticky pads are very strong and with stand my toddler pulling at the holder. 

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Bkids Spray-n-Play

1 - Bath Time Bath time is at a whole new level with the new Stack 'n' Spray fountain from B Kids! The floating base becomes a magical fountain that can create different spray effects and patterns when the included sea animals are swapped or stacked! Bathing in the tub will never be the same again with your baby's adorable new whale, octopus and turtle friends. This toy is fun and fascinating for all!Age from 12 months. I think that the product overall is good. It is better-functioning and more interesting than the other two bath toys we had previously bought her. 

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Danny’s Diving Adventure Bath Toy From WOW toys

1 - Bath Time Get ready to dive in and make a splash with me, Danny’s Diving Adventure! Flip open the top of my boat to reveal a fantastic working diving board which Mandy and Chris, my diver friends, love to dive off into the bath. They have so much fun lining up and diving off at bath time!I also scoop up and pour all of the water out of my mouth to add to the bath time fun! Daphne the dolphin likes to come along with us on our diving adventures and she can’t resist giving Mandy and Chis dolphin rides on her backMy set includes me, Mandy and Chris my diver friends, Daphne the dolphin and a removable diving board.Please note that our bath toys are not suitable for use with bath or essential oils.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2016 - Bath Toy Category 
Really good quality and certainly value for money. I would purchase this and would definitely recommend. Good quality and fun.

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Duck Moodlight

1 - Bath Time The Duck Moodlight is a colour changing bath light which will create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere each time you indulge in a soak in the bath. Once it is placed in the bath, water-activated sensors turn on the LED's and the duck begins to change co lour. Watch as the Duck Moodlight changes seamlessly from green to blue to fuchsia instantly creating a calming effect. - See more at: My daughter loves using it frequently with the lights off and has really enjoyed using the duck moodlight. Great quality item, easy to keep clean, nice detail. My little girl especially likes the glitter detail. 

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Flexibath Bath Toys

1 - Bath Time

The Flexibath™ Toys include an ingenious small table which can be attached to all bathtubs by means of the specially designed suction cups. The table offers the child an additional place to play with their favourite bath-time toys while enjoying a bath. Moisten suction cups before sticking them to the bath.FeaturesThe Flexibath™ Toys also consist of a coffee/tea making set with colourful cups, jugs and a funnel.One set consists of; 2 CUPs, 1 JUG, 1 FUNNEL, 1 LID and 1 TABLE The toys which are soft and fun to play with, are made from the soft TPE plastic used in the Flexi Bath™.The Flexi Bath™ Toys are made from PP and TPE and comply with all relevant international standards. Both types of materials are free from PVC, Phthalates, BPA, heavy metals and other harmful and hazardous materials.The Flexibath™ Toys are safe, clean and environmentally responsible products from A Real Cool World®.For easy cleaning use your dishwasher (max 60 centigrade).Flexibath™ Toys are designed and made in Denmark.

A really lovely simple toy that a child will love. It's the kind of thing that I suspect will lurk around the bath for ages as the only limit is her imagination!

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Float & Stack Buddies from Munchkin

1 - Bath Time

Float & Stack Buddies
Fun characters float, stack and squirt4 piece set includes 2 character rafts. Starfish squirter and Silly Seal squirter. Easy for little hands to grasp. Helps develop motor skills

 It is a quality item, enjoyable for all ages to use their imagination.

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Frankie The Frog Bath Toy from Mushroom & Co

1 - Bath Time

Hand made with 100% organic natural rubber tapping the sap of Hevea tree Bright and Colourful Appealing characters Great for sensory development PVC, BPA, Nitrosamines, Phthalates FREE Hand painted with non-toxic food grade dyes Light Squeek eco Friendly Natural Rubber educational Toys Biodegradable Green for babyLight Weight Gentle Squeak Toys for toddlers or baby’s suitable from 0-36 monthsSafe Fun, Naturally Done
Benefits: Our Eco friendly Toys are Bright colourful and soft to touch. Light weight making it Easy to grasp and handle for little hands, all this makes Frankie an ideal Bath toy. Our toys hit all sensory development for your baby by stimulating all 5 senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste. As it is hand made from natural rubber and hand painted with non-toxic food grade dyes you can be safe in the knowledge your baby is completely safe to chew as a teether and interact as they please!
Usage: 0-36 months Safe Fun, Naturally Done
Care instructions: to clean, simply wipe the toy with soapy water and a damp cloth.
Important: Adult supervision is recommended at all times. Do not leave the toy under direct sunlight for long time. Do Not Sterilize.

Dimensions: 100 mm × 115 mm × 90 mm

I would highly recommend this. Frankie has been well used and loved, he is very child friendly and is nice and bright he is not just a bath toy. 

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Green Toys™ Tugboat

1 - Bath Time Our trusty tug boat is good for the earth and for the youngsters who play there. Suitable for Children Aged 1-4 Years.

There's no end to the Good Green™ Fun young sailors can have! This colourful craft can be floated on the water surface, or used to scoop and pour water using its wide spout. Perfect for water tables and bathtubs. Colour combinations may vary. Measures 23cm L x 11cm W x 11cm H.
Would buy as my children love playing with this and washing their hair out with it. Fantastic product 100% happy with it.

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Hoppop Pipla Bath Toys

1 - Bath Time

Hoppop Pipla Bath toys. Available in various colours.

The toy does seem to help improve hand/eye co-ordination. We also counted the pieces in and out of the bath

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Lazy Buoys from Munchkin

1 - Bath Time

Keep your little one entertained with Lazy Buoys from Munchkin, a five piece set that includes two floating friends, two scoop and strain cups and one spinner ball! There are six different play activities: float, nest, strain, scoop, pour and spin, all that are designed to enhance children's tactile awareness.5 piece set includes: 2 floating friends2 scoop & strain cups and 1 spinner ball6 different play activities! Float, nest, strain, scoop, pour and spinEnhances tactile awareness

I would buy this bath toy and certainly recommend. Great toy. Both my children enjoy playing with it and there are two animals so perfect to share!

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Little Friends Splish Splash

1 - Bath Time Little Friends Splish Splash
Range: Little Friends
New for January 2014Little Duck is worried - he thinks he can't swim! He soon discovers that he can swim, of course, and has lots of fun splishing and splashing in the pondA water-resistant, PVA bath book with softly padded pages to squeeze and holdFun storybook which stimulates play and helps to make every bathtime funSafety information
145mm x 145mm x 25mm 
PVA, padded pages, bag 
0.0560 kgs 
I really liked the idea and would have bought it myself. It offers excellent value for money. I would recommend this to others. I was very pleased at such a different book that we did not previously have.

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Snail Stacker from Munchkin

1 - Bath Time

The Munchkin Snail Stacker is an ideal way of amusing your child during bath time. The fun Snail character floats upright in the water and features three stack and sort rings with an interactive toy inside. The flower component also doubles up as squirter.Snail floats upright in water3 stack and sort rings with interactive toy insideFlower doubles as a squirter

 It is a great little toy that has helped in our bath-time routines.

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Splash Along Mermaids from Munchkin

1 - Bath Time Underwater mermaid adventure! Pull crown and watch as her tail flaps and she swims underwater.  Soft rubber head and contoured body, easy for little hands to grasp.  Set includes a fun dolphin squirter friend. 2 designs (sold separately)

Our daughter loved this toy and it has made bath time much more fun. 

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Splash Pals Baby Swim and Teething Toys

1 - Bath Time Free from BPA, PVA and phthalates. Mould resistant, to protect against harmful spores. Helps to teach babies and young children about floating on their back. Helps to sooth sore gums and aids distraction for crying babies. Recommended by swim teachers, midwives and parents4 Splash Pals to collect

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2016 Bath Toy Category 
It is lots of fun in the bath. It's a great size to fit in the changing bag to take out and about and works well as teether. It's also very easy for baby to hold. Very lightweight also. I would definitely recommend it to others. The fact it is all natural really helps. Especially with parents of babies with allergies. It's also lots of fun. 

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Tappy Tap Guard Bath Toy

1 - Bath Time

Children love Tappy's fun octopus shape. Not only is she a very good safety product, but Tappy lets you play lots of fun & educational stuff games as well. Tappy:Has arms that wiggle & dance as the bath is filling; children love watching the movement and beam when they see Tappy's faceEducates with her numbers and colours; little ones can point to their age or sing the Rainbow SongHas a big, smiley, open mouth and loves to be given water to drink or bubbles to eat; kids are fascinated watching the bath water come out of her arms and practicing their hand-eye coordination when pouring it inLikes to be used as a hand puppet too; she especially enjoys talking about her day with other toys and childrenLearn Numbers And Skills With Tappy
With little ones who aren't so sure about certain parts of the bathing process you can play Tappy Says! Get them to interact with Tappy and follow what Tappy says. "Tappy Says!....touch your nose, Tappy Says!....touch Tappy's arm, Tappy Says!....wash your belly." You can also ask them to "Show Tappy how good you can be and how grown up you Tappy how you put the shampoo in your hair and get your hair washed."Tappy is also a great educational tool. Use her to help children to learn numbers and colours:Can you count all of Tappy's arms? Which arm is number 3? Can you touch number 7?Each arm colour is in the order of the Rainbow Song, let's sing it - Red & Yellow & Pink & Green....Purple & Orange & Bluueee! Can you show me yellow?They can then be combined to practice - Which number is green? What colour is number 5?Older children can learn adding numbers such as 2+3, 1+4, and 3+5.

We have played many of the top ten games but our favourite has been feeding Tappy with bubbles and giving Tappy a drink. As Jasmine gets older I can see how this product will adapt to allow us to play different games whilst still providing the safety. 

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Tippitoes Seaside Pals - Set of Six

1 - Bath Time

Have fun at bath time with these fun and quirky little characters, our Seaside Pals come in an array of bright colours which will keep your little one entertained. Simply squeeze and fill them with water then squirt it out and watch them float.Set of six characters from the sea. Helps hand and eye co-ordination.

Good quality, attractive bath toys. They are durable safe and great fun.

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Tug Along Boat from Munchkin

1 - Bath Time

Multiple ways to play Fun, engaging tug along boat for bath time fun Boat scoops water into base, front wheel spins when poured out Easy to grip handle for little hands Set includes a raft and 2 fun squirting characters to sail the boat! Helps build hand-eye coordination


 A fun toy for the bath

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Vtech Toot-Toot Splash Boats

1 - Bath Time Best for ages: 1 to 5 Years
Highlights - Float around the bath or push on its wheels when playing on dry land! Includes lots of songs, melodies and fun phrases.
I'm a super sailboat! I move fast when the wind is blowing. Sail into the learning zone with the Toot-Toot Splash Sailboat by VTech. This fun and fabulous sailboat is perfectly sized for little hands and will entertain your child with the light-up face button that triggers fun music, realistic sound effects and songs. Float the sailboat around in the bath or push it around on its wheels when playing on dry land! Push the sailboat along for more fun reactions. Includes 4 sing-along songs and 10 lively melodies. Encourages motor skills, role-play fun, language development and imaginative play. Teaches singing, pretend play and sounds.
Definitely value for money. I would consider purchasing other models in this collection. I will certainly be recommending.  An excellent toy. Happy fun filled and very wet toddler! 

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Wonder Waterway from Munchkin

1 - Bath Time

3 individual characters with different types of play Tumble beads, spinner wheel and extending spiral slide Characters connect to create a fun and engaging waterway Helps build hand-eye coordination


Product is fun and simple to use  

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