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BabyBanana Teething Toothbrush

1 - Oral Care/Hygiene
  • Invented by dental hygienist mum
  • Gently massages gums and teeth
  • Develops good oral hygiene habits early
  • Easy to grasp "A-PEEL-ING" banana handles
  • Flexible material decreases risk of mouth injury
  • Non-allergenic 100% highest quality silicone
  • BPA, latex and phthalate free
  • Dishwasher and freezer friendly
  • my baby has loved and still is using it and I can't wait until she gets some teeth through to try cleaning with it

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    Bickiepegs Finger Toothbrush & Gum Massager (Twin Pack)

    1 - Oral Care/Hygiene Bickiepegs Finger Toothbrush & Gum Massager (Twin Pack)
    Introduce your baby to cleaning their teeth and good oral hygiene with Bickiepegs gentle and easy to use Finger Toothbrush & Gum Massager. Double sided, the silicone brush is perfect for softly cleansing first teeth whilst the dimpled side offers soothing relief to delicate teething gums.
    Suitable 0 - 18 Months 
    Available Twin Pack and Also in Multi-Pack x 3 Twin Pack 

    Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2018 Tootbrushes Baby/Children Category 
    I felt comfortable using this product knowing that it was BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. This is very important to me. This product is very simple but of very good quality and most importantly is effective and I would purchase again. 

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    Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrush & Teether

    1 - Oral Care/Hygiene
    Chewable Toothbrush & Teether
    Perfect for teething toddlers and those who won't brush their teeth! This award winning silicone brush helps clean teeth, gums and soothe teething gums while it is chewed. Recently featured on ITV1's This Morning programme, it can be used with or without toothpaste for cleaning teeth. May be cooled in the fridge or used with teething gel to soothe teething gums. Its unique shape fits little mouths correctly and reaches molar (back) teeth and gums. Brush-Baby's Chewable Toothbrush is made of the highest grade medical silicone so you know it's safe for your toddler to chew on. Dishwasher and Steriliser safe. BPA free.
    Winner of the Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2009 and Winner of the Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2012/13
    A great combination product which helps your baby to cope with teething and keep teeth clean. We just loved it.                

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    Brush-Baby FlossBrush

    1 - Oral Care/Hygiene
    Designed for children who cannot yet floss, the FlossBrush helps clean between teeth. Short bristles clean the tooth's surface and longer bristles reach between teeth. These unique bi-level bristles remove plaque not reached by conventional toothbrushes. The bristles are also impregnanted with nano-silver which helps inhibit bacterial growth and keeps the bristle surface cleaner. Suitable for children from 3 years
    It's a toothbrush that my little one liked to use.

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    1 - Oral Care/Hygiene BugBrush was designed with a clear mission - to make teeth cleaning a stress free, fun experience for both parents and infants. Tooth brushing is a twice daily, necessary task that every parent has to undertake, whether your child likes it or not, and this is all too often a battle which results in an angry, crying baby, and a stressed out, anxious parent.
    The key to solving this battle was to develop a product designed especially for babies, to be used by babies.BugBrush is the first product to combine the plaque removing effectiveness of toothbrushes, with the fun and safety elements of a toy, empowering infants to effectively clean their own teeth. With 10 times more super-soft bristles than any other toothbrush in the world, it’s double sided symmetrical design encourages infants to bite and chew on its surface, removing food debris and plaque, in turn reducing the chance of tooth decay. It’s colourful ergonomic shape and smiling face ensures that teeth cleaning tantrums will be a thing of the past.
    It’s definitely a good idea but perhaps needs a bit of work on the design.

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    Jack N' Jill Buzzy Brush Electric Musical Toothbrush

    1 - Oral Care/Hygiene 3 Years + (adults can use this too!). Super Gentle Rotary Action. Super Soft Dupont Nylon Bristles. Recycled & Recyclable ABS (non toxic) handle. BPA, PVC & Phthalate Free (Of Course!). Replaceable Head Freestanding for hygiene. Sing along with Buzzy’s original instructional song! 3 modes with memory function means that Buzzy will revert to the setting used previously. Settings:Mode 1: Musical Audio Track Mode 2: Spoken Instructional Prompts Mode 3: Silent2 Minute Auto Shut-Off in all modes! Uses 2 AA Batteries (not included). To insert/remove batteries pull firmly on the base of your Buzzy Brush. It's a tight fit so Mum or Dad might have to help out! Make it personal! Comes with 6 adorable bubble stickers so your little one can truly make it their own!  My son loves his buzzy brush and it has definitely encouraged him to brush his teeth by himself and I know he’s doing it well.

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    Jack N' Jill Tooth & Gum Brush

    1 - Oral Care/Hygiene Soft Silicone Bristles. Gentle on tiny teeth and sensitive gums 100% Medical/Food Grade SiliconeBPA & PVC Free. Double Sided - cleans top & bottom, front & back at the same time!
    Directions:  Wash thoroughly before and after use. Apply a small amount of Jack N' Jill Natural Toothpaste to brush. Gently slide brush over teeth with a forward/backward motion.
    We know these look really weird, but they really work. Because they 'hug' the teeth, kids find them really easy to use, even on their own.
    Use only under adult supervision. Do Not Chew! Safe For Infants!
    It is something that would also make a nice gift too, as it looks good in the packaging. It is a very good product that is very well made. It was easy to use and my daughter likes to use it.

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    KidzSonic Electric Toothbrush 3-6 years

    1 - Oral Care/Hygiene KidzSonic Electric Toothbrush - Specially designed to help young children care for their teeth and help teach good oral care habits from an early ageThe Flossing Bristles help to clean in-between teeth. Short bristles clean the tooth's surface and longer bristles reach between teeth. and into the gum line These unique bi-level bristles remove plaque not reached by conventional toothbrushes. Great for kids who are not yet able to floss, have gaps or missing teethWith small lightweight handle, comfortable in little handsIncludes 3 x Small brush heads with soft vibrating bristles,ideal for keeping young children's teeth and gums cleanWith flashing 2 minute disco light timer with 30 second pulse reminder, to keep kids brushingUnique bi-level flossing bristles to help clean in between teethReplaceable brush head and battery1 year manufacturers warranty  Contains 1 x Electric Toothbrush, 1 x AAA battery and 3 x replaceable flossing brush heads Children loved the flashing lights and the 4 sounds to tell them when to change to the next area of their teeth. Both tested the toothbrush out as there was enough brush heads with it for them to have one each. Not big and heavy like some powered brushes so would be easy for younger children to use.

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    My Flipper Child Toothbrush Holder

    1 - Oral Care/Hygiene

    Flipper toothbrush holders are a new solution for keeping your toothbrush hygienically clean and your bathroom tidy. Flipper's come in a range of different designs from our child friendly Wild Family to the elegant Ozy range. They stick to any shiny surface in your bathroom. Then you simply hold your toothbrush by its handle and with a gentle pull it will “Flip” open the cover. Simply pushing it back, the Flipper will close on itself, neatly housing your toothbrush and protecting the bristles.

    Let the friendly animals of the 'Wild Family' guard your toothbrush. The five engaging characters greet you every morning to make tooth care a daily delight.

    My daughter was very excited to receive the product and loved the bright colours and the novelty of putting her toothbrush in and out of it, and it has taught her the right place to put her toothbrush and encouraged her to brush her teeth and made it a more fun experience.

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    Rockabilly Kids Toothbrush

    1 - Oral Care/Hygiene
    The Rockabilly Kids aims to make the lives of mothers and fathers easier by providing a toothbrush that children actually want to use. Watching my aunt reduced to tears as she chased round my cousin round the house, oral b in hand was, although comical, painful to watch; and resultantly sparked my interest for doing something about it. I hope you agree that our brush is something utterly unique in an otherwise quite stagnant market place!

    Probably the world most hygienic toothbrush"The NSF ( National Science Foundation) in the USA rated the toothbrush holder the 3rd dirtiest item within an average household. They found an average of 30 % more coliform bacteria ( a family relative to both E.Coli and Salmonella ) when compared to a typical toilet seat! The Rockabilly Kids do not require a toothbrush holder as they ' Stand Up ' on their own.How often have you seen your kiddy just drop their toothbrush willy nilly when they finally finish that 'choice-less' task of cleaning ones teeth! Leaving it on sink edges... dropping it on the floor, you know, in typical contempt, the old fashioned toothbrush gets treated with little respect! Not only are they unlikeltto treat our little fellows quite so nonchalantly but if 'by accident' this does happen… The Rockabilly Kids avoid these germs by always righting itself back up again!!The Rockabilly Kids is the first in what will hopefully be an expanding and all encompassing range... Fully supporting parents in terms of dental perfection as they bring up their children!
    This product is unusual and one would expect it to be an electric toothbrush because of the way it looks and feels. It appeals to me because the brush head seems to offer a longevity that I have not experienced with the slightly cheaper children’s toothbrushes. The bulbous handle is ideal for a child to hold. Also replacing just the head is beneficial from a ‘green’ prospective rather than throwing the whole unit away. 

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    Safababy Toddler Training Brush

    1 - Oral Care/Hygiene
    • BPA and phthalate free
    • Safer than hard plastic toothbrushes
    • Flexible banana shape decreases risk of mouth injury if toddler falls
    • Fun, "A-peel-ing" banana design gets toddlers excited about brushing
    • Invented by a mum-dental hygienist
    • Easy to grasp handle
    • Develops good oral hygiene early, preventing cavities later
    • Dishwasher safe and freezer friendly
    • 100% highest quality silicone
    I think the price is fantastic because it is a teether and toothbrush all in one!

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