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Belt Up Kidz

1 - Bikes/Scooters
Belt Up Kidz Child Seat Buckle
Secure, Affordable & Fun
Belt Up Kidz is a retrofit buckle that helps to ensure that the arms of your children stay safely inside the shoulder straps of their Buggies, Highchairs and Trikes etc. 

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2013/14 and Bizziebaby Bronze Award winners 2014/15

Zachary is at an age where he has often tried to undo his belt so this would be something I would consider buying. I would also recommend for the same reason. I liked the product it was clear and simple to use and attractive.

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Bike earz

1 - Bikes/Scooters

NEW from Scooterearz are Bike earz mitts which attach to the handlebars of your bike to keep you warm whilst cycling.

These are a fantastic edition to any child’s bike in the colder weather. I love these, they are easy to attach and very safe to use.                    

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BikyBiky Kids Cycle Safety Vest

1 - Bikes/Scooters Kids Cycle Harness – Ergonomically designed with soft to touch materials combined with padding to comfortably support and help your child find their own balance on a bike and boost their confidence learning to cycle.
You can simply walk or run, in an upright position, alongside your cycling child holding onto the padded handle on the back of the vest securely.
In the event of any major wobbles or incidents you can simply lift up your child safely preventing any painful scrapes and falls and avoid them getting tangled up with the bike.

Bizziebaby GOLD Award winners Bicycle Accessories Category 2018 
I would purchase because it is an essential safety product that boost both mine and my child’s confidence. Everyone should use one when teaching their child to ride a bike. Great product all round.

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1 - Bikes/Scooters BundleBean was by designed by a mother of two primarily to combat the amount of expensive kit needed by parents.  BundleBean fits on to all buggies, bike seats, rear facing car seats and front style baby carriers.  It also opens out flat for use as a travel picnic rug or play mat.  It really is a one-stop-shop solution for busy parents on the go! 
BundleBean is so versatile that from tiddler to toddler and winter to summer, it will become the most essential and useful thing you own
I have really enjoyed testing this product and have found it very useful. Easy to use, innovative design that keeps mylittle boy warm and cosy in the winter, but will also be used in the summer when we go for days out and picnics

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Coolcasc Helmet Covers

1 - Bikes/Scooters Coolcasc Helmet covers for ski, snowboard, skate, rollerblading, ice hockey, bike, whatever you want!
These fabulous Helmet covers will brighten up anyone's safety helmet. Can be used by all the family.
One size fits all kids helmets & one size fits all adults helmets
Great Product, fun with safety in mind and your child can personalise their helmet to suit them. 

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Raskullz helmets from Ozbozz

1 - Bikes/Scooters The Raskullz helmets from Ozbozz are totally awesome! These cool, protective safety helmets from Ozbozz keep the kids safe and provide protection against minor impacts and abrasions when scooting, skating, boarding or cycling and they’re unique designs make them so much fun to wear. Choose from a choice of fantastic designs – shark or Mohawk for the young cool dude or unicorn or ladybug for the younger kid. The Raskullz helmet is fitted with an adjustable safety strap. Conform to safety standards. Instructions included ensuring a safe fit. Recommended for age 5 years+. Colours/styles may vary. Makes a boring but necessary product fun.

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Safe T Seat

1 - Bikes The safe-T-seat is more than just a child carrier, it’s 6 years work of a mother and father who were disappointed with the family bicycling options available. The bicycle trailers were great for us but terrible for the kids. They couldn’t see anything but dirt and rocks and when we closed the front flap to keep the muck out of their faces, they got too hot. Plus, it was BORING for them. This cycle seat is fab! We found it easy to use, nice and colourful and fun to use also.

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1 - Bikes/Scooters

Have you ever tried to buy a cycle helmet small enough for your 1 year old? Impossible but now Thudguard introduces Spike, the XXS size helmet. SPIKE helmets are the best helmets you can buy for your baby.It is recommended that babies must be at least one year old before you try them in a bike trailer or seat.We get many enquiries from parents with babies aged about 6 months to 24 months about when it is safe to put a helmet on the child and take them for a bike ride. The question often reaches us as an enquiry on where to find an extremely small helmet. They were never available until now!SPIKE BABY CYCLE HELMETS start at a very small size and are very light. (SMALLEST & LIGHTEST IN THE WORLD!)They use the twist tightening system to ensure a snug fit at all times as your baby's head grows.These are very high quality helmets MADE IN Europe.CE - EN 1078 ApprovedSize 44 - 48 cm / 17,32 - 18,89 "Weight 185 gr / 6,53 oz6 Cooling ventsExpanded protection zone (twist tightener) / Washable paddings.This is a very small helmet designed for 1-3 year oldsDesigned with child comfort and safety in mind.

I have already recommended to my next door neighbour who also has a tiny 14 month old. It is a great looking, well-fitting cycle helmet for a small toddler.

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Weeride Co-Pilot

1 - Bikes

Weeride Co-Pilot - New hitch design - Superior design Front Splash Guard - New idea Arm folds easily for compact storage - True quick release system for fast detachment from adult bike. Tag a long can be detached in 5 seconds for easy storage / moving. Adjustable handlebars, up/down and rotation adjustments.  Higher quality seat than most others. Beautiful black and silver colour scheme. Safety Flag and handlebar pad included - 20" wheel size -Holds up to a 75lb. ride -Recommended for ages 4 - 9.
No need for speeds, why complicate the issue and make it more expensive? Child can pedal forward, backwards or coast. Steel frame weighs approx. 24lbs. You need 2" beneath your seat to attach the bracket.  This should be no problem as all seats are moveable. Would only be an issue if you are small and need the seat at its lowest point to reach the pedals.  

A fun, great active family bonding value for money product and we will be enjoying it even more during the Summer months.

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Weeride Kangaroo Seat

1 - Bikes Kangaroo Seat– unique centre mounted bike seat that attaches to nearly all bikes. WeeRide centre mounted bicycle carrier is an award winning design, engineered to a higher standard and makes cycling with your child safer and more enjoyable. WeeRide enables you and your child to share the adventure and enjoyment of cycling by enhancing the riding experience through superior control and comfort for both you and your child. The WeeRide mounts on almost any bicycle by way of an ingenious independent steel support bar that attaches between the front handle bar tube and the seat post. The seat is designed for ages 1-5 years, and officially up to 18kg.


We are very happy with our Weeride and we shall be enjoying more bike rides in the future now as a family. 

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WeeRide Safefront Deluxe Bike Seat

1 - Bikes/Scooters The WeeRide Safe Front Deluxe is our latest  and best child seat. This is because it isn’t actually front mounted, but is centre mounted. Front mounted seats put all the child’s weight on the handlebars which means steering is more difficult, your child gets thrown around, and most importantly, are unsafe in our opinion if you need to stop quickly. If I was to recommend this to a friend I would advise them to purchase it once their child is comfortable to sitting to get the most out of the product especially when it is double the price of traditional bike seats. I would definitely use it on future children very happily as I really love the product. 

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