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Jacqui Jackson 6 week Post Natal Fitness Course

1 - Fitness/Exercises There is so much pressure on mums these days, not only to be successful career women and Supermums all at the same time - but also to look Instagram ready even when you pop to the shops for a pint of milk. It's just too much pressure and we are suffering for it. We need time to regain our strength, reconnect with our core and pelvic floor muscles, understand what we need to eat to help our body recover as well as time to relax and be still (even for a moment!).I know from having two little ones myself the impact children can have on your physical and emotional well-being. The key is not to give up hope. Whatever issue you want to tackle, whether it's to keep fit and strong during pregnancy, regain your strength after having your baby, improve your energy levels, understand what to eat to help you recover, keep those hormones in check, reconnect with your pelvic floor or just to grab some much needed 'me time', there is a solution. And I can help.TrainingI am run a collection of Pre & Post Natal courses, classes and 1-2-1 training sessions in Bedford.My approach to Pre & Post Natal Fitness focuses wholly on what you, the mum, needs. Time is taken to rebuild you from the inside out - focusing on the positive steps to get you where you want to be.So whether you are pregnant, a new (or not so new) mum or someone who believes they have a weak pelvic floor then get in touch to see how I can help you during this time.After all, the best gift you can give a baby is a happy and healthy mum!

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2018 Health & Fitness Courses 
It will fit in around any family as it is available any time of the day or night, it can be paused or stopped and can even be done with little one in the room with you. Oliver even attempted to join in. I would recommend it to anyone and is worth the money. I even enjoyed doing exercise which I would have never thought I would hear myself say. 

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Joanna Helcke Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness membership

1 - Fitness/Exercises
Joanna Helcké is an award winning pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert, juggling career alongside looking after her three lively boys. In 2009 she founded Zest4lifeUK, her highly successful Leicestershire based pregnancy and postnatal exercise service and has, since then, looked after the fitness of hundreds of women, leaving them fitter and healthier than they have ever been before. She has worked with an entire spectrum of women, from fitness novices to professional athletes.  Joanna is a regular contributor to the national media, providing expert pregnancy and postnatal fitness comment for magazines such as Pregnancy and Birth, Mother and Baby, and Practical Parenting. She is also a writer and gives regular talks on adapting exercise for the pre and postnatal periods. Her love of writing and public speaking date back to her pre-motherhood career as a university lecturer, as does her academic title of Dr.To avoid any possibility of confusion Joanna is an academic doctor, with a PhD, rather than a medical doctor or practitioner.
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 I really enjoyed the workouts and they left me feeling very relaxed. A great product if you are busy as it allows you to fit a bit of ‘me time’ into the day!     

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The Academy4wellbeing Centre & Courses

1 - Fitness/Exercises
Academy 4 Wellbeing Courses
Join one of our courses today and begin your journey to a healthy lifestyle. We help you reach your long term goals through a sustainable weight loss and fitness programme. Make that change and book today!
Our programme is based equally on ALL the 3 Pillars of Wellbeing that directly relate to sustainable weight loss and the after course support we offer will mean you will have the knowledge, skills, practice, support and confidence to not only lose weight but keep it off!
7 day course at The Trentham Estate
Health, Fitness and Weight Loss 7 day programme, scientifically structured by our very eminent team of Health and Wellbeing Specialists and is tailor made to each client.
Green Gym Boot Camp - Want to get rid of stubborn body fat, drop a clothes size and become stronger and fitter whilst having FUN?  Joins us at Wellbeing Park every Wednesday at 18.30pm.

Green Gym Boot Camp courses start from £5.00 daily or £55 for 6 week programme –

7 Day Course Trentham Estate Health & fitness start from £695


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