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Atkins&Potts Chilli Con Carne Sauce

1 - Cooking Sauces/Mix Legend has it the original Tex-Mex cantinas served spicy chilli con carne free to their customers in the hope that they would drink more beer. This Mexican classic has satisfying chilli warmth and real depth of flavour.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2016 
I would recommend purely for the convenience. Great to have in and use for a quick and easy tea, not spending hours preparing food.

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Atkins&Potts Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce

1 - Cooking Sauces/Mix The classic sauce for any pasta dish. We fry the onions and garlic in olive oil before stirring in chopped tomatoes and simmering gently with plenty of basil. Perfect served with your favourite pasta cooked 'al dente', or try pouring over trout steamed in a little white wine.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2016 
A quick easy way to prepare a meal. The price is good and provided a quick, easy meal for the whole family. I would definitely purchase this again. I would recommend. Very quick and easy to prepare, and a tasty sauce loved by the whole family.

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Kashmiri Korma Sauce

1 - Cooking Sauces/Mix A creamy dish with its roots in the Mughal Empire. Its unique flavours owe as much to the careful preparation method as the traditional ingredients. Korma can accompany prawns, chicken, meat or vegetables. I would buy this again and would like to try different flavours. I have already recommended it to others. This is a fantastic Korma sauce; taste amazingly authentic; a dish the whole family can enjoy.

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Newman's Own Ranch Dressing

1 - Cooking Sauces/Mix

Newman's Own dressings transform even the simplest meal into a great gourmet delight. When you’re looking for an escape from the ordinary, these dressings bring flavours from all over the world to your table.

I would most definitely buy this one as it is a very tasty dressing as is many for roughly the same price, and the benefit people would get from this company giving all profits to charity makes buying it even better..

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Newman's Own Sticky BBQ Hickory Marinade

1 - Cooking Sauces/Mix

The Newman’s Own Sticky BBQ range is all you need to give your summer barbeque chops a delicious authentic flavour. Made using only the best all-natural ingredients, you won’t be disappointed with this array of thick & sticky sauces. Unless it rains of course. In which case, turn up the grill!

I will be sticking with to replace my usual brand!

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Red Onion Gravy

1 - Cooking Sauces/Mix Chef-inspired gravy. Simply heat and pour over beef, sausages, mashed potatoes or Yorkshire puddings. Made in the British countryside from the finest ingredients. I already have recommended it to family. Great packaging, tastes gorgeous; all the family loved it and wanted more. It tastes like a quality product. I will definitely buy again.

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Roast Vegetable Pasta Sauce

1 - Cooking Sauces/Mix Made with roast peppers, onions and courgettes and a generous helping of rich tomatoes. Perfect for pouring over linguine or tagliatelle. I think it offers excellent value for money. I will definitely buy this again and recommend it to others. It was easy to prepare, tasty and nutritious. 

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Sacla' Pesto Range

1 - Cooking Sauces/Mix

We think the best pesto should coat every piece of pasta, making it drip with colour and flavour. It's also fantastic with meat, fish and vegetables. We should know, we've been the country's numero uno pesto for the past twenty years. Now we've made our own Pesto nine times better; with nine new flavours. A combination of freshly picked basil and Grana Padano cheese is the secret behind every recipe. And just in case you were wondering, yes, they're all made in Italy. Any one of our 190g jars will serve four of your favourite people.

Very convenient, good quality tasty meal that can be prepared in less than 20 mins or can be used to prepare a large delicious meal to entertain and impress family and friends. 

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Sacla' Stir Through Range

1 - Cooking Sauces/Mix

This is a range of sauces you can just stir through anything - from pasta to potatoes. We don't rest until we find the finest ingredients, and then blend them to make an unbeatable range that is happy to coat anything you put in its way. 

Vine-Ripened Tomato & Mascarpone.  Blend juicy Italian tomatoes with creamy mascarpone cheese, add a hint of garlic and your reward is a super smooth sauce that melts in your mouth. Stir it through pasta, like a linguini, or make mashed potatoes sit up and take notice by adding a dollop of sauce instead of milk.


The flavours were good and they were easy to use and can be used with more than just pasta dishes.

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Very Lazy Garlic

1 - Cooking Sauces/Mix

At the heart of all great kitchens, is a belief in getting the basics right.

Forget the mess, fuss and fiddle of preparing those kitchen essentials - simply grab a jar or sachet of Very Lazy, add to your favourite recipe and enjoy yourself - very tasty.... very nice and easy!

It is your secret ingredient in the store cupboard!
Definitely will buy again and will check out the rest of the range too! Brilliant product, saves waste and saves time and tastes great.

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Very Lazy Ginger Paste

1 - Cooking Sauces/Mix

At the heart of all great kitchens, is a belief in getting the basics right.

Forget peeling & grating, simply replace one knob of ginger with one teaspoon of Very Lazy Ginger Paste.

Great for stir fries, soups and even sweet sauces.

Available in 110g Jar and Sachets 

It is your secret ingredient in the store cupboard!
The paste is very simple to use, tastes good, and is a clean and convenient alternative to fresh ginger, although I prefer to use fresh ingredients this is an excellent substitute that does not detract taste.

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