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Acorns to Great Oaks CD: Meditations for Children

1 - Books "Acorns to Great Oaks - Meditations for Children" helps children to become and stay aware of the world around them, aware of their own fabulousness, aware of energy, aware of their thoughts and feelings influencing their lives and that of others, aware of their connection with this beautiful planet we live on, and aware of how they can change anything for the better, easily and quickly, in order to create trust, strength and happiness. We are creatures of habit. If we can pick up 'bad' habits (stress, anger), we can also be taught good habits (relaxation, trust, conscious breathing, forgiveness, peace...). We need to teach children how to manage their own behavior instead of having others manage it for them. Meditation and being aware is coming to a place within your heart and mind where you feel happy and trusting so you can feel good again, in and after any situation, wherever you are and as quickly as possible. Visualizing specific pictures in the mind supports this. It teaches children power and control over how they feel, what's happening and where they want to be in life! Acorns to Great Oaks - Meditations for Children contains 22 short meditations to help children on their way, so they can then easily apply 'coping mechanisms' into real life. An illustrated book with the meditations from this CD is also available 

Find out more about the Author here 
Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2017 CD Category 
My 2 year old loved his "relax” time each day, I would put the cd on when he was becoming bored/angry/excitable, which was as different times of the day, he responded well to the instructions, he enjoyed sometimes just lying on the floor and listening to it while being still. I babysat a friends two children one afternoon, who are 4 and 6, they also responded really well to the cd, afterwards they were able to sit and listen to a story then draw pictures, awesome for these very active children. 

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BabyBoomBoom Multi-Lingual CD's

1 - Books
The CD features nursery rhymes and songs in English and Italian. Each verse is sung in English then repeated in Italian. This is a fun and participative way to familiarise youngsters to the sounds of a second language.
Words in both languages are included with the CD. Songs include:
• Old MacDonald
• Five Little Ducks
• Sing a Rainbow
• The Mulberry Bush
• Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
• This Little Piggy
• Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
• Itzy Bitzy Spider
• Round and Round the Garden
• Tommy Thumb
• The Alphabet Song
• Brother John
• One two three four five
• The Wheels on the Bus
• London Bridge
• If you’re happy and you know it
Available in Polish, French, German, Welsh, Chinese check online for full list.

I would recommend this to my sister; my nephew is 2 1/2 and would love this.

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Better Birth Companion CD

1 - Books

A new addition to the Natal Hypnotherapy product range - The ‘Better Birth Companion’ is a virtual, personalised birth support and therapy toolkit for parents-to-be. “This toolkit is a pocket-sized course and therapy session in one! I felt as if someone was sat with me talking through each chapter. This was a life changing read and should be on every mum’s essential purchases list.“ (Mum-to-be, Shona Kitchener) It comprises:
• Natal Hypnotherapy’s one of the award-winning ‘Birth Preparation’ CDs RRP £11.99
• Natal Hypnotherapy’s new ‘Effective Birth Preparation - a practical guide to a better birth’ book. RRP £8.99

The ‘Better Birth Companion’ provides a comprehensive and affordable way to train the mind and body to fully prepare for labour. The portable programme gives pregnant women a significantly better chance of having a more relaxed, less painful and interventionist birth than using only traditional antenatal services. This is because, unlike many of the pregnancy books and antenatal courses available, the Companion gives parents-to-be a holistic yet affordable physical and emotional toolkit of techniques and exercises. They can practise these in private to enable them to trust their instincts and build confidence in the woman’s ability to have a healthy pregnancy and positive birth, whether at home or in hospital. The Companion is both down-to-earth and inspiring, and is based on an easy-to-follow, five-step programme. It includes a range of heart-warming stories by mums who have used the tools, tips and techniques plus interesting facts about childbirth through the ages.

I was skeptical of the product quality at first but now I am impressed. Having listened to the CD I would rate it value for money.

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Bizzy The Butterfly and the Creepy Crawly Co-Operating Caterpillar CD Audio Book

1 - Books
Do you have a garden? Or do you live near a park? Have you ever seen a butterfly? If you have then there is just a chance that you may have seen Bizzy the Butterfly. Bizzy the Butterfly is quite small. She has white wings with tiny black dots on them, and she is always fluttering around the flowers. She likes all of the flowers, but she likes purple flowers the best.
Bizzy the Butterfly stories are for babies and toddlers, and are perfect for the nursery run, bedtime or anytime in between.Combining spoken word with music, illustrations with games, the stories provide endless opportunities for your child to play, learn and explore their imagination. The stories will be available as audiobooks and ‘bookeos‘ for you to download and enjoy with your child. Join Bizzy on all of her adventures in the big, big garden!
The kids were so engrossed; they listen, dance, sing and interact brilliantly with the CD.                

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CBeebies – The Album

1 - Books
CBeebies - New album featuring all the best songs from the channel as well as presenter themes all on this double album. A great gift.
Find out more about CBeebies
This album is great, even if you don't watch the programme on CBeebies, they are still catchy tunes for any child.             

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Children's Top 100: 3 CD set of children's favourite nursery songs & rhymes

1 - Books A brilliant 3 CD set of the Top 100 children's songs and rhymes as voted for by you, the customer and parent or grandparent who have been kind enough to tell us your child's favourite songs Disc One. 1. the wheels on the bus 2. old macdonald had a farm 3. the grand old duke of york 4. we're going this way that way 5. going to the zoo 6. one man went to mow 7. five little men in a flying saucer 8. the runway train 9. amarillo 10. horsey horsey don't you stop 11. mrs macaroni 12. chitty chitty bang bang 13. down in the jungle 14. the animal fair 15. reach 16. supercalifragilistic 17. fireman sam 18. rock a bye baby 19. 5 little speckled frogs 20. postman pat 21. somewhere over the rainbow 22. hey baby 23. the big ship sails through the alley alley o 24. macarena 25. little green frog 26. yellow submarine 27. buttercup cow 28. when goldilocks went to the house of the bears 29. three blind mice 30. click go the shears 31. lavender's blue 32. sing a song of sixpence 33. on our way to mars 34. daisy daisy Disc Two 1. twinkle twinkle little star 2. baa baa black sheep 3. this old man 4. she'll be coming round the mountain 5. bobby bingo 6. monster mash 7. me and my teddy bear 8. morningtown ride 9. jelly on a plate 10. teddy bear's picnic 11. polly put the kettle on 12. 5 currant buns in a baker's shop 13. superman 14. I am a weed 15. incy wincy spider 16. I can sing a rainbow 17. brick on a brick 18. don't stop movin' 19. there was a princess long ago 20. balamory 21. I'm a hippopotamus 22. ring a ring of roses 23. wind the bobbin up 24. humpty dumpty 25. hop little bunnies 26. pat a cake baker's man 27. hey diddle diddle 28. you are my sunshine 29. round and round the garden 30. hot cross buns 31. I hear thunder 32. little donkey 33. happy birthday Disc Three 1. row row row your boat 2. spongebob squarepants 3. if you're happy and you know it 4. dingle dangle scarecrow 5. ten fat sausages 6. i am the music man 7. miss polly had a dolly 8. the wise man built his house uppon a rock 9. abc song 10. looby lou 11. hokey cokey 12. do your ears hang low? 13. bob the builder 14. heads shoulders knees and toes 15. knees up mother brown 16. 1 2 345 17. make way for noddy 18. never smile at a crocodile 19. wiggly woo 20. chick chick chick chick chicken 21. the bare necessities 22. five little ducks 23. hickory hickory dock 24. yellow bird 25. the animals went in two by two 26. prehistoric animal brigade 27. five little monkeys 28. one elephant went out to play 29. nellie the elephant 30. donkey riding 31. I'm a little teapot 32. jack and jill 33. jingle bells I would certainly purchase as a gift. I would definitely recommend. I was extremely happy with this CD. Overall very happy, my son loves this and always wants to put it on. He is a perfect age to enjoy this music.

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CRS Records Children’s Favourite Songs 6 CD pack

1 - Books
6 hours playing time. 125 songs and 10 stories
The six discs are DINGLE DANGLE SCARECROW,FAVOURITE TALES, NEVER SMILE AT A CROCODILE, THE WHEELS ON THE BUS, TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR, DO RE MIDingle Dangle Scarecrow1. Dingle dangle scarecrow 2. Consider Yourself 3. Roly poly 4. Ten fat sausages 5. I am the music man 6. Miss Polly had a dolly 7. If you're happy and you know it 8. One finger one thumb keep moving 9. The wise man built his house upon a rock 10. ABC song 11. Looby lou 12. Hokey cokey 13. Do your ears hang low? 14. Bob the builder mambo no 5 15. Head, shoulders knees and toes 16. Calypso 17. The rain song 18. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside 19. Raindrops keep falling on my head 20. Knees up Mother Brown 21. Supercalifragilistic 22. What shall we do with the drunken sailor 23. Spring Carol 24. 1,2,345 25. Ob la di ob la da
This product definitely deserves full marks as it was such a winner with my little boy and kept him entertained for hours and also helped to stimulate him on long car journeys. Wish I had seen these earlier and purchased them. Just Excellent. 

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Diddi Dance CDs

1 - Books The team behind the much-loved national pre-school dance classes, diddi dance, are so excited to launch its first ever collection of CDs so families can join in the dancing fun at home. Fast becoming a staple activity for under 5’s, the diddi dance CDs follow the hugely popular dance classes and are sure to be a hit with families nationwide. With original and funky songs written especially for little ones, the diddi dance CDs cover a variety of dance styles encouraging both boys and girls to get on their feet - never again will parents be stuck for an activity on those rainy days!  Not only a fantastic way to get toddlers exercising and keep them fit but the relaxing and soothing tracks on each CD are also a great way for little ones to wind down at the end of the day.  I have already recommended a friend this product and played her a couple of songs from it. She was very impressed. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed the CDs. She still enjoys them now and requests almost every other day for me to play it.

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Diglot Books – French Language Gift Pack

1 - Books

Language gift packs are an ideal present for friends and relatives looking to purchase a fun, yet educational gift that won't end up in the back of a cupboard!This French Language Gift Pack suitable for ages 4 and up, contains a Diglot the Dragon Hand Puppet (26cm tall) and the trademark Diglot ABC bilingual picture book, and a French / English dual language Nursery Rhyme CD "I can Sing in French and English"ABC Francais English - Learning the alphabet in a second language is much easier when the words start with the same letter in both languages.This enchanting picture book introduces children to familiar objects using clear pictures and text written in both French and English. Each picture is accompanied by a simple descriptive sentence and an extra picture depicting the scene.I Can Sing in French and English - Nursery Rhymes are a great way to introduce vocabulary in a new language. What better way to disguise repetition and make it fun than by playing music, singing and dancing! This collection of traditional nursery rhymes features simple words and phrases that are easy to learn and can be used in games or everyday life. Each song is sung once in each language with children being encouraged to repeat the phrases and sing-a-long with the rhymes.Diglot the Dragon Hand Puppet - What better way to bring life to Diglot the Dragon than through or extraordinarily soft plush hand puppet. Large enough to accommodate adult hands, the Diglot puppet is a great accompaniment for bed time stories.

I was very impressed overall, not only has my son learned French words, but so have I and we have both had a wonderful time whilst learning them. Interesting and enjoyable introduction to French for young children, this gift set is of a high quality and sparks an interest in learning an additional language at an early age, making it the perfect gift for a little one.

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Disney Princess CD from EMI

1 - Books

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, (well, Kensington Palace), hoards of people were preparing honour the celebration of Rapunzel becoming the official 10th Disney Princess. If there’s any Disney character out there that’s missing a tiara, it’s beautiful Rapunzel! Rapunzel will be welcomed into the Disney Princess royal court alongside Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Snow White and Tiana at a star-studded celebration in front of a global audience on October 2nd at Kensington Palace– home of many real life Princesses over the centuries. To celebrate Rapunzel’s special day, EMI brings a truly captivating experience to you with the enchanting album Disney Princesses, including classic songs from Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, The Princess and the Frog, Tangled and many more delightful musical fairytales. Dig out those sparkle shoes and get ready to twirl under the glitter ball. British teenager, Shannon Saunders, is set for world stardom after being chosen to sing Disney Princess’ new signature theme, The Glow. The Glow will be available for download from September 12th and will feature on a new enchanting music album, Disney Princesses, which launched on October 3rd. Find the perfect party dress and wear your tiara, you no longer need to be locked in your tower, Disney Princesses invites you to celebrate with them! Dreams really do come true... this fun-packed album is simply enchanting...

The design of the CD cover and contents were bright and colourful, each character is easy to recognise. Some songs they remember from the films, others are new to them but they enjoyed them all.

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Feel Good CD

1 - Books

Featuring the feel good friends on this marvellous CD! Feel happy.. Feel calm.. Feel Magical, feel GOOD!

I think this really is a lovely, unique idea to entertain the kids!

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Fifi & The Flower Tots. Rock With The Tots CD

1 - Books

Rock With The Tots - Fifi’s First Party Album - features exclusive extended versions of songs from the show such as Rock With The Tots, Happy Day Party, We Love To Salsa and everyone’s favourite, The Pancake Song, along with the theme tune from the award-winning programme.  Party tracks have been specifically selected for the album from Series 1 and 2 , which are perfect for every little child to sing and dance along to (not forgetting Mums and Dads!). It is   THE perfect accompaniment to any child’s party, and is an extra special gift for fans of Fifi and the Flowertots.


Overall, it makes long journeys more bearable for my girls.

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Jittabugs Move & Groove

1 - Books

Baby Move & Groove is a wonderful class for children aged 0-2yrs old.

It has many proven benefits including:-

  • Strengthens leg and back muscles aiding movement. Opens the hip and knees joints and keeps them flexible.
  • Helps them to gain strength to reach essential milestones.
  • Stretches the chest, enabling deeper breathing for baby.
  • Develops balance helping sitting, crawling and walking.
  • Stimulates the internal systems and keeps the organs healthy.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Helps prevent and relieve colic and constipation, good to get rid of trapped wind.
  • Helps promote sleep.
  • Facilitates positive play, learning, bonding and interaction with other people.
  • An interest for music
 the CD is of good quality. Lots of fun!

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Jolly Songs Book & CD

1 - Books A collection of songs set to popular tunes for each of the 42 letter sounds.These songs are sung by children (in British English) on the audio CD. Perfect for use at home, one-to-one teaching or small groups. Also includes a spoken guide to all 42 letter sounds and alternative vowels. Games and activities are included in the 24 page book. Overall it's a fun and very useful aid to learning.

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Kids Music Personalised Baby CD's

1 - Books

Kids Music personalise CD's and DVD's.  Enjoy the thrill of having your childs name fetured in the songs or the story. You can also personalise the CD with your very own personal message for your baby or child.

Would certainly recommend to others.  Love this product and so does my child.

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Little Angels First Aid CD

1 - Books

Angels First Aid Ltd offers a complete range of first aid products, carefully chosen to offer top quality and value for money. An established company in the UK, we offer an exceptional level of personal customer service worldwide. Angels First Aid Ltd also provides a wide range of affordable first aid courses throughout the UK.

An essential, easy access first aid CD for use in emergencies.

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Lullaby Renditions of Jay-Z Rockabye Baby

1 - Books
Does your baby wake up when the lights go down? Here’s the blueprint for building a peaceful bedtime: put on these calming versions of Jay Z’s biggest hits. You may have 99 problems, but a crying baby ain’t one.
Rockabye Baby transforms rock favorites into beautiful instrumental lullabies. Guitars and drums are traded for xylophones and bells, and the volume is turned down from an eleven to a two. Tonight, the cradle will rock.
It looks good and it is a nice CD to get for your baby which is different to the majority of the lullaby CDs out there. It would make a nice present for a friend with a new baby.                

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1 - Books Lush SPA CD’s are available to buy from all Lush stores priced at £10.00 each with four to choose from – one from each SPA treatment used within our four UK Lush SPA’s– so you can recreate an oasis of tranquility in the comfort of your own home. Simon Emmerson – the leading light in both The Imagined Village and Afro Celt Sound System – and Lush Co-Founder and Product Inventor, Mark Constantine OBE, have combined a love of folk music traditions and bird song to create a unique musical experience. The Validation CD used within The Validation Facial treatment will take the listener on a surreal journey of self-discovery, tapping into the sub-conscious through the element of sound to help you feel validated, relaxed and renewed.  
It does what it says -a relaxing cd with gentle sounds and music. It was easy to use and did help me to relax a little. 

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Marc Carroll CD

1 - Books

Marc Carroll releases his highly anticipated new single What’s Left of My Heart this spring, follow up to acclaimed Always and Now Or Never. With his thought provoking lyrics and unique vocals, What’s Left Of My Heart, will surely not disappoint. Furthermore Carroll proves he is a true musical prodigy- performing all the instruments on the track creating a modern, punk twist on folk rock!

I have listened to it over and over again!

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Massive R&B Spring 2010

1 - Books

Massive R&B Spring 2010 brimming with number 1 smashes from the likes of Rihanna, Jason Derulo, Lady GaGA, Cheryl Cole, Usher, New Boyz, Tinchy Strider, Kid Sister and many more.

My son loves it.

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Meditation and Relaxation for Kids CD

1 - Books Sleep specialist Dr Elizabeth Scott has put together seven pleasant scenarios to let your mind wander through. They will leave you with a relaxed body, peace of mind and a feeling of gentle happiness. Each exercise can be used separately or you can move from one to another.Suitable for children aged 8 and up. Also suitable for adults.This 67 minute CD is perfect for use at bedtime, during stressful situations such as long journeys, before exams or when children just need to relax and switch off. This CD is completely safe and very effective way to help your kids drift away into a peaceful sleep and to help build their self-confidence and self-esteem.1. Relax your body and your mind 2. Your adventure in the clouds 3. Relax and get rid of your worries 4. Your hot air balloon adventure 5. Your beach holiday adventure 6. Starlight relaxation 7. Your night sky adventure

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winners 2018 CD's Category 
It’s inexpensive, fun, helpful, easy to use and follow, safe, can do the exercises together or as one, in the comfort of your own home.It is the best relaxation CD, there plenty to listen to, lovely calming sounds and music, great exercises with great health benefits and to help us relax and feel much better and that’s worth so much. Would highly recommend to anyone have difficulties and especially for children who cannot express themselves through words but through exercises. Thank you we’ve enjoyed every minute of using this CD so far. 

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Music For Dreaming CD

1 - Books

Features best loved lullabies like Brahms Lullaby, Hush-a-bye-baby and Golden Slumbers. Dream with your baby cradled in the arms of music. Music for Dreaming has been created especially for babies and adults so that they may feel comforted and nurtured.  Music can have a profoundly natural therapeutic effect on the listener. The pure sound of this music is created by traditional instruments rather than synthesised sounds to protect your baby's delicate ears and sensitive nervous system. Musicians breathe life and expression into the notes, creating a rich harmonic quality, we find so peaceful. Lullabies, in particular, are recognized for their ability to produce feelings of calm and restfulness.

Informative advice inside makes it easy to establish a routine of using the CD, and it works.

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My Songs CD

1 - Books

Disc 1

  1. Sam Sparro - Black & Gold
  2. Duffy - Warwick Avenue
  3. Gabriella Cilmi - Sweet About Me
  4. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
  5. Razorlight - America
  6. The Fray - Over My Head (Cable Car)
  7. Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game
  8. Guillemots - Falling Out Of Reach
  9. Amy Macdonald - This Is The Life
  10. Onerepublic - Stop And Stare
  11. James Morrison - You Give Me Something
  12. Paul Weller - You Do Something To Me
  13. Stereophonics - It Means Nothing
  14. The Fratellis - Whistle For The Choir
  15. Jamie Cullum - High And Dry
  16. Elbow - Weather To Fly
  17. Ian Brown - F.E.A.R. (Unkle Remix)
  18. Hero - Les Fleurs
  19. Lamb - Angelica
  20. Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats
  21. Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle
It has a very good mixture of songs for every music taste and not at a bad price too!

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Natal Hypnotherapy - Pregnancy Relaxation CD

1 - Books

The Natal Hypnotherapy Pregnancy Relaxation CD provides mums with a gentle way to develop their own relaxation skills to learn effective breathing techniques and to become more focussed on having a positive healthy pregnancy. This Pregnancy Relaxation CD is also part of the Natal Hypnotherapy Programme which won the "Pregnancy Product of the Year" and also voted for Practical Parenting's editor's award. Benefits of listening to the Pregnancy Relaxation CD· Maintain a feeling of calm and relaxation · Increase your energy and feelings of well being · Improved sleep · Maintain a healthy blood pressure · Reduce, even eliminate aches and pains · Increase communication with your baby · Learn techniques that will help with giving birth· Deal effectively with stressful situationsThe Natal Hypnotherapy CD comes in an attractive box making it an ideal, thoughtful gift. Click here for or a sample of the CD. Please note this file is .mp3 and over 2MB so it may take some time to load on a dial-up connection.

I was very pleased with the product and bought other products from the same company for the birth of my child.

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Now 78 CD

1 - Books

Disc 1Bruno Mars - GrenadeAdele - Rolling In The DeepJessie J - Do It Like A DudeRihanna - S&MKe$ha - We R Who We RThe Wanted - Gold ForeverMatt Cardle - When We CollideTake That - The FloodEllie Goulding - Your SongJLS feat. Tinie Tempah - Eyes Wide ShutDavid Guetta feat. Rihanna - Who's That Chick?Taio Cruz feat. Travie McCoy - HigherChris Brown - Yeah 3XBritney Spears - Hold It Against MeAlexis Jordan - HappinessParade - LouderOlly Murs - Thinking Of MeAvril Lavigne - What The HellMcFly feat. Taio Cruz - Shine A LightNoah And The Whale - L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.Comic Relief pts. Susan Boyle & Geraldine McQueen - I Know Him So WellDisc 2Jessie J - Price TagChipmunk feat. Chris Brown - ChampionWiz Khalifa - Black And YellowRihanna feat. Drake - What's My Name?The Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit)Nicole Scherzinger - PoisonEnrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris & DJ Frank E - Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)Cee Lo Green feat. Wiz Khalifa - Bright Lights Bigger CityKaty Perry feat. Kanye West - E.T.P!nk - PerfectTinie Tempah feat. Ellie Goulding - WondermanWillow - Whip My HairKaty B feat. Ms Dynamite - Lights OnMartin Solveig feat. Dragonette - HelloFlo Rida feat. Akon - Who Dat GirlFar East Movement feat. Cataracs & Dev - Like A G6Wretch 32 feat. L - TraktorAggro Santos feat. Kimberley Walsh - Like U LikeDevlin feat. Yasmin - RunawayTinchy Stryder feat. Melanie Fiona - Let It RainChase & Status feat. Liam Bailey - Blind Faith

I've always been a fan of the Now CD's as I think it's a great way of obtaining the recent chart songs that you might hear on the radio rather than buying them individually.

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Pop Party 10 CD

1 - Books

Pop Party 10 is here!  The incredibly successful brand, now onto its tenth release, is back for Christmas 2012 with massive names and the best tracks of the year. The album is packed full of chart-topping smashes from the biggest names in pop from Justin Beiber, Cheryl Cole, JLS to Katy Perry and  to name but a few. As always, the album features a bonus DVD packed full of great music videos which budding pop stars can dance along to. The album also includes lyric cards, This is a must have stocking filler for Christmas 2012! Pop Party 9 sold a fantastic 322k in 2011 getting to #1 in the compilations chart.

It offers great value for money withl ots of tracks plus bonus DVD – it's a winner with young children.               

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Pop Princess 2011

1 - Books
Pop Princess CD brimming with number 1 smashes from the likes of  Rihanna, Lady Ga Ga, Leona Lewis, Kelly Rowland, Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Pixie Lott, The Saturdays, Miles Cyrus and many more.
Pop Princess 2010 edition Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2010/11
Pop Princess 2011 Edition Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2011/12

It is a very good cd and DVD loved by myself, and two daughters! Great Girls Party and feel good cd!

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Pregnancy & Birth Preparation Programme

1 - Books

This set of 4 CDs have been specifically combined to guide you through your pregnancy, labour and birth. They will help you to create an enjoyable pregnancy, a positive expectation of a confident birth and to remain calm and in control throughout your labour and birth. Listen to these CDs regularly throughout your pregnancy.

CD 1. Keeping Relaxation Simple
CD 2. Keeping Breathing for Labour Simple
CD 3. Keeping Affirmations Simple
CD 4. Keeping Birth Rehearsal Simple

I would recommend them to a friend if they were worried. But it did give me more confidence about the breathing side of child birth.

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Relaxation and stress management CD

1 - Books

This CD has no preferences to pregnancy, birth or babies. and can be used by anyone at any time.  Hypnosis has been shown to be an effective and powerful tool in managing and reducing stress and with the Relaxation and Stress Management CD, it takes just half an hour in the privacy of your own home to feel refreshed, calm and confident. At just £11.99 it is becoming a popular way to manage stress, meaning you wont have spend half your salary travelling to a Buddhist retreat to relax!  According to Daily Mail psychologist,  Dr Nick Norris " Relaxation CDs can be effective (for stress management), working by distracting us from worries. They also help alleviate some of the physical symptoms associated with stress, such as muslce tension or rapid breathing" This highly effective self-hypnosis CD plays soothing background music while the calming voice of qualified clinical hypnotherapist Maggie Howell takes you into a state of guided relaxation.  This will not only help you deal more effectively with stress but also get better sleep, feel more in control and able to deal with all the challenges that you face. Simply lying back and listening to the CD will help your mind and body let go and relax.

I used the cd, to help me to chill out & relax before going to bed about 3-4 times a week. It proved to be very effective and its fantastic quality.

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Sick City Club CD

1 - Books

"They have a glittering, promising future ahead of them."


Overall, a good CD with a mix of pop, indie and twist of rocky punk, Interesting "safe” listening for young teens.

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Sleepytot Baby's Sea Shore CD

1 - Books

Baby’s Sea Shore replicates the sound of mummy’s heartbeat and is uniquely combined with the steady sound of the sea to mimic the soothing sound of the womb. Whenever you need to calm baby, block out sounds from around the house, or help her transition from one sleep cycle to another, this CD will help.

Baby’s Sea Shore can become a fantastic sleep cue that you can take anywhere with you to let your baby know that it’s time for sleep.

I would recommend this to anyone having ongoing problems with settling their baby.

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Speekee To Learn Spanish

1 - Books

Speekee is without rival in its field, using the most modern, most successful language learning methodology to teach Spanish to children. Contents include 4 DVD video discs, 34-track audio CD plus 70 page guide.

I think we have both had fun singing & learning together with this product

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Summer Rocks CD

1 - Books
  1. Starstruck - Christopher Wilde
  2. Let's Get Crazy - Hannah Montana
  3. Magic - Selena Gomez
  4. What Time Is It - High School Musical 2 Cast
  5. Breaking Free - Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
  6. He Could Be the One - Hannah Montana
  7. This Is Me - Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas
  8. Play My Music - Jonas Brothers
  9. Hey - Mitchel Musso
  10. Hero - Christopher Wilde
  11. We're All in This Together - High School Musical Cast
  12. The Best of Both Worlds - Hannah Montana
  13. One and the Same - Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato
  14. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - Mitchel Musso
  15. Cheetah Love - The Cheetah Girls
  16. Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill) - Hannah Montana
  17. We Rock - Camp Rock Cast
  18. So Far So Great - Demi Lovato
  19. Something About the Sunshine - Anna Margaret
  20. You Are the Music in Me - Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
  21. Now or Never - High School Musical 3 Cast
  22. Everything Is Not What It Seems - Selena Gomez
It’s a great mixture of music and I probably would have bought it

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The Baseballs CD

1 - Books 1. Intro (feat. Scott Mills) 
2. Candy Shop 
3. Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman 
4. Hello
5. Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) 
6. Paparazzi 
7. Bitch
8. Ghetto Superstar
9. California Gurls 
10. Hard Not To Cry 
11. Coming Home 
12. Tik Tok 
13. Follow Me 
14. Miami
The songs are up to date but with a twist.

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The Best Mum Ever CD

1 - Books

For The Best Mum In The World... Ever is a great 2 CD disc set aimed at those looking to get their mum's the best present... ever. Is it the greatest compilation CD box set for your mum? Possibly.  A lot of the songs your mum probably has, but it's the thoughthat counts! It's priced at £13.99 but you'll be able to grab it at places like


Liked the CD, it is excellent value for money and it is a product that I would have definitely considered buying.  Made every car journey a happy one where the kids sang along!

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THE BEST OF FRIENDS - Justin Fletcher’s brand new album

1 - Books
Do you love singing and dancing with your friends? CBeebies star Justin Fletcher does and his brand new album "The Best Of Friends” is jam packed with great tunes that youngsters will love to sing along to.   Justin - whose characters delight children on CBeebies shows such as Justin’s House, Gigglebiz and Something Special – has handpicked a fun-packed collection of songs for "The Best of Friends” featuring all time favourites, traditional nursery rhymes and chart-topping songs. 
For more information about "The Best Of Friends” visit

For the latest Justin & Friends tour information visit

I would definitely consider buying this CD. I would also recommend it to my family and friends. We all love it and it will be a family favourite for a long time!                

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Ultimate Pop Jnr. CD

1 - Books

Ultimate Pop Junior has all the best songs from the pop charts including your favourite artists such as The Saturdays, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. In addition, this album is full to the brim with the classic theme tunes from the top children’s programs from LazyTown, Bob The Builder, Teletubbies, Tweenies, Fast Food Rockers and the loveable Alvin and the Chipmunks! The very best of pop and TV is on one album. Everything you love is crammed in!  Just to make sure mum doesn’t feel left out, there are countless hits for her to enjoy. Including tracks from the sassy Sugababes, with their top hit Push The Button, the Perfect Pixie Lott with her number one track Boys & Girls, the boyband that everyone loves Take That with Shine and of course no pop album would be complete without out the new prince of pop himself; Justin Bieber with Baby.....don’t pretend you don’t know the words!  These top current tracks are perfect for both mum and child to sing and dance to at home or even in the car! Additionally Ultimate Pop Junior is the perfect tool to interact with your child, as they begin to learn, play and develop.

A very good CD, would definitely buy it for the kids and it’s a very good price too.

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Wellstart Pregnancy & Child Development (PC/MAC)

1 - Books
WellStart is software that acts as a comprehensive user manual and digital recordbook for parents and parents to be. It will keep you fully-informed and confident about what to expect in your child’s development and when to expect it, and also help you to easily record all the cherished moments in your child’s journey to build up a fantastic record for the future

Learn what you need to know about your child's development, from conception, through pregnancy, to 5 years of age.

As your child reaches milestones, record them with notes, photos and videos to create a fantastic digital record that you'll look back on with pride

Content written by experienced GPs, covers language, physical and social development, week-by-week pregnancy info and fun reminders to record precious moments

WellStart covers everything you need in one low-cost, fun and easy-to-use application for PC or Mac.

Box Contains
  • PC-CD Rom
  • This is a modern and technological way to keep on top of your child’s development milestones that saves time for busy mums.

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    Wiggle and Stretch (CD with words and actions booklet)

    1 - Books Ref: CRCD1510-1Make fitness fun for children with this wonderful activity CD. There is a separate booklet with words and suggested actions so that you and your pre-schooler can enjoy simple actions that get the whole body moving whilst having loads of fun!1. Wiggle & Stretch 2. Shake my sillies 3. One finger, one thumb, keep moving 4. We all like to stretch 5. If you're happy and you know it 6. Elephants have wrinkles 7. Wind the bobbin up 8. My body can bend and move 9. Dingle dangle scarecrow 10. Everybody know I love my toes 11. We all clap hands together 12. I went to school one morning 13. Hop little bunnies 14. Music, music, music 15. Little Jimmy Rabbit 16. Here we hop round the mulberry bush 17. Clap your hands together like this 18. Head, shoulders, knees and toes 19. Teddy bear teddy bear touch your nose 20. Hokey Cokey
    NOW ONLY £5.10 ONLINE 
    We have really enjoyed this product and have danced and exercised to all the songs. It is really good fun and is now my daughters favourite cd. 

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    Your Baby’s Very Own Lullaby CD

    1 - Books

    This CD features an original lullaby that can be personalised with any baby name in the world.  Simply supply the name using the form above and a professional singer (the same one featured in the demo recordings) will record a special version of the song just for your child. A CD and an Mp3 Download Card are included with this Product. People listen to music in a variety of different ways.  Many have CD players that they use for playing music but an increasing number of people now prefer using their smart phone or tablet to play their favourite tracks on.  By purchasing this product you’ll not only receive a CD but you’ll get a download card that will entitle you to download the tracks on Mp3 format (at no extra cost).  This means that if you have a CD player in the car but an Mp3 player or smart phone set up in the baby’s nursery then you can listen to your baby’s lullaby anywhere you like.  It also means that if you are giving this product as a gift then you’ll be able to benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing the recipient will get full use from this product regardless of the music set up they have at home. This Album Contains Six Tracks in Total. The original lullaby (that will be personalised for your baby) is track number one and is followed by four instrumental renditions of famous nursery rhymes and lullabies that we have recorded in our studios.   All of the songs on the album have been intelligently designed using the data from a number of research studies that were commissioned in order to study the effect that music has on an infant’s brain and to discover the best methods of using music to encourage a healthy, natural sleep.  The product also contains a special card with tips on how to design the perfect pre-bed routine.

    This is an absolutely fantastic product and ideal as a gift or keepsake                

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    Zeamu Music CD

    1 - Books
    ZEAMU MUSIC CD - 14 original pop songs ~ written for kids ~ sung by kids & that kids can identify with & take ownership of. Zeamu Music is a new record label launched by a collective made up of some of the music industry's hottest producers, musicians & composers.
    Suitable for 4 - 10 year olds.
    The product is a good, enjoyable and somewhat addictive. We listen to it mainly on family journeys in the car and is enjoyed by all.                

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