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Breathing Relief Nasal Dilator for Sporting Activity

1 - Fitness/Exercises

A natural and drug free way to help you with your sports training.
The Breathing Relief™ Nasal Dilator is used by professional and enthusiastic sports people to help them recover during sleep and increase sports performance. Breathing Relief™ can be worn during non-contact sports and during sleep recovery after partaking in any kind of sport. By opening the nasal airways, it increases air-flow into the body which in turn increases the oxygen inhaled. It is especially suitable for:Runners Cyclists Gym Training & Yoga


Once you have moulded correctly and get used to wearing it, then does improve performance. It is very subtle when wearing and has certainly improved my performance. I would never have looked at purchasing this item, but would purchase now and highly recommend.

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1 - Fitness/Exercises

Presenting the world’s first computer/speedometer designed to fit on any baby stroller–the Strollometer. This 8-function, wireless marvel helps you get the most out of what you’re already doing: strolling. With an easy strap-on, strap-off design, The Strollometer is the must-have accessory for any new mum looking to get back into shape after pregnancy. Want to get back into shape after having a baby, but can’t find the time? One solution–do more of what you’re already doing. Stroll. Available in Green Only.


I was really grateful that I have been able to test it and shed a few pounds!

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