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Reflectz - Reflective Stickers

1 - Bikes/Scooters Reflectz - Reflective Stickers for your Scooter T Bar -Scooterearz Reflectz Stickers - Be safe, Be seen in the dark.
Reflective stickers from ScooterearzUniversal self adhesive sticker for use on scooter T Bar. Can be cut to size to fit individual scooter. Universal fit - easily attached and removed Please take care when cutting and applying to Scooter shaft. Suitable for all makes of Scooters
Would certainly recommend as a great idea. Very impressed. Brilliant and will buy again.

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1 - Bikes/Scooters

Scoot Beamz are fun, bright lights, which will keep your little scooter visible when you are heading home. They are easy to attach, you just need to wrap the strap around the pole of your scooter and fasten tight. Press the button on the front of your Scoot Beamz to activate, and press again for different settings and to turn off. The light has three settings - fast flash, slow flash and constant. The batteries last 50 hours and can be replaced but it is quite fiddly. The material is very reflective even when the light isn't on which helps keep your little one seen. Scoot Beamz work with all brands of scooter, and they are available in four bright colours - yellow, green, blue and pink.

 It's an excellent idea, works really well on the school runs when it's dark. It stays in place and lets us know which one is our scooter in the park!                  

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1 - Bikes/Scooters

Scoot Starz are bright little lights to make your scooter sparkle! Available in multi-coloured packs of five, these lights have been designed to fit Mini and Maxi Micro scooters. Scoot Starz are motion sensitive, so no need to switch them on or off. They are easy to install, all you need to do is press them into the larger holes of the wheels of your scooter. Once pushed into position, you will find that they are secure, yet easy to remove when you have finished with them. We think that they look great with just two lights in each wheel, but if you want more of a light show you may need to buy two packets. To use your lights, remove the isolation tape and insert them into your wheels. If your lights do not work at first, they will need to be tapped a few times on a surface to activate. Some Maxi Micro scooters have larger holes, so you will need to turn the lights around for them to fit tightly, and keep the logo facing inwards. Scoot Starz are great fun, but they also increase visibility when you are heading home. Watch our video to see them in action!

This is a good little scooter safety product, that is attractive to kids and not too expensive. A "cool” way to make a scooter safer!                 

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