Section: Baby/Toddler

Night Night Pocket

1 - Bedtime We have created a fantastic storage pocket. A fun and convenient bedside hanging pocket for story books, toys, drinks and more. The perfect solution for when a bedside table is not an option.
Easy To Install
Simply wrap the velcro straps around the bedrail and securely fasten the ends by pressing firmly. 
Multiple Pockets
Designed to hold story books, drinks and more.
Strong and sturdy
Designed to hold a range of different sizes of books and drink bottles.
High Quality Material
100% cotton with reinforced backing.
 I would purchase this item and certainly recommend. I found the night night pocket to be a great way for my little girl to choose her favourite toys and books so that each night we could get them out for her night time story. She enjoyed putting things in and making it there home and it was also a great way for her to tidy her things up.

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