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'Cook It Together' Book By Annabel Karmel

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Have fun together in the kitchen and get your child eating healthier, without them even noticing. From tomatoes and sweetcorn to strawberries and yogurt, take 10 top ingredients and find out how they are grown or made; then help your child turn them into fantastic food! Annabel Karmel shows you how to transform tasty basic ingredients into delicious dinners and mouth-watering snacks like honey glazed salmon and strawberry cheesecake. Step-by-step photos show exactly what to do and will help your child develop basic cookery skills from measuring to mixing. You'll even find out how to grow some of the ingredients together at home too. Scrumptious food that's as much fun to make as it is to eat!

Great recipes that parent and child can have fun making together.

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'Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook'

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'Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook' By Zainab Jagot AhmedIndian
SuperMeals is a useful culinary guide for any parents looking to ditch the bland baby food to move on to yummy, adventurous baby food. With the sole focus being Indian inspired cuisine, all recipes have been carefully adapted to suit babies and toddlers little taste buds without overwhelming them, producing some absolutely scrumptious meals without the use of salt, sugar or chilli.
A great book. The perfect introduction to spices for babies and toddlers alike with a really good variety of easy to follow recipes to suit all tastes. Highly recommended.               

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DK 'Your Feeding Questions Answered' By Annabel Karmel

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The only Q&A recipe book to tackle all your feeding challenges from Annabel Karmel.

Provided me with useful information, advice and ideas on how best to feed my daughter.

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I Can Eat a Rainbow - Author Annabel Karmel

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Get your child eating all the colours of the rainbow with Annabel Karmel. From juicy red apples to bright green broccoli your pre-schooler will love this fun look at healthy fruit and vegetables from Annabel Karmel. Read it together and meet the colourful fruit and vegetable characters on each chunky tabbed page. Simple text will encourage them to try new foods, from yummy orange and delicious yellow to scrumptious purple and tasty blue food too!  Parent notes give lots of nutritional facts and helpful advice on encouraging healthy eating. Perfect for turning fussy eaters into healthy eaters!

Overall it is a great colourful experience which helps get across to children about fruit and veg being healthy.

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The Flavour-led Weaning Cookbook

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The Flavour-led Weaning Cookbook offers over 100 first-tastes recipes your baby will love. It will be your best-friend in the kitchen from day 1, guiding you every step of the way with expert and realistic advice, meal plans and recipes.Flavour-led weaning uses baby-friendly herbs and spice as safe, healthy and natural flavour-boosters. It will encourage your baby to love their food from their very first taste. It will show you how to bring a rainbow of colour to your baby's diet. And will ensure your baby gets all the nourishment they needs at every stage in their weaning journey.Flavour-led weaning works in harmony with spoon-led and baby-led weaning. This book includes meal plans for all the weaning stages, plus delicious recipes the whole family can enjoy together.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2017 Cook Books Category 
I would definitely recommend this book as it was simple and easy to follow. Easy to follow with several recipes.Made weaning less horrifying for a clueless mother! 

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