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Bob The Builder The Big Dino Dig

1 - Books

Bob's building Fixham Harbour s new dinosaur-themed fun park with a giant roller coaster and fantastic rides. Everything is going to plan until the team begin unearth dinosaur bones on site! The machines can t contain their excitement and are eager to dig in and get mucky, but where are they going to put all the bones and who will be able to move them and will dinosaur hunter Scratch be lucky enough to find his own discovery? Fortunately Bob s got a plan and Rubble the new dumper truck can help!

  • Certificate: U
  • Running time: 60 mins
  • Region: 2
  • Format: PAL - not suitable for US DVD players; please check your player
Kept both my boys entertained. A really interesting and captivating Bob the Builder project.

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Boj - Blast off Buddies DVD

1 - Books Popular preschool television programme ‘Boj’, which is regularly watched by over half a million viewers on CBeebies, will soon be offering its legion of fans another opportunity to enjoy the adventures of Boj and his friends in Giggly Park with the release of his first DVD, "Blast Off Buddies”.  The DVD features 10 episodes of the hugely popular series including the title episode, ‘Blast Off Buddies’ where Boj tries to fix his friend Gavin’s broken toy rocket and fly it to the moon! The DVD offers many exclusive extras, with three sing-along karaoke songs and printable colouring in sheets to really get your little ones involved and fully entertained. And there’s one further unique feature – you can choose whether to watch the episodes in English or in French – C’est Boj-ifique!Boj has burrowed to Giggly Park with his musical parents, Mimi and Pops (voiced by TV star Jason Donavan), where they live in their quirky underground burrow. The show is a celebration of childhood - full of creativity and messy fun.  Each episode sees the central character Boj, who is a bilby – an endangered bandicoot originally from the Australian Outback - finding a solution to a dilemma or a situation with one of his totally inspired ‘Boj-a-boom ideas!’  The DVD distributed by Gold Ant will be available from at Sainsbury’s ,Asda  and Amazon .  This DVD is great for families with children of all ages and I would definitely recommend this DVD to any parent looking for something new, or warmly-loved, for their little one(s). Loved by all in this house. Excellent value for money 2-hour DVD with aspects of learning, but oodles of fun for young kids from TV favourite- Boj.

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Cbeebies: All Stars - Volume 3

1 - Books Join CBeebies favourites including, Twirlywoos, Peter Rabbit, Octonauts and Clangers for 2 hours of fantastic fun! CBeebies’ favourite characters have joined forces to star in a special bumper collection of episodes in this brand new fun-filled DVD collection, The DVD collection of CBeebies ‘All Stars’ is a great way of entertaining and educating young children. The collection features a host of CBeebies’ best loved characters, including: OctonautsTM, Peter RabbitTM, In the Night GardenTM, Mike the KnightTM, ChuggingtonTM, FurchesterTM, DipdapTM, CloudbabiesTM, Topsy & TimTM, TwirlywoosTM and for the first time on DVD the return of children’s classic ClangersTM. Twirlywoos – Twirlywoos come from far away, seeking adventure wherever they go.  I would definitely purchase this, as well as any subsequent DVDs that had as many of my Children's favourites on as this one! Would recommend to all parents we absolutely loved it. One of the best Children's TV DVD's I've seen in a long time.

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Chuggington Chugger Of The Year DVD

1 - Books
Traintastic Adventures await! In these fun-packed episodes ride the rails with trainee engines Brewster, Koko, Wilson, Hoot and Toot and the rest of the Chuggington crew. Along the way, they learn some valuable lessons and new skills, empowering them to become the best trainees they can be.As Koko does all she can to try to be Chugger of the Year, Wilson learns the value of teamwork, Brewster’s turntable lessons prove useful and Hoot discovers why Toot is getting her deliveries wrong. Meanwhile, there’s more traintastic excitement as Emery tries to make the front page of the Chuggington Gazette, Wilson’s camouflage is scarily good and Hoot and Toot get too greedy for Vee’s Golden Wheel awards.
7 Episodes Hoot vs Toot Stop the Press Emery Babysitter Brewster Chugger of the Year Chug of War Gold Wheels Chug o Flage Extra Meet the Chuggers - Speedy, Hoot and Toot 
I would also recommend it to others. It was an enjoyableway to spend a rainy afternoon with Noah.                  

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Chuggington Chuggineers Ready To Build DVD

1 - Books Chuggington - Chuggineers - Ready To Build - INLCUDES FREE POSTER [DVD]
Brand new action-packed episodes from the popular preschool series, Chuggington, are now available on DVD -  ‘Chuggineers: Ready to Build.

The DVD has a running time of 72 minutes,and features 4 x 11’ episodes, plus the action packed ‘Chuggineers: Ready to Build 23 minute special.  The DVD also features the Chuggington music video: We are the Chuggineers. ‘Chuggineers: Ready to build DVD is available from all good DVD retailers with a RRP of £7.99, and includes an exclusive free poster.

Having seen what is included on the DVD I would consider buying it. I would also be happy to recommend friends and family to purchase this DVD too. I would be happy to give this DVD a 5/5 from both myself and Jack! It is a fun, educational and entertaining DVD.

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Chuggington Turbo Charger Chugger! DVD

1 - Books The DVD has a running time of over 60 minutes, featuring 6 exciting episodes from the most recent series plus bonus features, including Character Sneak Peeks for Chug Patroller Calley and brand new characters - Payce – the high speed tunnel runner from Tootington and Fire Chugger Asher.  In the new turbo charged adventures, the Chuggers compete in the ‘track dash fun run’ and Hanzo teaches Koko to control her new engine booster and how to brake at high speed!  When Koko’s speed booster malfunctions and she speeds out of control, can Wilson and Brewster think on their wheels and save the day?  The brand new DVD comes with a free Story CD for bed-time listening. ‘Turbo Charged Chugger’ DVD is available from all good retailers with a RRP of £7.99 Chuggington follows the adventures of the young trainees, Wilson, Koko and Brewster as they take on new apprenticeships and face exciting challenges that test their courage, speed and determination. With the help, support and guidance of the more experienced Chuggers, they learn positive values, including respect and loyalty, and new skills, such as teamwork and patience, empowering them to be the best trainees they can be. I would purchase this. I would also recommend to any mum, dad or carer that will listen to me. I now sing the Chuggington’s song to myself at work but child, mummy and daddy are all happy and really enjoy their ‘Chuggers’ time. 

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Fireman Sam Mountain Rescue DVD

1 - Books
Total enjoyable fun for the whole family with new characters that add to the richness of the Fireman Sam DVD.
In these all-new episodes, Sam pulls off a daring rescue to stop a runaway train, Elvis and Mike have a cliff hanging accident involving a giant guitar and Sam and Penny race to the rescue when Norman accidentally drives Jupiter through Pontypandy!Certificate: URunning Time: 60 minsRegion: 2Format: PAL - not suitable for US DVD players

Total enjoyable fun for the whole family with new characters that add to the richness of the Fireman Sam DVD.

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French For Kids Simplewords DVD

1 - Books Join Kishy and his friends on a fun filled journey through the jungle where they learn French words. They have a fun time playing games and singing a nursery tune! This fun, colourful and educational visual learning tool teaches words associated food and drink; fruit; playground; clothes; days of the week, expressions, body parts and a whole lot more! Good educational DVD and if you want to learn a language or be introduced to a language this is well worth purchasing.

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Goofjuice DVD

1 - Books

Goofjuice: My Sky will launch your Toddler into the world of stars and planets. Watch how his paper plate moon appears in a real night sky. Laugh and sing as you "ring around the planets" together. Roll and tumble over moon rock pillows. Make a gooey harvest moon with ingredients from the kitchen.
No longer untouchable - it's baby's Sky! 
Host Sharen Pearson guides you through the fun. Most items used in these unique sky themed activities are found right in your own home. Claymation characters Goof & Juice join with developmental hints and safety precautions. 
An Entertainment Bonus piece takes Baby sailing through sunsets, galaxies and star-lit skies where he once again can find his own creations soaring. Come Create-Explore-Sing and Move "where laughter and learning collide" in MY SKY! Suitable for ages 1 and up. Run Time: 45 minutes -UPC #874482007402 -SRP: $12.99

Certainly gave us some good ideas for new play activities. 

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Massage For Happy Babies Routine

1 - Books  Buy Massage For Happy Babies Routine
This professionally produced full length video re-creates the baby massage class in the comfort of your own home – enabling you to follow along at the best time for your and your baby and make massage part of your routine together. The easy to follow instructional guide turns learning baby massage into an easy process and it comes highly recommended by both parents and midwives. Remember you can email at any time for advice and support. Features:
Over 30 minutes of infant massage routines to learn Easy to follow – plenty of time to learn each new technique Simple, effective techniques in both massage and reflexology Step by step process – chapters for each section of the body in turn. Stop and start or watch again easily Digital format means you can watch on a computer or burn to a disc to watch on the television Available for immediate download upon payment Massage for Happy Babies – Digital Download
Enjoy professional infant massage instruction and information from Helen Pritchard, maternity reflexologist and infant massage instructor. You can start learning the Massage for Happy Babies routine in just a few clicks. Don’t forget your fantastic free bonuses including Massage for Happy Babies ebook and ‘Relaxation for New Mothers mp3 hypnotherapy track’ These alone are worth more than £14.99 however they are yours to keep, for free, forever. 
 I would definitely recommend this product to a new mother as is a lovely time to spend with your baby. Relaxing, quality time spent with just my baby and me in a peaceful setting.               

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Peter Rabbit - Tales of the Start of Spring

1 - Books Hop into springtime with the first ever DVD release for the new Peter Rabbit animation series Beatrix Potter’s wonderful stories have charmed and entertained children for generations. Now fans can enjoy the brand new adventures of her timeless children’s classic Peter Rabbit in the first ever DVD collection of episodes from the new animated series.   The Peter Rabbit – Tales Of The Start Of Spring DVD is released by Abbey Home Media on Monday, March 30th and is a perfect Easter gift idea.  Follow our hero Peter and his friends Benjamin Bunny and Lily Bobtail on their adventures as they encounter real dangers, overcome obstacles and outsmart predators, all the while finding fun and excitement in the most unexpected places.   As an adult I enjoyed watching the relationships between the different characters. When we watched it together I continually asked questions such as is it a good idea to jump on beds to see her response. When she saw Mr Todd’s shadow she generally covered her eyes as she said he was "naughty”. This product arrived just before our holiday to France and the excitement of the DVD packaging was on par with the trip abroad! 

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Robsessed DVD

1 - Books

Robsessed is the ultimate 2 DVD boxset that includes the first ever all-access guide to the world’s hottest new star: Robert Pattinson.

R-Patz, as the press has affectionately named him, became an international heartthrob after starring as Edward Cullen in the chart-topping blockbuster, Twilight. Now, Robsessed offers an exclusive, insider’s look into the world of R-Patz, following his path from a young schoolboy, to his early modelling and acting jobs, all the way through to landing his dazzling role in the Twilight saga.

Robsessed also features the stunning movie adventure The Haunted Airman where Pattinson smoulders in this chilling tale that will rattle your nerves and take you on the journey of a lifetime.

The boxset also includes a free 2010 Robert Pattinson 2010 photo calendar!

I think its good value if you are a fan and I will be recommending this to anyone who loves Twilight and the cast!

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Sing & Sign DVD & Vocabulary Book

1 - Books

DVD -Featuring twenty-five Sing and Sign babies filmed at the park, on a farm and in a class setting, this fun DVD demonstrates the signs we recommend, and many more you and your baby will find helpful. By watching together with your baby and singing along, you will become familiar with eighty-plus useful gestures all suitable for little hands. (Instruction booklet included) - Vocabulary Book -Printed in full colour with descriptions and arrows to show how signs are used. Includes some song lyrics and guidance on why certain signs are especially helpful. Chapters are themed and signs listed alphabetically for easy reference. Our primary method of teaching is through our songs and DVDs, but many parents find this resource offers additional support.

I feel like it’s given me a stronger bond with my children because I can better understand them. 

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Sooty: Learn the Alphabet DVD

1 - Books Join Sooty, Sweep, Soo and Richard in their Alphabet Adventure, a perfect way to introduce little ones to the alphabet.  This special direct-to-DVD programme, produced by Redan Publishing’s Fun To Learn brand, Tvoli Entertainment andAbbey Home Media who are also distributing the title, features all the fun, mayhem and slapstick capers fans have come to know and love from Sooty and his pals, while engaging children and helping them develop early literacy skills.  Follow Sooty on Facebook at 

Great quality. Was enjoyed by my 3 year old daughter and her younger brother watched it too.

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Spanish For Kids Simplewords DVD

1 - Books Join Kishy and his friends on a fun filled journey through the jungle where they learn Spainsh words. They have a fun time playing games and singing a nursery tune! This fun, colourful and educational visual learning tool teaches words associated food and drink; fruit; playground; clothes; days of the week, expressions, body parts and a whole lot more! It has also made Isabella keen to learn more which is a good thing. We will be using this regularly and purchasing more in the range, as we are all now trying to learn Spanish.

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Speekee To Learn Spanish

1 - Books

Speekee is without rival in its field, using the most modern, most successful language learning methodology to teach Spanish to children. Contents include 4 DVD video discs, 34-track audio CD plus 70 page guide.

I think we have both had fun singing & learning together with this product

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The Beatrix Potter Collection DVD

1 - Books A gorgeous new DVD collection of classic Beatrix Potter tales. The Beatrix Potter Collection is a beautifully presented 3 DVD box set 
Features the well-loved characters that have entertained generations of young readers the world over. 
I would absolutely recommend the DVD’s to others and already have. Beautiful, innocence in a DVD with no accompanying gaudy merchandise brainwashing our children. 

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The Jungle Bunch DVD

1 - Books
Join Maurice, the penguin who thinks he's a tiger (voiced by John Lithgow), and his misfit friends as they embark on an adventure they will never forget.Full of laughs and quirky characters, the whole family will enjoy The Jungle Bunch as the story follows a group of animals on a mission from the Jungle to the South Pole.
Actors: John Lithgow Directors: David Alaux  Universal Pictures UKDVD - Run Time: 58 minutes
Certificate U

The Jungle Bunch was a lovely film with a nice storyline that appealed to adults as well as children.                 

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The Magical Fun with Tree Fu Tom: Tree Fu Go

1 - Books
Pre-schoolers can take a trip to an enchanted world full of sprites, bugs and naughty fungi where movement creates magic as the very first Tree Fu Tom DVD Tree Fu Tom:Tree Fu Go which was released October 2012.  Featuring the voices of David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Sophie Aldred (Doctor Who) the firstDVD features seven magic-filled adventures from the hugely popular CBeebies series. Tom appears to be a normal eight-year-old boy but when he puts on his magic belt and performs a special sequence of movements (known as Tree Fu) he transforms into a tiny but mighty, magical super-hero. Children are all encouraged to join in the Tree Fu magic moves, which are developed from therapeutic techniques that are used to help children with  movement disorders like Dyspraxia, but are also designed to assist and enhance the  development of all participating children at a crucial time in their growth.Young viewers will delight as they join Tom and his best friend Twigs the Acorn Sprite in the enchanted land of Treetopolis for seven sensational adventures. Things get chaotic at the Biggest Chuckleberry in Treetopolis Contest; Tom needs the audiences help as he bravely leads his friends into the garden of a spider called Rickety McGlum who everyone says is scary; Zigzoo quits inventing just before disaster strikes and Tom must convince him to change his mind whilst battling to save Treetopolis; swapping roles with Ariela shows Tom and Twigs that the grass isn’t always greener, and a game of hide and seek looks set to end in a cavernous calamity.

13 thrilling episodes of Tree Fu Tom are available for download via itunes priced £1.19 for HD and £0.99 for SD per episode and HD £10.99/SD 8.99 for the whole series.

It is exciting, educational and promotes active fitness and exercise with the fun factor.               

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The Wheels on the Bus DVD

1 - Books Meet the boys and girls as they sing and dance their way through 20 favourite songs on this great new Childrens DVD. Join Tony and the kids on a train, on a farm, down on the building site, on the beach and much more. Children will love the brilliant songs and will enjoy watching all the fun & games!1. The wheels on the bus 2. Going to the zoo 3. Captain Pugwash/Sailor's hornpipe 4. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside 5. If you're happy and you know it 6. The Grand Old Duke of York 7. One man went to mow 8. Miss Polly had a dolly 9. She sells sea shells 10. I hear thunder 11. Humpty dumpty 12. If you take a piece of wood 13. The big ship sails through the alley alley o 14. London Bridge is falling down 15. Heads shoulders knees and toes 16. You are my sunshine 17. Dingle dangle scarecrow 18. London's burning 19. How much is that doggie in the window? 20. Jelly on a plate I would purchase this DVD and certainly recommend. It was fantastic for my children. 

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Thomas and Friends Day Of The Diesels DVD

1 - Books

A new engine, Belle, arrives on the Island of Sodor and The Fat Controller chooses Thomas to show her around. Percy is worried that she will replace him as Thomas’ best friend. The diesel engines trick Percy into luring Thomas to the Dieselworks, where they keep him prisoner! Realising his mistake, Percy and the other engines try to rescue their friend and eventually discover why the Diesels have been played such a naughty trick...

  • Certificate: U
  • Running Time: 69mins
  • Region: 2
  • Format: PAL - not suitable for US DVD players
A very enjoyable family film with a super story line. An enjoyable family film which shows the importance of friendship.

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Thomas and Friends Rescue On The Rails DVD

1 - Books

Ready to Rescue! The Sodor Search and Rescue Team is racing to the rescue - Bertie’s stuck on Shake Shake Bridge, Gordon’s derailed, and Thomas’ firebox is on fire! In these exciting episodes, your favourite engines brave the rails to rescue their friends. Discover that being heroic is more than having speed and strength; it’s about teamwork and a big heart – which puts every Really Useful Engine on the right track.Certificate: URunning Time: 54 minsRegion: 2Format: PAL - not suitable for US DVD players

Brilliant DVD and worth watching and entertainment for all Thomas fans.

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Twirlywoos - There's Somebody At The Door [DVD]

1 - Books The fabulous Twirlywoos will entertain your children.  Lots of fun and laughter with the new 'There's Somebody At the Door' DVD  Overall it was great viewing and kept my daughter and I thoroughly entertained and will carry on doing so in the future. A fun DVD for all the family to enjoy over and over again. 

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