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Babboe Big cargo bike

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 Babboe Big Cargo Bike - "by parents for parents"
The Babboe was created by a group of Dutch parents who wanted to have a quality cargo bike for their families for a reasonable price. They looked at the other products on the market, made improvements and added features that are important for families. With the help of an engineering company they created an excellent product that is great looking, fun, practical and easy to use. Babboe is a real success story, over 20,000 bikes have been sold and the Babboe is now the number one selling cargo bike in Holland.
Why choose a Babboe?
Besides having a great design, the Babboe cargo bike (or box bike) was created to make life fun and easy for you and your entire family, even the dog. With the Babboecargo bike you spend quality time with your children as you zoom around and there is plenty of space for shopping, the dog or even your children’s friends. With a Babboethere is no need to search crowded streets for a parking space or wait in a line of cars to pick up your children from school. It makes life fast, fun and easy. 

Both the children and I loved this. My other half, Ian, also went out on it with them and he had a great time with them. It made bike riding a family experience, as at the moment, my girls can't ride their own bikes and we don't have seats on the back of our bikes to take them with us, so Ian tends to just for a ride with our son on his own.   

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Hoppop Otto Ride-On

1 - Bikes/Scooters

Hoppop reinvents the baby walker with Otto, the different and trendy four wheeler ride-on. This cute scooter is suitable for toddlers from 12 to 36 months. The Otto is lightewight--weighing less than 1 kg, but is extremely strong and sturdy and has 4 wheels. Being light, the Otto scooter is easy to carry along on trips outdoors; its handle can be used to hang onto a stroller. The Hoppop Otto Ride-On Scooter is available in a variety of colours, which allows you to mix and match it with any other Hoppop product.

A laugh a minute and haven't seen my daughter laugh and smile so much as she has when she plays on the Hoppop Otto

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Peppa Pig Trike

1 - Bikes A trike that will grow with your child - Suitable from 12months - 3 Years. Maximum weight 20kg. Extrra wide wheels for stability, self locking push bar, storage at back.

A great Trike and designed to grow with your child so will last a few years.

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1 - Bikes/Scooters

Scuttlebug Folding Tricycle – Suitable from 1-3 Year Olds. Lightweight, easy to fold and store. Benefits from front wheel steering for greater manoeuvrability, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  Smooth, quiet and easy to ride and has a unique 3 step folding action. Helps develop balance and steering skills.  Easy to fold and transport.  Safe-Reliable & Durable. Available in Beetle, Bumble Bee, Dragonfly & Flowerbug

My initial impression of this product was fantastic. It is very colourful and attractive to a child’s eye. The scuttle bug came assembled but it folds away flat. The folding and unfolding of this product is very easy and not time consuming as is a lot kids toys.

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Smart Trike Deluxe

1 - Bikes

Smart Trike “Deluxe”, is a “Right Start Best Toy” Award” winner. The unique 3 in 1 multi-featured tricycle is designed for quality and functionality for a baby 10 months and up. The Smart Trike Deluxe is equipped with an adjustable telescopic 5-position steering handle that allows the parent to take control of the trike while the child is learning to ride. It also includes a bottle holder and play phone for the child's amusement. The built-in clutch gives the option of ride control to the parent or to the child. The product includes a washable, quality seat cover available in a range of colors together with a useful functional bag.

Overall we love the smart trike, is lovely to use even doing the school run or nipping to the shops as is so easy to push and she loves to be sat in it. I am looking forward to getting a lot of use out of this in the summer.

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Smart Trike Plus - Unisex

1 - Bikes The ultimate steer & grow trike. A trike developed to grow with your child. Designed for safety and comfort featuring detachable safety harness, seatbelts, detachable sunshade, high back rest and fold away footrest. Removable parent steering handle allows the parent to control the direction of the ride. Suitable from 10 Months through to 3 Years Plus. A brilliant trike which is easy to use, versatile and will last.

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Smart Trike Plus Girls

1 - Bikes The ultimate steer & Grow trike.  Developed to grow with your child.  Designed for safety & comfort featuring detachable safety harness, seatbelts, detachable sunshade, high back rest and fold away footrest.  Removable parent steering handle allows the parent to control the direction of the ride.  Suitable for toddlers as young as 10+ Months  and grows with the child throughout its developing years up to 36+ Months. I would highly recommend this product, brilliant value for money and grows with your child.

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Smart Trike Recliner Stroller 4-in-1

1 - Bikes/Scooters

Smart-Trike Recliner Stroller, 4-in-1 At 6 months it’s a stroller.

At 24 months – remove the handle and it’s a tricycle! Give your child a head start in life by fostering confidence and motor skills with the first tricycle ever designed for babies from 6 months. This award winning best seller tricycle grows with your child.Adjustable, tilting recliner seat for happy naps. Adjustable, detachable parent steering handle for full parent control during the first stages. Double foot rest – one for 6 months (later removed) and one for 10 months. Stroller rubber wheels for extra smooth rides, anti -roll over bucket, parent brake and a press-out clutch for free-wheeling (protects baby’s feet). Sturdy – Full metal construction. Designed for babies from 6 months and up to 36 months +.

The seat and the padded straps are comfortable and the safety bar will ensure a peace of mind for the younger ones.  The steering is very good and the handling extremely stable.  It is like the Rolls Royce of trikes.

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Smart Trike Steer N Grow Trike

1 - Bikes Steer N Grow Trike designed to grow with your child. Suitable for toddlers as young as 10 Months - 24 Months Plus. Removable parent steering handle, removable rigid safety support, retractable footrests for the very young, press out clutch for free wheeling or pedal power, full metal frame and rubber wheels. A lovely trike that will grow with my son and later on he can start using the pedals by himself. 

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Smart Trike Zoo Collection Trikes

1 - Bikes/Scooters

Mookie are proud to present the latest Premium range from Smart trike, the Zoo collection.  This unique 3 in 1 multi feature tricycle suitable from 10 months provides a safe way of travelling from and early age.  It grows with the child to the age of 3 years plus.  Parents steer the product with the unique telescopic, adjustable handle.  The built-in clutch gives the option of ride control to either the parent or the child.  the comfortable, washable seat cover and fashionable material prints, inspired by the natural world, animals and creatures, gives it a fun, trendy look.

Very easy to steer with the adjustable height steering handle.  Good quality and safe.

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SmarTrike’s 5 in 1 Recliner Infinity Tricycle

1 - Bikes/Scooters SmarTrike’s 5 in 1 Recliner Infinity Blue Tricycle is designed for babies from 10 months to 3 years. It adjusts and grows with your child so you can get longer use out of it. SmarTrike’s 5 in 1 Recliner Tricycle has a full metal construction and built-in suspension that gives baby a 100% comfort ride.With the lightest touch the Recliner Infinity Tricycle manoeuvres like a stroller. The smart patented Touch Steering technology is engineered to the very last detail for parent comfort. The unique navigator button on the mudguard lets one switch from parent Touch Steering to child ride-control.The functional washable, padded seat cover is stylishly coordinated with the extendable canopy, the parent bag and the large, multi- purpose storage bagStage 1: Sleep mode - High back seat reclines, baby rests in comfort and security.Stage 2: At 10 months baby safely uses foot rest & sits comfortably in padded seat.Stage 3: At 18 months baby can sit upright independently, remove the safety bar. Parents continue to push and control the trike. Baby enjoys the ride while developing confidence, balance and motor skills.Stage 4: At 24 months it becomes a training trike where kids learn to pedal.Stage 5: At 30 months you can remove the parent handle, close the safety clutch and it becomes an independent trike that kids pedal by themselves. A really good feature is that you can switch off the pedals which are great if you have a younger child that can’t pedal yet. The bags that attach are super handy for storing things like keys etc. in the smaller one and shopping or nappy change stuff in the larger one. I like the fact that it has as a sun canopy but maybe a rain cover would also be useful on future models? All in all I would give this product 5 out of 5 anything that brings my girl that much in enjoyment is good in my book.

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Taga Multifunctional Vehicle

1 - Bikes

Once you know what Taga is, you'll understand why you can't live without one. Taga is a multifunctional vehicle designed for families on the go. It is a baby stroller and carrier bike all rolled into one—and a means of transportation unlike any other. In seconds, Taga goes from super fun, safe and maneuverable bicycle to designer stroller that easily navigates stores, boards trains and slides into elevators. The possibilities for adventure—and reasons to buy one—are endless.

This is a brilliant & versatile product.  It's the only way I would be happy to go out cycling with 2 young children

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Tippitoes Boost Trike

1 - Bikes/Scooters

Winner of the Best Value 2010 Award ( FQ Magazine ) the Tippitoes Boost Trike has been designed from early use all the way through to full on toddlerhood.
The Boost Trike comes complete with an adjustable push bar, baby surround, and foot rest for the aid of younger riders needing the parental assistance but once children can pedal for themselves these items can be removed/retracted to give the child a more independent journey (with parental supervision of course). A brake for safety, a basket for utility and a cushioned seat are included standard. This really is a robust product made to bring joy to children; it is also an ideal gift option.  The Boost Trike is designed for children from around 18 months up to 3 years

A good quality product and very good value for money.  Thank you we have had a ball and love this trike.

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1 - Bikes/Scooters

All materials are CE-approved, TUV certified, and manufactured in Europe.HIGH QUALITY
Made in Europe: All parts are manufactured, assembled, and packaged in Europe, so you can be assured of Toddlebike’s quality.3 year no-quibble guarantee and excellent customer service, just in case.INNOVATIVE
Compact design with narrow wheels, so young children can learn to steer and balance effectively at their own pace indoors around the home.FITS THE GAP
Suitable from as soon as confidently walking (usually around 15 months) – long before Toddlers are ready for balance bikes, pedals or scooters, it is the best toddler bike.FUNCTIONAL
Weighs less than 1kg, making it easy for young children to ride, manoeuvre, carry or hang neatly on buggy when not in use (balance bikes typically weigh around 3 to 6kg!).Unlike other ride-ons, large wheels mean it can handle most terrains.Hard-wearing plastic makes the bike easy to clean; Waterproof, weatherproof and mudproof, for added outdoor convenience.FUN
Bright, light, and provides daily exercise, independence and freedom from buggies.Available in primary colours and pink and purple.

I think it really is quite a brilliant product and it keeps my little girl very happy.  It has given her another form of transport it's. Overall it's brilliant.           

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VTech Baby 2-in-1 Tri’ to Bike

1 - Bikes/Scooters Best for ages: 18 to 36 Months
A fun filled bike that can be switched from trike to bike mode! Introduces shapes, colours, driving concepts and motorbike items
Speed into learning with the Vtech 2-in-1 Tri' to Bike! Learn the concepts of driving with the fun filled activities on the front panel. Featuring two modes of play that introduce shapes, colours and motorbike items. The arrows keys teach left and right. Spin the speedometer to hear fun engine sound effects play. Spin the roller to develop fine motor skills. Switch the wheels to turn the bike from trike into bike mode to enhance balance and motor skill development. Includes a motion sensor that plays driving sound effects when the bike is moving to add to the learning fun.
A sturdy trike which adapts with your child’s needs to develop motor skills and balance. 

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1 - Bikes

Pewi is a new innovative "Walking Buddy/Ride-on for the toddler market". Beginning as young as 9 months Pewi is the coolest, sleekest walker around. However, unlike traditional Walkers on the market where the child is typically sitting in the walker the Pewi actually enhances body and space awareness. In a traditional walker a child does not learn to fall as he or she typically just sits or hangs in the unit. With the Pewi the Child stands freely in front of Pewi using it only as an aid. They can easily let go of Pewi and sit on the ground or knock other items themselves. This freedom of movement at a young age has proven to stimulate body in space awareness a key for balance and motor skill development.

All of my friends commented on it, the kids loved it, it is a great toy and would definitely recommend! A very good toy, much better than your usual ride along toys!

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