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Lush Cosmetic Lad's Moisturiser

1 - Organic

Moisturiser, shaving balm and hair cream for men. And girls, if they're so inclined. Cosmetic Lad is a calming moisturiser for after shaving, using the soothing properties of lavender, aloe vera and linseed mucilage.

This is an excellent moisturizer, with a pleasant aroma and good eco credentials

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Organic Blue Men's Hair & Body Wash

1 - Organic

The Organic Blue Men's bodycare range is designed for the growing population of men seeking a more natural lifestyle. Products are based on an infusion of anti-bacterial Neem with a clean refreshing aroma blending organic essential oils of Lemongrass and Eucalyptus. They also contain organic extracts of Elder Flower, Horsetail and Linden Flower to enhance. The perfect all-in-one head to toe wash that will cleanse and leave you refreshed. Ideal for those requiring a single hair and body product that gets the job done.ance the products.

Refreshing and totally suitable for men to use.

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